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Chris Potoski (Brandi Love’s Husband) Bio, Family, Career, Wife, Net Worth, Facts And More 2023

chris potoski bio

Who is Chris Potoski: A Short Biography

Chris Potoski is definitely not an unknown name to the folks from business interests. But to many others, he still remains a new name. This American Businessman has been known to rule the business industry for almost two decades now and is definitely worth reading about. Besides his successful venture in the business world, he rose to even greater fame after marrying the global adult actress Tracey Lynn Livermore. The majority of the people also know her by her onscreen name Brandi Love. Scroll until the end to know all about him.

Chris Potoski Quick Check

Name Chris Potoski

Age 48-years

Date of Birth N/A

Birthplace United States of America

Zodiac Sign N/A

Famous as Businessman, Brandi Love’s Husband

Nationality American

Ethnicity White

Vital Stats  N/A

Profession Businessman

Spouse/Wife Tracey Lynn Livermore aka Brandi Love

Girlfriend Tracey Lynn

Children 1 daughter

Chris Potoski Bio

The founder of Tracey Jordan Properties Chris Potoski was born in the US in the year 1972 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. He will be 51 years old in 2023.However, his exact date is still an undiscovered secret on the public front. His company has many lavish hotels under its name which are open to public accommodations. The Chief Operating Officer of TJC Asset Management is also the sole lucky man to share marriage with the popular adult actress, Brandi Love.

One of the lesser-known facts about Chris remains his previous profession of being an adult actor. Brought up in the States, he holds American Nationality and follows white ethnicity. As for his zodiac sign, the thing remains one amidst the many undiscovered secret

Potoski’s Family

Potoski has been sharp on keeping his family details a secret. There aren’t thus many personal details about his family available to the masses which includes the names of his parents, siblings, and other relatives. His biography thus mostly constitutes his career and spouse Tracey Lynn Livermore and his only daughter from Livermore. Chris Potoski has been keen on keeping his family life at bay for a variety of reasons. One of the major ones includes the fact that his wife is an adult porn star and he himself had been one ago.

Chris’ Childhood, Education, and Early life

As for his early life and childhood, the scenario remains the same-unavailable. Chris was brought up in America and has been a very diligent child since his childhood. Anxious about his education, Potoski turned out to be a studious boy. He completed his graduation from Central Michigan Universityin Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA.He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and Psychology in 1995. 

His Wife, Married life, Affairs & Relationship

chris potoski maaried life

The bright Chris Potoski is currently married to Tracey Lynn Livermore. The two are known to have been living a very successful marriage together with a daughter. As per the records, they met each other on the sets of some adult movie shoot and hit the good together. Both Lynn and Chris started dating each other and declared their marriage soon after.

Chris married Brandi in on February 10, 1994, in a private ceremony constituting only close family and friends. The duo also shares a biological daughter who was born in 2000, she will be 23 years old in 2023. Because of their job profession in the adult film industry, the couple decided to keep their daughter’s identity hidden. Despite their profession, the couple has been together for almost 25 years and there has been no rumor of a divorce.

Chris Potoski Controversy of Daughter’s Custody

There was news that Potoski’s family was against keeping the daughter with the couple citing their adult career. However, the two fought together against keeping their daughter in child protection. Bearing the legal procedure, the cops and child protection officials came to check the home environment before permitting them to keep the child to themselves. Alike many other personal details the whereabouts of their daughter to are unavailable to the public access.

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His Professional Career and Business

chris potoski career & business
Chris Potoski Career

Chris Potoski has been into so many professions to earn that listing down all of them ain’t that easy. His involvement in the health sector remains one of the most important parts of his professional career. Post completing his studies, he went into serving the Curative Health Services for almost 5-years since 1995. He also appeared in many adult films too. In the late 1990s, he started working for the business development director.

Later on, Chris joined the National Healing Corporation in January 2000. He served as the VP of business development for over 5 years. 

His venture, TJC Assets was founded in 2004. It is a digital media company responsible for managing digital data assets at the professional level. His founding company Tracey Jordan Properties is one of Potoski’s most successful ventures in the business world. It owns many luxurious hotels and resorts under it. It is open to public accommodations for vacations and other reasons.

In the year 2004, Potoski started up a new company called No Rivals Media which unfortunately did not last long. It came to closure in 2008. Besides, TJC is also known for being the founder of the Invixis Media System and the VP of Regent Medical Solutions.

After TJC Asset Management in 2004, Chris also established Tracey Jordan Properties in 2014 and has been the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the two companies since their establishment. He also ventured into the adult film industry. He secured a role in a 2008 TV documentary, Pen and Teller. 

Recently, he founded one more company TrafficSoup LLC in 2021 in Florida. He is the founder and COO of the company.

During his career, he won many prestigious awards for his great work and excellent knowledge in the field of business. These include Presidents (NHC), President’s Club (CURE) besides many others.

Potoski’s Net Worth

chris potoski

Chris is a hardworking businessman, as can be seen by the positions he holds at huge companies. Chris Potoski’s net worth is estimated to be at $10 million as of 2023.  He earned this much wealth throughout his years of working as a COO and establishing extremely successful companies. 

On the other hand, His wife, Brandi Love’s estimated net worth to be around $8 million as of 2023. This amount was earned through her profession as an adult actress. Also, she is one of the highest-paid adult actresses. The couple is currently living a luxurious lifestyle with her daughter in Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States.

Interesting Facts about Chris Potoski:

  • Chris Potoski was born in 1972 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. He will be 51 years old in 2023. 
  • Chris is the Chief Operating Officer of the three companies, TJC Asset Management, Tracey Jordan Properties, and TrafficSoup LLC.
  • Chris is the husband of adult actress Tracey Lynn Livermore aka Brandi Love.
  • The successful businessman has a double major in Physiology and Psychology. 
  • Chris also knows various kinds of programming languages, like PHP, HTML, and Java.
  • Chris also suffered from a major cardiac issue due to his excessive traveling.
  • Potoski also worked in many popular movies like Nova (1974) and Penn & Teller (2003). 
  • Chris loves traveling and exploring new places.

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