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Jayce Ivanah Bio: Get Full Info About Her Life

Jayce Ivanah

Jayce Ivanah

A name that’s more than enough a shot to grab one’s attention in a blink. Let’s dig into this piece from the Lemony Blog to discover a detailed biography of the gorgeous American exotic dancer and model from Atlanta. Scroll until the end to know all of her bio, career, net worth, boyfriend, and personal life in one place. Ivanah has been known to launch her career at a very young age of 19-years as an exotic dancer. And she has been a proud one for a very long time since then.

Who Is Jayce Ivanah?

Jayce Iavnah is a professional exotic dancer, model, and social media influencer. While the dancer had kick-started her career at the age of 19, she rose to greater fame via social media. Her bold and exotic pictures shared on her Instagram profile went viral, leading her to popularity. 26 years old Ivanah was born on January 14, 1996, in Phoenix City of Alabama, the United States of America. 

Not long after achieving success as an exotic dancer, Jayce moved to Atlanta, Georgia. The model has been residing in Atlanta since then. 

Keep reading to know everything about her. Here, we have discussed Jayce Ivanah Biography, Daughter, Boyfriend, Net Worth & More.

Personal Profile | Jayce Ivanah

Official Name – Elena Ivanah

Nickname – Jayce Ivanah (Stage/Professional Name)

Known For – Exotic Dancer, Model, Social Media Influencer

Date of Birth – January 14, 1996

Age – 26 years and 6 months (as of July 2022)

Place of Birth – Phenix City, Alabama, USA

Current Residence – Arizona

Zodiac Sign – Capricorn

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Mixed (Caucasian-Indian)

Religion – Christianity

Profession – Model/Adult Dancer

Net Worth – $500K (Estimated)

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight – 62 Kg / 136 lbs

Eye Color – Blue

Hair Color – Dark Brown

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Not Known

Siblings – 4 Siblings

Marital Status – Unmarried

Partner – Not Known

Children – 1 Daughter

Jayce Ivanah Biography

A fact about Jayce Ivanah that the majority of the masses do not is that her real name is not Jayce Ivanah. Her name is Elena. She, however, decided to change it citing her career requirements. She was born on the fourteenth day of January 1996 in the Phoenix City of Alabama, United States. Currently living in Atlanta, Jayce is a model as well as an exotic dancer. She dances in some of the most popular dance clubs in America. 
Despite being a global celebrity today, Ivanah has been keen on keeping a low public profile. Due to her sensual career background, she has been avoiding discussions about her family backdrop in the public. However, there are a few things about her family that are known to the masses. These include the information available online and facts we have gathered through her statements during several interviews.

Jayce Ivanah Nude

Ivanah Jayce was born in 1996 on January 14. According to her date of birth, she is a Capricorn. Born and brought up in America, Ivanah is an American citizen hailing from Alabama. She is a Christian. She belongs to the Caucasian backdrop. In one of her interviews, Ivanah revealed that a lot of people ask her about her ethnicity. From her skin tone and looks, she appears to be mixed-race. However, Jayce insists that she is white. In an interview, Jayce cleared the doubts revealing that her father is of Caucasian origin while her mother belongs to India. Jayce’s mother is of the Comanche race. And that’s from where she has had her ethnicity mixed. However, she is persistent in following her father’s race and continues to be called white.

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Ivanah Early Life & Family

Ivanpah’s adult profession does not allow her to reveal much of her family details. Nonetheless, during her interviews and media interactions, she speaks of them frequently. Though, we do not know the names of her family members, here’s what we found –

Ivanah had lived her childhood in a family of 7. Her immediate family consists of both her parents and seven siblings besides herself.

In an interview, Jayce once revealed that she is very close to her family especially, her mother and sisters. She revealed that her parents have had a long marriage together. Unfortunately, they decided to part ways and ended their marriage after 18 years. Both of her parents have remarried. They are leading a happily married life with their new partners. That being said, the former couple is still on good terms. They come as a family on family get-togethers and share a concern for each other.

That was all we knew about her early life.

Coming to the present, we have uncovered yet another family member of Jayce Ivanah. Her family does not include just her parents and siblings. She has an adorable daughter too. Jayce is a proud single mother. She has been raising her daughter for quite some years now. 

A couple of years ago, there were rumors that Jayce Ivanah had adopted a daughter. Though the dancer did not say much about who the father of her daughter is, she confirmed that she is the biological mother of her child. As of now, Jayce does not plan to come into a new relationship or settle for marriage anytime soon.

Educational Qualifications

Ivanah Jayce has been pretty persistent in keeping her private affairs under secrecy. We have no information about her educational qualifications. We believe that she might have attended a local elementary and high school to complete her school education.

She might have visited a local university in her hometown to pursue further studies. Because Jayce Ivanah started her career as a model and erotic dancer, chances are, she might have not attended college. But the two scenarios stated above are merely speculations by netizens and her fans. 

Iavnah did not speak anything about her educational background in her media interactions.

How old Is Jayce Ivanah?

Famous American exotic dancer Jayce Ivanah was born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ivanah on January 14 of 1996. According to her birth date, as stated by Ivanah, she is 26 years old.

Her exact age in August 2022 is 26 years and 7 months.

Physical Appearance

Jayce Ivanah is known to flaunt the hot-chick physique with curves in all the right places. The 26 years old dancer and model has an hourglass-like figure and flawless skin. She is a brunette. Here’s what we know about her physical appearance. 

  • Height – Ivanah has a towering height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Her height in centimeters is 172cm. 
  • Weight – While we do not know how much Jayce Ivanah’s accurate weight stats are. Judging from her physical build, we speculate that she must weigh around 62 Kg or so.
  • Eye Color – Jayce Ivanah has deep ocean blue eyes. She is believed to have dreamy eyes.
  • Hair Color – Jayce is a brunette. She has dark brown hair. 
  • Body Type – The dancer and model, Jayce Ivanah has an hourglass-like body figure.
  • Skin Tone – Hailing from a mixed Caucasian background, Ivanah has brown skin.  
  • Tattoos and Piercing – She has tattoos on both of her arms. The model also has piercings in her earlobes.

Jayce Ivanah Boyfriend, Relationship & Love Life

Ivanah once revealed that she has been single for quite a long period. She, however, had a boyfriend once. Revealing her love story, she said that she met the guys in a club. The man was instantly drawn to her. He was interested in getting to know Ivanah. He wanted to take her out on a date. Ivanah was on a 3-day work trip to the club where they met. To express his sincerity, the guy kept visiting Jayce every day until she was ready to be his date.

Jayce Ivanah confessed that it was the first time that she developed feelings for someone.

The two hit together on a good note. Soon, they started dating. They were together for over 6-8months. The duo even lived together. But for some reason, things didn’t work out. Eventually, they called the relationship off. According to Jayce, she and her boyfriend broke up because he had fooled her into being single. While in reality, he was a married man. He had a wife. 

Jayce Ivana did wish to ruin his marriage. Thus, she instantly ended the relationship with him. Since then, Jayce has been pretty single. She does not wish to get into a new relationship anytime soon. 


Presently, Jayce is a young and aspiring model besides being a successful exotic dancer. She began her career at the age of 19. She has been featured in many music videos including the MV of the song Ivana by ‘Soulstice’. 

Jayce Ivanah has been a part of several photoshoots, primarily the ones showcasing lingerie and loungewear. 

Many people are often confused about her profession. Considering her profession as an exotic dancer, people assume that Jayce Ivanah is a porn model. However, the truth isn’t so. Ivanah says that although she is a sensual dancer. But she would never turn towards the porn industry. In her mind, she does not have a thing to make her body an entertainment material for the masses. 

In an interview with D J Smallz, Ivanah said, ‘I would not enter the porn industry and let my body entertain people forever. My morals do not allow me so’. 

She also narrated Smallz the story where a billionaire had once offered Ivanah $50k to be his prostitute. She turned down the offer. When questioned if she regretted her decision ever and she gave it a big “NO.” 

She plans to call her dancing career quite sometime later. She believes that she wouldn’t dance forever and would surely end it sooner or later. One of the reasons that she plans to quit her exotic dancing soon as stated by Ivanah, is her daughter. Ivanah says that she does not want her daughter to be influenced by her career at a young age. 

However, she also confessed that she wouldn’t mind if her daughter takes up the same profession in the future. 

As of now, like many other club strippers, Jayce Ivanah has an account on OnlyFans. She creates and posts exclusive 18+ content on her profile. One can access them via paid subscriptions. 

Lifestyle, Salary, And Net Worth

With a career as long as more than half a decade, Jayce Ivanah has earned herself a good sum of fortune. As per the online media outlets, she enjoys a wholesome net worth of about $500 thousand. There have been a variety of jobs that she did to earn her living before starting her career as a professional exotic dancer. 

Ivanah worked as a make-up artist. She has served as a waitress in a restaurant called Hooters too. The gorgeous dancer has been active in her dancing and modeling profession since 2015. With the looks of her rising career, we are sure that her worth will undoubtedly increase several folds in the future.

Rumors And Controversies

Jayce has been in the news threads many times. Here is a brief list of some of the major ones.

  • For a long time, there have been rumors that Jayce Ivanah is an adult actress and a porn star. Ivanah took time to clear the rumors. She confirmed against the same. She said that she is an exotic dancer and a model. The porn industry is not something she intends to join.  
  • The biggest news of all time about Jayce is that she lost her best girlfriend over her ex-boyfriend. In an interview, she decided to narrate the story about it. She revealed how her best friend cheated on her to be with her Ex. Post story, Jayce advised her fans not to trust people blindly. She said time shows people’s true color.
  • Jayce first took up the news when she revealed that she is a single mother and has a daughter. And her child is cent percent, not an adopted but a biological daughter. However, she did not reveal who the daughter’s father is. There were many rumors that her boyfriend was the one. But Ivanah never really confirmed the air.
  • In 2019, Ivanah attended the “Babes in Toyland”, a charity event held at the Academy Nightclub. In the red carpet interview session when asked about what this party is missing she gave a controversial reply. She said that the party missed the beautiful girls and the awesome guys when it was a must at a party. The controversy arose that Ivanah is a flirt and needs awesome men to enjoy a party.
  • Jayce was offered a huge amount of $50 thousand by a billionaire to be his prostitute. However, she turned down the proposal in one go claiming that she wouldn’t sell her body for money. She also revealed that over 60 of the offers in her bookings include such offers. She even receives several proposals from the porn industry. But the aspiring model does not wish to enter that industry anytime.

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Social Media Presence 

Jayce Ivanah reached the peak of her modeling career through social media. It all started when her sizzling pictures started to catch the eyes of millions. In no time, she was a viral Instagram user. Things took off for the greater good and many modeling agencies approached Jayce. Eventually, she started doing photoshoots. 

Jayce Ivanah’s Instagram profile has more than 214K followers. 

In an interview with D J Smallz, she said, I would not enter the porn industry and let my body entertain people forever. My moral does not allow me so. She said that once a billionaire offered her $50k to be his prostitute but, she turned down the offer. When questioned about if she regretted her decision ever and she gave it a big “NO.” 

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Frequently Asked Question | Jayce Ivanah

Who is Jayce Ivanah?

Jayce Ivanah is one of the most popular exotic dancers in America. She is a model and a social media influencer.

What is Jayce Ivanah’s real name?

While the world knows Jayce to be Ivanah’s official name, it is mistaken. Ivanah had taken up Jayce as her professional name due to the sensuous nature of her profession.

Jayce Ivanah’s real name is Elena Ivanah.

How old is Jayce Ivanah? 

In August 2022, Jayce Ivanah will be 26 years and 7 months old.

What is Jayce Ivanah Net Worth?

Jayce Ivanah has a net worth of $500K.

Where is Jayce Ivanah?

Jayce Ivanah lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter. Before that, she resided in Phoenix, Alabama with her family. 

Who is Jayce Ivanah’s Boyfriend?

Jayce Ivanah does not have a boyfriend. She had been in a romantic relationship with a married man once. However, upon realizing his marital status, Ivanah dumped him.

Why is Jayce Ivanah famous?

Jayce Ivanah is famous as an exotic dancer, dance club stripper, and adult model.

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