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The Success Story of Anil Agarwal- Journey from a Scrap Dealer to the Biggest Businessman in Mines and Metals


Today’s story is of a person born in Bihar who started a small business from a scrap business and achieved the distinction of being the biggest businessman in mines and metals. He left school at the age of 15 for his father’s business and went to Mumbai and started helping his father’s business. We are talking about none other than Anil Agarwal, the owner of Vedanta Resources, who started his career as a scrap dealer. He surprised everyone by announcing that he would donate 75 percent of his wealth to better education in India. Not only would the Vedanta group, the entire humanity including India be proud of his generosity. Anil Agarwal’s life is no less than an interesting novel. Read this content till the end to know some interesting and unknown information about him.

Personal information of Anil Agarwal

  • Name – Anil Agarwal
  • Profession -Industrialist
  • Date of birth – 24 January 1954
  • Age – 64
  • Father’s name – Dwarka Prasad Agarwal
  • Height- 5’6″
  • Weight – 65 kg
  • Religion- Hindu 
  • Educational qualification- BE degree
  • School- Miller High School, Patna, India, and Sir Ganesh Dutt Patliputra High School, Bihar
  • College- Malviya Regional Engineering College
  • Hobby- reading books, writing articles
  • Hometown – Patna, India
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Married – Yes
  • Wife’s name – Kiran Agarwal
  • Current City- London, England

Education history of Anil Agarwal

Anil studied at Miller High School, Patna. He never attended university. In fact, at the age of 19, he left Patna to explore career opportunities. In the mid-1970s, Anil started trading in scrap metal, collecting it from cable companies in other states. Made and sold in Mumbai. In 1976, he acquired Shamsher Sterling Corporation, along with other products, with a bank loan. For the next 10 years, Anil ran both businesses.

To access international capital markets, Anil and his team acquired the membership of Vedanta Resources Plc in London in 2003. On 10 December 2003, Vedanta Resources plc was the first Indian firm listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 2007, Vedanta Resources acquired a managing stake in Sesa Goa Limited, India’s largest iron ore producer-exporter. Vedanta Resources, headquartered in London, is a globally diversified natural resources group with interests in zinc, silver, and lead.

Latest News About Anil Agarwal

Success Story of Vedanta Founder Anil Agarwal:

Chairman of Vedanta and veteran industrialist of the country, Anil Agarwal remains very active on social media and often shares inspirational stories. He keeps telling many things related to the struggle of his life. Recently, he has said the secret of his success in life. Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, said that he also considers curd sugar as the secret of his success. Anil Agarwal believes that eating curd and sugar has improved his public speaking a lot.

  1. Mother fed curd and sugar since childhood – Anil Agarwal shared a photo on Twitter and told that before any big and auspicious work, he eats curd and sugar. His mother has fed him curd and sugar since childhood. This is not only an Indian tradition but the blessing of our mother. Usually, people eat curd considering it auspicious, but for him, it is his mother’s blessing.
  2. Mumbai came empty-handed from Bihar – Agarwal had told that he left Bihar at a very young age and came to Mumbai empty-handed. He had only a tiffin box at that time. Along with this, he said that after coming to Mumbai, he had seen a yellow taxi and double-decker bus for the first time. Coming to Mumbai, Anil Agarwal worked hard and later touched heights. Along with this, he said that if the youth work hard, they can fly high.
  3. Vedanta Group has become so big today – Anil Agarwal is a resident of Bihar and came to Mumbai from Bihar only at the age of 20. After this, he started the scrap metal business in 1970. Then he established his first company which earned him a good amount of money. After this, in the year 1976, he bought a company Shamsher Sterling Cable, but after that, he did not even have the money to pay the employees. Then Agarwal started a total of 9 different businesses to run this company, but all of them failed. In the year 1986, the Government of India approved the private sector to make telephone cables. Earlier in 1980, he had bought Starlight Industries. After this, in the year 1990, he started the work of Copper Refine. Sterlite Industries was the first private industry in the country that used to work for Copper Refine.
  4. The foundation of Vedanta Resources was laid in a small room – After doing a lot of research and research, in 1976, he decided to lay the foundation of Vedanta Resources. His first office was 8/10 square feet in Kalbadevi, in which hardly three people could sit together. He had also taken the phone on rent from the person on the floor above. Initially, they used to buy scraps from cable companies in other states and sell them in Mumbai. He did this work for about ten years and thought of taking a loan from the bank to grow his business. He contacted many banks but as a young boy who belongs to a middle-class family in Bihar and who has only passed high school, no bank was ready to take such a big risk. Then he got a loan of 50 thousand rupees from Syndicate Bank, for which he had to struggle a lot.

Anil Agarwal Twitter

Anil Agarwal’s Net worth

According to Forbes, Aggarwal’s net worth will be $2.01 billion by 2023. Vedanta Resources is the main source of his wealth. Additionally, he owns a stake in Anglo American, a UK-based mining company.

Achievements of Anil Agarwal

  • Anil Agarwal has several Board Members Memberships. Some are as follows:
  • Chairman of the Board, Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd.
  • Director, Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd.
  • Director, Vedanta Resources Holdings Ltd.
  • Non-Executive Chairman and Member of Remuneration Committee, Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.
  • Chairman, Member of Compensation & Benefits Committee, and Member of Audit Committee, Sterlite Gold Ltd.
  • Former Director, Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
  • Founder, Executive Chairman, Chairman of Nominations Committee, and Member of Executive Committee, Vedanta Resources Plc.
  • Non-Executive Chairman, Sterlite Technologies Limited.
  • Chairman and Member of Remuneration Committee, Sterlite Energy Ltd.

Interview Of Anil Agarwal

Honors and Awards

  • Economic Times Business Leader Award – 2012
  • Mining Journal Lifetime Achievement Award – 2009
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year – 2008
  • Asian Award Entrepreneur of the Year – 2016
  • The Globe Forum (OGF) Award for creating strong social impact on group operations Awards to – 2018

Charitable activities

  • Agarwal lives in London. His philanthropic activities contribute to India’s GDP growth by alleviating poverty, creating jobs, and through his business operations.
  • In the financial year 2013–14, the Vedanta group companies and the Vedanta Foundation invested US$49.0 million in building hospitals, schools, and infrastructure, funding environmental protection and community programs that benefit more than 4.1 million people.
  • In 2015, the Vedanta group inaugurated the first-ever “Nand ​​Ghar” or modern anganwadis, in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Child Development, with plans to set up 4,000. Agarwal has pledged 75% of his family’s wealth to charity and said he was inspired by Bill Gates.
  • The activities funded by her organization focused on child welfare, women empowerment, and education. Anil Agarwal was ranked second in the Hurun India Philanthropy List 2014 for his donation of Rs 1,7696 crore (about $36 million). He is ranked 25th in the Hurun India Rich List with a personal net worth of Rs 12,316 crore.


Salute to this great son of Bihar for his activities. Now you get all information about this person. Do you need to know more updated information? Follow him on social media for upcoming and recent updates.

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