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Ande Prathap Reddy Net Worth: About His Success Stories

Ande Prathap Reddy Net Worth

Prathap Reddy is a successful industrialist who owns 12 chemical plants and helms a market leader with a market cap of Rs 7,416 crore. Read this blog to know more about this famous industrialist.

Ande Prathap Reddy describes himself as a risk-taker who makes more correct decisions than wrong ones. During his childhood, Reddy walked 10 kilometers to school every day to see poverty up close. He now runs 12 chemical plants and heads Balaji Amines with a market cap of Rs 7,416 crore. In a recent interview with Business Today, the business tycoon was quoted as saying he believes taking risks is “an important component of building a sustainable and growth-oriented business.”

With Rs 25,000 loan from a bank, Prathap Reddy entered the business world as a 25-year-old dreamer over four decades ago. After a decade, he decided to build it big after building several successful small businesses. In 1988, he invested Rs 3 crore in ‘specialty chemicals’.

Mr. Ande Prathap Reddy’s biography

Ande Prathap Reddy is a well-known industrialist and the Exec. Chairman at Balaji Amines. He is 72 years old now.

Ande Prathap Reddy Net Worth

As the Exec. Chairman of Balaji Amines, the total compensation of Mr. Reddy at Balaji Amines is ₨103,316,625. Balaji Amines has no older executives and 6 younger executives.

What does Balaji Amines do?

Balaji Amines Limited manufactures and markets methylamines, ethylamines, and derivatives of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical excipients in India. The company operates in three segments: Amines and Specialty Chemicals, Hotels, and CFLs. It gives monomethylamine, dimethylamine, trimethylamine, monoethylamine, diethylamine, triethylamine, dimethyl- and dimethylaminoethanol; and specialty chemicals including N-methyl pyrrolidone, morpholine, 2-pyrrolidone, N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone, gamma-butyrolactone, dimethylformamide, and acetonitrile.

The company also offers derivatives containing dimethylacetamide, dimethylamine hydrochloride, trimethylamine chloride, diethylamine chloride, triethylamine chloride, dimethylurea, and choline chloride; and pharmaceutical excipients such as polyvinylpyrrolidone. It serves the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, paint and resin, feed, oil, and gas, rubber cleaning chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and dyes and textile industries. In addition, the company operates the 5-star Hotel Balaji Sarovar in Solapur, Maharashtra, and manufactures and sells compact fluorescent lamps. Balaji Amines Limited also exports its products to 50 countries. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Solapur, India.

Ande Prathap Reddy Interview

Balaji Amines executives and stock owners

  • Executives of Balaji Amines and other stockholders listed in the SEC filing include:
  • Ande Prathap Reddy, Exec. Chairman
  • Ande Srinivas Reddy, Whole-time Director
  • Dundurapu Ram Reddy, MD & Whole Time Director
  • Nomula Rajeshwar Reddy, Joint MD & Whole-time Director
  • Gaddam Hemanth Reddy M.B.A., CFO & Whole Time Director
  • Lakhan Suganchand Dargad, Company Sec. & Compliance Officer
  • Soniya Nilesh Mahajan, Company Sec. & Compliance Officer
  • Hanumantha Reddy Thippa Reddy Bayalu, Sr. Gen. Mang. of Operations
  • Nilesh Jadhav, VP of Production

At the age of 72, his journey is not completed. His vision is to make Balaji Amines one of the most well-organized chemical companies in the world.

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