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Alice Walton Networth: Personal History, Biography, Interesting Facts

Alice Walton Networth

Alice Walton is a famous businesswoman of American origin, who was considered the richest woman in the entire United States, and also the second richest woman on the planet in the year 2020. This is because she is the main shareholder of the Walmart Company, which she inherited from her father, Sam Walton. We tell you the biography of Alice Walton below.

Who Is Alice Walton?

Alice Walton was born on December 1, 1948, in Arkansas, United States. She came from a humble family, but she managed to make a great fortune thanks to the idea of ​​her father, Sam Walton, who founded the famous Walmart supermarket. As the youngest of four siblings, she was initially the least interested in learning the exploits that would lead to one day inheriting a company of this calibre.

Alice Walton studied at the University of Trinidad, in San Antonio, and she chose to study in Arts and Sciences, which was her true calling. When she finished, she dedicated herself to various jobs, she even came to work in sales in the children’s department of the family business Walmart. She also spent a few years working as a financial analyst and founded her own investment bank De Ella.

However, when her father began to get older and thought about retiring, Alice Walton knew that she had to familiarize herself with the work of the family business along with the rest of her siblings. As of today, being the youngest, she is the main owner of the company, and despite the attractive offers that the whole family has received throughout the history of Walmart, they have managed to continue keeping more than 50% of the shares of the company. This is the answer to why the Walton family fortune has been so great.

Alice Walton’s Net Worth

Alice Walton is the richest woman in the United States, and the figure behind that headline is 55.8 billion dollars which comes directly from the activity of her family business, Walmart. While other areas of business have had a major impact from the coronavirus pandemic, Alice Walton’s net worth has not been affected by the restrictions of these years.

Interesting Facts About Alice Walton

  • According to her Net Worth, Alice Walton is the third wealthiest woman in the United States
  • The family business wasn’t Alice’s first job
  • She is an art lover
  • Politically, Alice is conservatṣive
  • Alice has been involved in several troublesome accidents.
  • In addition to being a philanthropist, Alice Walton has been a volunteer for several charitable organizations.
  • She has been arrested on several occasions for drunk driving, and one of the times she even had an accident that ended with a fatality.

Now you have a basic idea about this famous personality. If you want to know more about her, visit her Wikipedia page to get more details.

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