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Harper Spade: David Spade’s Daughter’s Biography

Harper Spade family

When they said, ‘work until you don’t need to introduce yourself’, it reminded me of David Spade. Today for a name as famous as David, the introduction isn’t something he needs every day. He is one amidst the many prominent faces from Hollywood. No one would have ever anticipated that a single-parented child with drunkard father would one day rule the entertainment industry. Working as an actor, comedian, and writer he proved himself to be a man of many talents. But, here this piece from Lemony Blog today isn’t about Spade but his only daughter, the adorable little girl called Harper Spade. Let’s get to it then.

Harper Spade: Biography

Harper Spade is yet another celebrity kid who manages to rule over the hearts of many with just her smile. She can make paparazzi dance to her acts and routines. Miss Spade was born on the 27th day of August in Washington, Missouri. She was fathered by the popular comedian David Spade. Her birth brought in many controversies for her parents aren’t married till today. However, the duo has been co-parenting their daughter pretty nicely.

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David Spade, the stand-up comedian is quite popular for his Saturday Night Live TV show. He got his first break in the movies in the mid-1990s. Spade starred in many super hit films since then. In the early 2000s, he took into hosting gradually followed by voice acting in video games and animated series. He also worked in much prominent Television series. Harper Spade’s mother Jullian Grace is a gorgeous model. She is an ex. Playboy Playmate model and was the Playmate of the Month in March 2005. Grace appeared in many TV series including ‘The Girls Next Door.’

David Spade’s daughter Harper is an inborn American and follows the Roman Catholic religion. With her parents coming from a vivid ethnic background, she retains mixed ethnicity. The 11-years old girl is still in her elementary school. Spade’s daughter is presently living a luxurious life with her father in Beverly Hills, States.

Her Loving Family

Coming from the prominent family of the entertainment industry, Harper Spade indeed has some great relatives in the town. We shall talk about these extended relatives in the later section of this piece. Let’s first take a brief look at the main family.

Miss Spade’s Mommy, Daddy & Grandparents

Harper shares her family with her father, the renowned comedian David Spade and the ex-playboy playmate model Jillian Grace. She is also the sole kid amidst her parents. The couple started hanging out together in late 2007 and had an affair for over a few months. During this short period, they had Harper. Just as her father, Harper’s mother is also a woman with multiple talents. Besides a model, Grace is also an actress, TV personality, and a personal gym trainer. Harper’s Grand Ma was a writer and an editor of a magazine while her grandpa was a sales representative.

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David Spade daughter’s as stated by David is an eye-opener to him. He is seen enjoying fatherhood very well these days.

Harper’s Popular Extended Family

The beauteous David Spade’s daughter also shares some great family relations with many prominent faces of the town. Her uncles Andy and Bryan Spade are the popular faces. Andy is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Kate Spade New York along with a renowned fashion designer Kate Spade. She is also the cousin of Frances Beatrix Spade.

Harper-Spade- David's Daughter

David Spade’s Daughter’s Profession & her Net Worth

For a kid as young as 11-years old, discussing her net worth isn’t worth it. Harper Spade is still in her early years of elementary schooling. She is yet to launch the road to her career start. Thus, it’s really hard to determine her net worth. Despite being a kid, Harper undoubtedly enjoys the rule over millions of dollars possessed by her father David Spade.

With his great skills before the camera and at writing, David has earned himself the fortune of over $60. While he is still single and Harper, his only child this hefty sum undoubtedly belongs to her. Many of his still do not know but before becoming an international star, David tried his hands over several other jobs. He was a busboy and also worked at the skateboard store.

Harper Spade’s Parents & their Love Life

David Spade has always been active in his dating life. He has also been known to date some insane beauty of the town. However, he never committed himself to a long term relationship ever. This segment of the article is about how Harper’s parents met and had her.

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Jullian Grace and David Spade met in 2007. Though the course of their relationship was extremely small, they conceived Harper for the good. As per David, it was shocking to know that Jullian was pregnant. He even doubted if he was the father of the baby. David’s daughter was born on the August end of 2008. David announced Harper as her daughter officially thereafter. After Harper’s birth, Jullian moved to Missouri with her daughter.

David was often seen moving in and out to visit her daughter. He would even walk around the streets with her, shopping and playing with his daughter. He soon decided to claim Harper’s custody and since the father-daughter duo has been living in Beverly Hills. David Spade’s daughter is quite close to both her parents.

Frequently Asked Questions About David Spade’s Daughter

Who is Harper Spade?

Harper Spade is a popular comedian and actor David Spade’s only child.

Where does Harper Spade live?

Harper Spade lives in Beverly Hills with her father David Spade.

Who is David Spade’s Daughter’s mother?

David Spade co-parents his daughter Harper with his Ex. & his child’s mother Jullian Grace.

How old is Harper Spade?

Harper Spade is 11-years 9-months old as of June 2020.

What is Harper Spade’s net worth?

Harper Spade is yet to start her career and thus, she does not have any net worth. However, her father David Spade has a whooping net worth of about $60

Why is Harper Spade famous?

Harper Spade is famous for being David Spade’s only daughter.

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