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Miah Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-wife) Biography: Family, Age, Children, Networth, Profession & FAQS

Mia Harbaugh on Vacations

An instant rising to fame is something that most of the celebrity spouses are known to come across. Every day we read about some of the other such celebrity spouses who entered limelights overnight after tying knots to global sensations. One such case was of Miah Harbaugh. Miah Harbaugh is the Ex-wife of Michigan Wolverines’ head coach Jim Harbaugh. Jim is one of the many sportspeople who deserves discussion and attention for he played so well during his 2-decade long career.

Jim Harbaugh is presently the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines team. He is also the celebrated quarterback player of the National Football League. However, this piece from Lemony Blog is about his Ex-wife Miah Harbaugh. We’d be covering all the major information available about Mrs. Harbaugh in this article.

Miah Harbaugh Biography

Miah Harbaugh is popularly known as Jim Harbaugh’s wife (more specifically his Ex-wife). Miah, Presently 48-years old, is living in Coronado with her three kids. She was born in 1972 in New Jersey where she spent most of her childhood. Later on, her family moved into Orlando for some reason. She thus grew up in Orlando. Following Christianity, Miah is an American citizen coming from the White ethnic group. Her official name before marrying Jim Harbaugh was Miah Burke.

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Miah is known to be a private person, rarely appearing in a social gathering. She has opted to keep all of her personal details undercover and we obviously respect that. These unknown details include her date of birth, early life, parents’ and family information. Miah completed her bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies from the University of Michigan. Her Ex-husband, Jim Harbaugh was born in 1963, December 23. He is an American football coach. He has played about 14 seasons of NFL and holds a prominent place in the hearts of the football folks.

Her Family & Kids

While Miah wanted to keep herself away from media attention, she never revealed much about her family background. Nor did she ever mentioned anything about educational qualifications. Mrs.Harbaugh shared a decade of her married life with Jim Harbaugh. The couple walked down the aisle in 1996 in the first week of February in a private ceremony at Hilton Waikoloa. Their special ceremony was attended by close family and friends beside a few sportsmen. The couple never really talked about the exact date of their wedding.

Miah Harbaugh-Family

Jim and Miah shared three kids amidst them. They are Jay (31), James (23), and Grace (20). there are rumors that Jay, the oldest son of Miah isn’t Jim’s biological son. He was born in 1989, a year before Jim and Miah met. However, there is no evident statement by the couple nor does anyone know of Jay’s biological father. The boy thus takes Jim as his real father.

The other two kids between the couple are their biological children. James was born in 1996, September 4. The airs out amidst the paparazzi claim James to be gay. Miah’s only daughter is also her youngest child with Jim. Grace was born on the third last day of June 2000. Walking down the marks of his father, Jay is a football coach at the University of Michigan. James has recently ended his graduation in Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. Grace is still is her graduation day. She has signed in for Water Polo.

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Besides an adorable family with two sons and a daughter, Miah and Jim also had another not to be forgotten member of the family. It was their pet dog named Wrigley. Wrigley was a golden retriever who lived with the Harbaugh family in Florida.

Jim Harbaugh & Miah Harbaugh Love Story

Miah Harbaugh was in her mid-twenties when she first met Jim. It was in 1990 at Orlando in a Golf Tourney club, where the couple met. Miah happened to visit the club often in the town. She would work as a waitress in a hotel in Orlando. Jim saw Miah and approached her. He introduced himself as the NFL member but, she wouldn’t believe it. With other people approaching him as an ideal, she realized that Jim was really an NFL Quarterback.

The two started to hang out together soon and ended up falling for each other. over the course of six years, the couple moved across many thick and thins. Alike every other couple out there, Jim and Miah too split and patched up countless times. They finally promised each other of their lives in February 1996 in Hilton Waikoloa.

In the years they spent together, they had eyes only for each other. Jim was often seen crediting his success to his beloved wife, (now Ex-wife) Miah Harbaugh. With his schedule too tight, Miah had had to travel alongside Jim over to other states. The infinite happy saga came to an end in 2006, when the couple parted ways.

Why did Miah and Jim Harbaugh Part Ways

Jim and Miah Harbaugh

“Jim Harbaugh and his (Ex) wife parted ways.” It seemed to have happened out of nowhere. No one in Jim’s fandom ever expected that their favorite couple would split suddenly. There was no reason known for the separation in the beginning. All we knew was that Miah and Jim announced their divorce publically.

Many of the spectators and media persons state Jim’s super-engaged schedule to be the reason behind the separation. In fact, Miah was often seen talking about her husband’s tight-packed schedule that left no time for the couple at home. It looked all good until the divorce was made public. In one of the interviews regarding the separation, Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-wife stated:

“It’s his family and what his dad did. It’s in his blood. He loves football and loves the game. He had to have a way to stay in.”

The statement revealed that it was because of Jim’s love & passion for the game that led them to part ways. Jim’s father was a football coach too. It was from his dad that Jim learned and happened to love football. Two years after their divorce, Jim settled with Sarah Feuerborn in a marriage, while Miah opted to stay single. As of now, Miah is busy in her family raising her kids, who are engaged in working upon their respective careers. Jim Harbaugh is a coach for Michigan Wolverines. He shares four kids with Sarah.

Mrs. Harbaugh Profession & Net Worth

Miah worked as a waitress when she initially met Jim. Later, she settled in as a home-maker for her kids and husband. It was the years after their split that she worked again for several jobs. As of now, Miah’s overall net worth is estimated to be approximate $2Million. Her Ex-husband Jim Harbaugh rules over the handsome amount of $40Million.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-Wife Miah Harbaugh

1. Who is Miah Harbaugh?

Miah Harbaugh is Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-wife.

2. What is the name of Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-wife?

Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-wife is Miah Burke Harbaugh.

3. How Old is Miah Harbaugh?

As of 2020, Miah Harbaugh is 48-years old.

4. Is Miah Harbaugh married?

No, Miah Harbaugh has been a single parent since her divorce with her husband Jim Harbaugh in 2006.

5. What is the name of Miah Harbaugh’s partner?

Miah is presently single. Her Ex-husband is Jim Harbaugh.

6. How many kids does Miah Harbaugh have?

Miah Harbaugh is mother to three kids whom she shared with her Ex-husband Jim Harbaugh.

They are:

  1. Jay Harbaugh
  2. James Harbaugh
  3. Grace Harbaugh

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