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Why Dubai Festival City is a Great Neighbourhood for Young Learners

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Dubai is not just a great travel destination for kids and teens, but a lovely place to live as well. One of the communities to consider if you are looking for a new home with a great neighbourhood for young learners is Dubai Festival City.

You can never go wrong with living in this city within a city. It is strategically located in a prime site for leisure and business. And most importantly, it offers a wide array of amenities, including essential and entertainment facilities, to ensure luxury living for your family.

In addition, Dubai Festival City offers the best apartments in the UAE that are subdivided into different communities, such as Marsa Plaza and Al Badia Hillside. You can rent or buy the property of your dreams.

Here are four reasons why Dubai Festival City is an ideal community for your kids.

1. Home to two international schools

Dubai Festival City houses two international schools, one of which follows the British educational system, while the other follows the American educational system.

Deira International School

As a high-performing British curriculum school in Dubai Festival City, Deira International School offers a world-class education to over 1,600 students of different nationalities. They also value cultural diversity by providing a multi-cultural environment and family ambiance that supports every student’s social and personal development. Most importantly, they place their learners at the centre of their education, emphasising that learning is a life-long experience.

Deira International School follows an English National Curriculum model, which leads to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Year 13. Their external exam results are exceptional, and their graduates attend the world’s best universities.

Their efficient partnership and communication with parents through different learning platforms contribute hugely to every student’s growth and development.

Universal American School

Universal American School empowers students to be critical thinkers, caring individuals, and responsible global citizens by providing a challenging American education. They aim that every student must be able to figure out and achieve their best in everything they do by offering various personalised learning pathways.

Throughout your child’s stay at Universal American School, expect that he will receive academically rigorous instruction that is tailored to meet his needs and interests.

The elementary school delivers a personalised curriculum that is aligned to the UE AERO standards and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

In grades 6-10, your child will be allowed to explore different course offerings. This way, he can make informed decisions in their culminating pathway selection. In his 10th grade, you, along with his teachers and counsellors, will guide him to choose the most suitable and personalised graduation pathway.

In grade 11, your child can choose either the Advanced Placement and AERO pathway or the IB Diploma Programme. Both options will lead to an American high school diploma. Moreover, students in the AP/AERO pathway will receive university credits after completing AP exams, and those in the IB Programme will earn an IB Diploma. Either way, by graduating from the Universal American School, your child can attend prominent universities worldwide.

In addition to offering high education standards, both schools offer summer work experience courses. If your child becomes one of the highest achievers, he can travel abroad to work with some of the world-renowned Japanese and European organisations.

Facilities of both schools include music halls, science and computer labs, a media centre, swimming pools, prayer rooms, lecture halls, and studios. Each school also has a running track and extensive playgrounds.

2. Proximity to hospitals and clinics

When choosing your next home, easy access to healthcare facilities is a huge consideration. You will never know when emergencies occur, so knowing that there is a reputable hospital or clinic you can run to any time offers peace of mind, especially if you have kids.  

Among the well-known healthcare centres and medical facilities offering a wide array of services near Dubai Festival City are the Emirates Specialty Hospital, the Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, and Magrabi Eye Hospital. These options have distinguished specialists and are well-equipped with the latest medical and laboratory equipment to diagnose and treat different medical conditions.

The Dubai London Clinic is another healthcare facility you can go to for quick medical assistance. For keeping your smile healthy or for emergency dental treatment, visit the Al-Sultan Medical Centre, the Al Badia Dental Clinic, or Smile Spa Dental Clinic – all of which are within the neighbourhood.

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3. Quick access to various amenities

Dubai Festival City offers its residents a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

If you live in this community, you will have quick access to different amenities, including farmer’s markets, convenience stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

Since this Dubai district is focused on Dubai Festival City Mall, there is a wide range of choices for retail, dining, and other activities that your entire family can enjoy. You can walk along the waters or head to Festival Bay when the weather is cooler.

But if you prefer to stay indoors, check out the retail stores and dining establishments in the mall. Rest assured that it offers everything you’ll need for a stress-free, luxurious lifestyle.

Moreover, Dubai Festival City boasts a reliable transportation system. Car parks are not an issue in the neighbourhood because there are assigned parking spaces in residential units and lots of public parking spaces for both residents and visitors.

If you’re concerned about security, Dubai Festival City offers one of the best in the city. The community is tightly guarded 24/7.

4. Lots of incredible recreational destinations

Your family will have a lot of things to enjoy in Dubai Festival City as it features a long list of leisure activities. These include:

IMAGINE Laser Show

IMAGINE Dubai is a laser show that is performed with air, water, and fire. It displays superb creativity using technology, music, and lights to keep viewers awestruck throughout the show.

IMAGINE is held at regular intervals daily, late in the evenings. And the best part – you do not have to pay to enjoy this spectacular show.

Dhow rides

Ride a traditional abra along the riverside of Dubai Creek. This boat ride will give you and your kids a pure Emirati cultural experience with good music and majestic views. It is among the best ways to discover Dubai and appreciate its beauty.


Fabyland is an indoor entertainment hub in Dubai Festival City that offers everyone a unique experience. Children can choose from various rides and major attractions, such as the Clip N Climb, XD Dark Ride, FreeStyler, and Bumper Cars. There are also game machines that offer all types of games, including redemption games, video games, kiddie rides, novelty machines, and skill games that will keep your kids entertained.

From international schools and healthcare facilities to essentials and entertainment options, Dubai Festival City is a complete community, especially for families with children. 

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