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Is Guest Posting a Good Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Guest Posting a Good Inbound Marketing Strategy

Guest posting has become one of the best inbound marketing strategies, within a short period of time. It is a wonderful way to spread a brand’s message and flourish your business efficiently. Blogs that have a handsome audience, are accepting guest articles that help in promoting a specific business/brand/company. Every business wants a qualified and large audience that holds authority. This helps in generating leads and sales which is the key to success in today’s competitive market.

There are innumerable inbound marketing strategies, but guest posting is one of the best ones yet. It puts the soul into a business (if done right). Just like any other marketing strategy, whether inbound or outbound, you need to make a plan before execution.

Inbound marketing is extremely helpful in magnetizing traffic to your website but at the same time, it is more popular for boosting your revenue more. You can reach out to link-building agencies like Globexoutreach to plan effective and well-crafted guest posting strategies.

Choosing your guest posting strategies properly is crucial to make it work for you. It won’t be successful if you don’t pick your targets carefully. Why do some companies fail at guest posting? This is because they have no idea how to produce the right piece of content for guest posting.

The bitter reality of marketing strategies is that there is no instant switch to flip and get positive outcomes. Guest posting is the same. You can never get it right without content (well-thought and planned content).

What not to expect from guest posting?

People assume that guest posting will make their business grow within no time. However, one must not expect guest blogging to be a shortcut for success for their business. It wouldn’t take your business rankings to the top within a day. The reality of guest posting is that it might be more time taking than other marketing strategies.

If you are motivated and determined enough to do extensive research on your topic and put effort into producing engaging content; only then will you succeed. B2B marketers struggle the most with producing engaging content.

Also if you assume that guest posting will mess up with other inbound marketing strategies, then you are wrong. Never expect it to be a misfit as it will smoothly become a part of your existing strategies without moving their main focus or aim.

How is Guest Posting Helpful?

Guest posting or blogging comes with a handful of benefits for your business and you. If you are planning to choose this marketing strategy then it is a great decision. Here is how it is beneficial for your business:

  1. Instant Exposure:

If you are capable of producing high-quality content, you can expect people to follow you and traffic will flow in, on your website. Traffic is the main element for the life of any business. Guest posts might be simple. But it has a huge potential to gain sales in an expected way.

  1. Expansion of Network:

It was so hard to connect with influencers, a few years ago. But it isn’t that complicated now. Thanks to guest blogging, this procedure has gotten easier. How? Many websites that are open to guest posts, also have contributors of the genre, present on board. You might get a chance to become a part of threads where contributors brainstorm good and high potential topics for guest posting. This also opens ways for collaboration. Keep looking for partnership opportunities while working with a website and you are sure to bag one or two.

  1. Enhancing Social Media Shares:

Social media is a major key to success in terms of marketing. Every business wants to expand its reach and social media shares can help them in achieving it. The more shares your brand is able to achieve, the more prominent it will be for the audience. A share-worthy brand post is always going to roam around different social media platforms and get noticed. 

For example, if you are providing a guest posting blog to a website that has good activity on their social media, then the audience will flow on your website naturally. Embed highly shareable content in your guest posts too, to get the audience rolling fast.

  1. Flourishing social media following:

It is not only going to help you gain social media shares but it will also enhance your following (if done right). It will also boost your lead generation as well. This definitely depends on the type of plan you craft for the guest posting strategy but if done right, it can really be effective. If you are contributing a post to an authoritative blog, then it will help people vouch for your brand. This all will add up and make it easier for people to follow you on social media and your content regularly too. 

  1. Enhance online authority:

Online marketing is important to build authority. You cannot build an online audience, with the best content even if you don’t have authority. An authority helps people in trusting you and your brand. It will help you build your credibility and by the end of the day, every business wants to do that. It will build your target audience and help people recognize you. 


Guest posting is a very important inbound marketing strategy that is rising with the passage of time. It not only builds your brand’s awareness but also boosts qualified leads while generating sales like never before. You also get feedback from your audience which helps you improve with every passing day. And a successful business always learns from customer feedback and it helps them grow positively with time. 

It is important to hire the right marketing services to grow your business. You want an expert to build well-thought strategies for you, that actually work. If you are looking to grow your brand then you must try guest posting.

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