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Lachhman Mittal Networth: Childhood, Personal information, Biography

Lachhman Mittal Networth

Many stories of veteran industrialists’ struggles and successes are heard in the country. The path to success for many successful business people has been a long one. We will tell you the story of a businessman who started his business at 60 and came to the brink of poverty but did not lose courage. Today, he is the owner of a company worth 20,000 crores. He is none other than Lachhman Das Mittal.

You must have often heard that some people make poverty and lack their weapons and go towards their goal with full force. The real hero of today’s story – is Laxman Das Mittal. There was a time when this person was getting buried under the burden of financial crisis and debt. Today, he is the owner of a company worth 20,000 crores.

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Lachhman Das Mittal: Who is he?

The founder and chairman of Sonalika Group, Lachhman Das Mittal, built a billion-dollar business in just three decades. Despite this, he is no longer involved in the day-to-day management of Sonalika Group – his eldest son Amrit Sagar is the company’s vice-chairman, and his youngest son Deepak is its managing director. He has a second son who lives in New York. He is a doctor by profession.

 Interestingly, Lachhman Das Mittal’s daughter Usha Sangawan is LIC’s first female managing director.

 Childhood of Laxman Das Mittal

 Childhood of Laxman Das Mittal

 Laxman Das Mittal was born in a poor family in Bhinderkala village of Moga district in the state of Punjab. His father Hukum Chand himself used to obey others, that is, he used to work as an agent in the agricultural grain market there, his family’s expenses were run by this work, which was never completed and he had to do other work. He had started to take loans from relatives and friends. But his father gave importance to education from the beginning.  

Laxman Das completed his graduation from Government College. He further did a master’s degree (English and Urdu literature) through correspondence from “Punjab University”, he also got the gold medal in English literature but despite studying so much, Laxman Das Mittal could not get a good job.

Biography of Lachhman Das Mittal

  • Name- Lachhman Das Mittal
  • Nickname- None
  • Gender- Male
  • Date of Birth- August 1931
  • Birth Place- Delhi
  • Country- India
  • Nationality- Indian
  • Profession- Entrepreneur
  • Earning Source- tractors
  • Eye Color- Black

 Lachhman Das Mittal’s net worth

 Lachhman Das Mittal’s net worth

 The net worth of Lachhman Das Mittal is Rs 23,000 crore, according to Forbes data in 2023. He entered the Forbes Billionaire list in 2013.


 After its success, Laxman Das Mittal never looked back and today his “Sonalika” brand (Tractor and Thresher) is exported to 74 countries of the world, along with this, his plants have also been planted in 5 countries of the world. 

 Laxman Das was refused to give his dealership by Maruti, today his company gives the dealership to Sonalika people. Laxman Das’s wealth is more than 1200 crores and he is included in the list of the world’s few billionaires.

 In the end, the story of Laxman Das Mittal is of such a son of the earth who was once on the floor and today is touching the throne because of his hard work and passion.

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