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How to Do Long-Distance Moves with Children

Moves with Children

Moving with kids is a big task for any family. This is because it involves leaving behind life as they know it and disrupting the kid’s routine at large. As parents, you must be wondering how to make your kids prepare for the long-distance move. The best way to minimize the stress of moving with kids is to create a proper plan.

Part of this plan should involve a global expansion strategy. This allows you to easily move your business abroad, minimizing stress on you and your family. 

Another critical plan you need to have is finding the right long-distance moving company. The right long-distance movers make it easier to pack and move your belongings. That way, you can focus on your kids and prepare them for the relocation.

So, if you’re considering moving to a different state, you should consider hiring California Movers. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer full-value insurance.

Things To Do When Moving with Children

No matter how well you plan your long-distance relocation, moving can be overwhelming for anyone. To help make the move as seamless and painless as possible, we provided some tips on making long-distance moves with children.

Prepare the Kids for the Big Move

Once you’ve settled that you’re moving and have made the necessary arrangements, you need to prepare your kids for the move. The first thing to do is have a discussion about it with them. Explain the reason for the move, and answer their questions clearly and honestly.

You should also provide details like the state or city you’re moving to, and the date for the move. Notably, children will mourn the loss of their home, school, and friends. So, throw them a “goodbye party” to help them find closure and say goodbye to their friends.

Allow Them Make Decisions

You can make your kids feel included in the moving process by allowing them to make decisions. This doesn’t have to be something major. For example, they can decide on colours for their new room, or who they want to tell first about the relocation. Allowing them to do this makes them feel m0re involved in the moving process.

Give Them Age-Appropriate Tasks

Another way to make your children part of the long-distance moving process is by assigning age-appropriate tasks to them. For example, toddlers can hand you books, and older children can sort through their belongings. Children can also help with labeling boxes and putting garage sale stickers on things.

Discuss the New Location

Children should develop a connection with the place they’re moving to before the relocation. You can achieve this by discussing the new location with them. Tell them about the city and the entertaining areas you’ll visit once you settle in. This way, they feel less sad about what they’re living behind and look forward to exploring new things.

Make a Plan for Moving Day

Make a Plan for Moving Day

You need to decide in advance if you want the kids there on moving day. For example, you might want them to stay with a friend or family member before the movers arrive. If you have toddlers, you can opt for a sitter or have older kids watch them. Having a plan helps you avoid appearing haphazard on moving days.

Hire a Family-Friendly Long-Distance Moving Service

When making a long-distance relocation, it is important to hire the right movers. The appropriate family-friendly long-distance moving company will have services tailored to meet your family’s needs. For instance, at California Movers, we have different packages depending on the size of your home.

We also offer partial and full packing services. This way, our long-distance movers help you pack up your belongings while you focus on getting your children ready and helping them say their goodbyes. In addition, we help you unpack your belongings, thereby making it easier for you and your kids to settle in faster.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Before moving day, you should have a list of activities to keep the children entertained. Then, depending on your kids’ age, you can consider taking books for them to read. Have their tablets fully charged for those who love playing games. Furthermore, you can research your route and point out exciting things to see along the way. 

Plan a Move When Kids Are Asleep

One of the easiest tricks for a smooth move is setting out at bedtime. Snuggle the kids into the car and start driving. If you’re moving with young kids, consider this the best way to move smoothly. This way, you would have covered a long distance before they wake up, reducing the time they’ll be cranky. Driving at night is not easy, so make sure to rest properly, and have plenty of water and food.

Take Clothes and Other Essentials for Comfort

Depending on the season you’re moving, carry extra clothes, e.g., a shirt or t-shirt for yourself and especially for small kids. Having extra clothes is important if the journey takes more than a day and you sleepover at a motel. Also, don’t skip showers. Keeping fresh throughout the trip will help everyone. So, pack a tote with toothbrushes, face wipes, baby wipes, baby food, hand- sanitizer, etc.

Take Lots of Pictures and Videos

A long-distance move with children can be family bonding time. So have conversations about the things you see on the road and take pictures and videos. Then, you can post them on social media and go back to them whenever you want to relieve the journey.

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If you’re considering making a long-distance move with kids, then you need the long-distance moving services of California Movers. We have expert and professional movers and guarantee you a stress-free and seamless experience. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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    beware California Movers has a suspended state license and a revoked DOT license. they have no insurance. verify by going to the CA PUC website and search for the number on their website. Also go to the DOT website and search the license number on the California Movers website. On the movers site you can find the license numbers at the bottom of the page.

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