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Special Messages and Personalized Gifts to Build Customer Loyalty



Special messages and personalized gifts

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty – The year 2020 came to show that nobody is immune to setbacks and scenarios of instability. And it is in these moments that the brand X consumer relation becomes central. Being the main aspect to be worked and cared.

One of the strategies of the brand’s humanization, which we have seen a lot in current purchases. Is the use of messages and personalized gifts attached to the purchase order.

These small attitudes can be immensely signifying. And help to cultivate confidence, inspiration, recommendation. And a good relationship between your store and your consumers.
Learn more about the subject. And see ideas you can apply to your business. Personalized gifts like Evangelica T-shirt

Customer loyalty – Special messages reinforce affection and optimism

Customer loyalty – I have to say that more than ever, people have valued and looked for humanized brands. And that they care about establishing a dialogue with their clients. A good idea is to write special and personalized messages on the packaging of their products. Take the opportunity to develop creativity and write positive and optimistic sentences. That can be of great value to the client is uncertain moments.

For example, an article in the newspaper O Globo shows restaurant owners in Rio de Janeiro who have written special tickets on the packaging of their delivery. Many of them on their own hand, which strengthens the idea of exclusivity and attention to the consumer. How about getting inspired by them for your business?

Another cool idea is to write a message with the customer’s name. Telling a little about the care your store had with the packaging and the preparation of that product, besides offering some tips:

  • of hobby in the universe of the product (if you sell custom t-shirts of horror films, for example, you can write a little list with the best films of the genre);
  • of better use of that product (in the case of semi-jewels, don’t wet them or put them over the still humid perfume, for instance);
  • to have a special moment with that product (if you sell a breakfast basket, you can write tips to decorate the environment in a simple way to transform the occasion into a picnic, for instance).

Customer loyalty – Personalized gifts: the touch of care that your store needs

In addition to the special messages, you can go further and offer a personalized gift for your client. You know that “mime” that everyone feels special when winning? That’s the idea, making your consumer realize how grateful you are to have him as a client.

And the advantages don’t stop there! Offering personalized gifts to your customers, regardless of your business, brings a lot of advantages to you, like:

  • providing something useful that will be used by your customer in other circumstances;
  • making him remember your brand for a long time and whenever he sees the toast;
  • to stand out from the competition by offering something more;
  • promote your brand and reach other potential clients.

What gifts can you offer to your clients?

Now that you know the advantages of writing special tickets and offering personalized gifts to your customers, know some suggestions that will delight those on the other side!


They are made of resistant materials and are very useful and versatile containers, which are suitable for storing hot drinks, to organize pencils, brushes, pens, among other objects.


These cloth bags are extremely functional accessories that can be used by your client in any situation. Remembering that this is also a way to demonstrate that your company is concerned about environmental and sustainable issues because the purpose of eco bags is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.


Ideal for everyday use, the squeezes are reusable bottles and available in several materials, such as plastic (light and easy to wash), silicone (folding), aluminum (durable), or stainless steel (great for storing not only cold drinks but also hot ones).


Besides offering the skincare and sun protection that your client needs, to offer a personalized cap is to tell your client that you are tuned on the fashion trends and that he can wear it at all times, be it at the beach, at the gym, or on the day by day.


For those who sell meals or food products, offering a gift apron encourages the preparation of food, cleanliness in the kitchen, and care related to meals.

You saw that there is no lack of options on how to offer something more for your customers, right? So, take advantage of these insights to humanize your brand and show how you want to make a difference in the world with your business.

And for you to be able to offer the best gifts, it is essential to find a reliable supplier that produces quality products and meets your delivery deadlines. Bonuses for those who offer special conditions and terms of purchase and who worry about the safety of their employees and customers.


Contrary to what many people think, the flash drive is not a product that has gone into disuse. While some people prefer to save their files and photos in the cloud, others still choose to use a flash drive.

This is a toast that is not expensive, is compact, and also pleases all kinds of audiences. Choose a stylish, creative, and beautiful design to make your customers feel more attracted to the gift.


There are two things that make the clients’ vision very successful when it comes to gifts: exclusivity and sustainable concepts. This is because of the sensation of relating to a company concerned. With environmental issues reveals a new trend that has taken over the market.

Thinking about this, when looking for different ways to add value to the gift. Remember that many consumers stop making a purchase when the brand tests on animals or uses polluting materials on the packaging. So, a good tip is to invest in returnable eco-bags, custom sustainable straws, or bamboo pens.


Innovation is the word of the moment in the corporate market and that is exactly why you should explore its full potential. Even if the company doesn’t have the habit of venturing in front of the public in marketing actions, look for a differentiated approach to call attention.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be anything extremely expensive, but the key point, in this case, is on awakening curiosity, identification, and engagement. Search for similar strategies to be inspired. Obviously, a copy is out of the question!

However, when evaluating well-received cases, it’s much easier to find actions that relate to the profile of your audience, with an original footprint.

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Everything You Need to Know About Internal Linking for SEO



Internal Linking for SEO

Links are important for any website these days. Not only for SEO but many other reasons are there to tell you the importance of the links. There are two types of links used by a website for SEO, content marketing, promotion, authenticity, etc.

External links are used to get more traffic and authenticity. It is very simple to understand the external links, their usage, and their importance. But when it comes to the internal links, then many webmasters or digital marketers become confused about it. They don’t know why they need to use internal links on their webpages. They don’t know the meaning of internal links, their importance, or their benefits. But here we are with a very useful post for you. We will tell you how you can use SEO for internal linking on your website. These tactics will help you a lot. In this post, we will share every important thing about internal linking from basics to advance.

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are used to establish a connection between different pages or posts on the same website. External links are used when we have to link our web pages or posts with other platforms or other websites. But when we use an URL to link two different pages on the same page, then you will be using an internal link.

Importance of Internal Linking

Many digital marketers will recommend you to use internal links. External linking is important, but internal linking is more important than it. If you don’t believe that it is more important than external linking then must have a look at the points we have mentioned below. We hope that you will get an idea of how important it is to use internal linking in SEO Services.

#1. Search Engine Crawlers

Any website that wants to impress the search engine crawlers and SEO is there to do this. We use various tricks to guide and impress the search engine crawlers on the website. We want search engine crawlers to find our content useful and rank our website high on search engine result pages (SERPs). When you have all the relevant pages interlinked on your site, crawlers will easily find them and list your web pages in search result pages.

#2. Search Intent

For more engagement with the site visitors, you have to provide them with complete information about the relevant topic. You have to satisfy their search intent through your posts. And you cannot provide all the information related to a topic on a single page. So it is very important to interlink your pages. A reader will click on more relevant page links to read more.

#3. More Dwell Time

Getting more relevant content links on a single page will encourage your visitors to click and read more. You will be getting more dwell time on your website which is a very good signal to the search engines. Google will believe that your website has useful content and it will rank your site at the top for a particular search query.

#4. User Experience

User experience is a very crucial factor for SEO these days. And when you have interlinks on your webpages, and more users are clicking on all these links to browse more content. You will be sending a positive signal about user experience to the search engines. That is why we recommend you to share useful interlinks to help users.

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How To User Internal Linking For SEO?

Now the question is how to use internal linking for SEO. We mention here that don’t try to use irrelevant topic links on your pages. For example, if you are writing a post on how to grow traffic on an Instagram account. But you are sharing an interlink at the end of the post which says “how to play PUBG without lag”, then it is not going to be useful for you. Don’t worry, and follow a few steps mentioned below to use interlinks.

Find Relevant Posts & Pages

As we have mentioned that it is very important to find relevant posts and pages. Try to make categories for different web pages or content. Now whenever you write a post on your page, try to share relevant post links in the end or anywhere else.

Interlink At The End

The first and very common way to share interlinks on your website is to share interlinks at the end of the post. Most of the websites are using this simple trick.

Link In Between

This is the best way to share interlinks. For example, if you are writing a guide type blog post about “Adwords ad campaign”. Then you can share a link in between your content that is relevant to the AdWords ad campaign topic.


Interlinks are as important as external links or backlinks. You can use internal links for better ranking. So if you don’t have internal links in your SEO packages. Then you must have to add an internal link strategy to your SEO packages. It is one of the simplest methods used in SEO for higher search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking.

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SEO Strategy Tips 2021 – What You Need to Know?



SEO Strategy Tips for 2021

SEO technologies and techniques will change in 2021. So you need to change your SEO strategy also. Whether you are using affordable SEO services or you have an in house SEO team. An SEO Strategy matters a lot for all the websites and business owners.

If you have not yet planned for the SEO strategy for next year, then you must use these SEO strategy tips for you.

These tips are good to keep in mind while improving your SEO strategy for next year. In these tips, we have elaborated more on planning and then working accordingly. First of all, you have to make effective plans for your search engine optimization. If you don’t know what to do with these tips then you can hire an agency with affordable SEO services. All these tips will modify your SEO strategy and results.

STEP 1: Be Ready For Advanced SEO

The first step is to be ready for the advanced SEO techniques. No more basic techniques will efficiently work in 2021. Maybe if you are lucky, then your old and very basic strategy will work for optimization. But due to the increase in competition, there will be more serious considerations for advanced SEO in 2021.

Start SEO From First Day

First thing is to start SEO from the first day and first post. Ask your affordable SEO services or provider to start working upon SEO right now. Whether you are developing the website or you are writing a few home page articles. You have to optimize each of them.

More Technical Improvements Required

Not only content optimization will work in 2021, you have to make changes to the site structure and more technical things. Technical improvements will be required for every online business for better SEO results.

Never Depend On Luck

If you think that luck will work positively to bring more traffic, then there is no hope for you. You can’t be dependent on luck in 2021, you have to work hard on SEO. Hire an SEO consultant or even look for affordable SEO services.

STEP 2: Sound Local

The second step is for local businesses, also, region-based and global businesses can use these SEO tips to enhance their SEO strategy. It is all about targeting the local audience for more business growth. Many regional, national, and global businesses miss local audiences. But they can also target local audiences with this local SEO strategy.

Local Audience

Start with searching for the right target audience. Search more about the audience and their interests. What they are searching for and what they like? Make a matrix of all the data elements related to the local audience.

Local Keywords

After researching the local audience, you have to search for the right keywords. Hire any individual SEO expert or select affordable SEO packages. Get a list of local keywords prepared for you. Also, try to add secondary keywords to your list.

Local Campaigns

Try to use local marketing campaigns, try to target local keywords and audiences through these campaigns. These campaigns can be advertisement based or engagement-based. Use some giveaway, contest, quiz, etc. to engage more with your local audience.

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Local Content

Using a local SEO strategy is not enough, you have to optimize your content with the local voice. What local topics are trending in your area? What is the local slang and customs performed by your target audience? Always try to capture and use all these things to make your content sound more local.

STEP 3: Adopt New Technologies

You can adapt new technologies to make your affordable SEO services more effective. It is very easy to do this. Many new technologies will change the way of search engine optimization. Market-leading digital marketing companies have already adopted these new technologies. You can adapt them now to see results in 2021.

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Voice Optimized

Your websites must be familiar with the voice user interface. In 2021, there will be more voice searches rather than text searches. So as you are now targeting the text keywords, you will have to target voice keywords.


A website that is not mobile optimized will get less traffic as compared to its counterparts. It is because there are always more mobile users rather than desktop users. No worry if you are using affordable SEO services. But you must have a mobile-optimized website for you.

Let’s Summarize!

In the above-mentioned three steps, you can modify your SEO strategy for 2021. Search engine optimization and other digital marketing tactics will change in 2021. More businesses will start searching for affordable SEO services. That is why we recommend you to start working on new SEO technologies right now. Because there is no time left to get familiar with the new technologies.

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Get a Personalized Shoutouts From Your Favorite Celebrity?



Get a personalized shutout from your Favourite Celebrity?

The world has changed a lot in the last few years as people, businesses, and government is now going digital to make things more accessible. Connecting remote people and emotions has become quite sophisticated with just a click away. Social media, remote connectivity, video calls, and modern devices have made a tremendous change in the way people live.

Celefi, an innovative platform, has come up with a great idea to help people connect with their favorite celebrities. They offer people chances to get special attention and a personalized Shoutouts to add more to their happiness. You can also find models, hundreds of TV, and film celebrities to plan according to their products and services.

Social Media 

There has been an unprecedented growth in social media in the last decade. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., became part of our modern life. People love to share every piece of their life on these platforms. And stay connected with their friends all over the world. Especially celebrities and their social media post become global headlines. Fans listen to their views, their opinions, and enjoy their engagement.

And with millions and millions of active users, every second social media is having a profound effect on our daily lives. Social media keep us connected with friends forever and share all the emotions, success, and endeavors with them all around the years. Especially the youngsters who make sure to post all things that matter to family, friends, and everyone around them. These social media platforms are globally available and keep everyone informed of current endeavors.

Trending Culture: Celebrities

Celebrities are the trend of today’s online culture. And with millions of fan following, they get all the attention and focus from digital media. All their lifestyle, movements, fashion, and culture get noticed from all over the newspaper. Getting a personal Shoutouts will make your day and give you all the attention that you deserved to be popular as well as making this day memorable.

And when celebrities answer their fans personal posts or tweets, you get a lot of attention from media as well as fans. Especially personal Shoutouts can make you feel rejuvenated and give you all the happiness in the world. And with global marketing, celebrities offer businesses a way to get attention from people all over the globe. 

Rise and Rise of Digital Marketing

There has been a tremendous shift in the last decade as more and more businesses are now moving online. These businesses need attention from the targeted audience to sustain the market forces and enjoy the growth. Here celebrity endorsement act as a catalyst for businesses to enhance their potential to reach new highs.

Celefi here acts as a mediator for businesses to reach with the right celebrities to endorse their product. Celebrities connections are generally not easy to find and it might not be feasible for small businesses to reach them effectively. These owners and establishments can choose from hundreds of celebrities and finalize on the right one to match with their specific goals and requirements. Thus making it easy for them to plan, strategize, and implement with the latest changes and get optimized ROI for their benefits.

Modern Businesses

And businesses competing at such a high level, you need to build smart strategies and implement to sustain market forces. Especially for new startups and small businesses can leverage celebrity endorsement to their benefit. Celebrities provide them with a chance to get more attention from social media seamlessly and bring forward their products to the fans directly. 

Celefi innovation has brought together this innovative change in Indian marketing. Celebrities who were often very hard to connect and get benefit from, are not just a click away from a connection. Interested individuals or businesses can leave a message with the Celefi team to get a more personalized solution for their team and get more productive with their marketing solutions. 

Why types of Personal ShoutoutsYou Can ask for Celebrities?

You can connect and convey the message to celebrities in asking them to give their best for a particular message. Whether, it is a personal Shoutouts or commercial product endorsement, product placements, or asking their fans to check the products for the respective use. Celefi team will also help you in building a strategy and further implement them precisely to get more reach from your target audience.

Happy Birthday wishes to give loved and dear one a shoutouts to remember for a lifetime.

Anniversary wishes to give your parents and loved ones a hearty remembrance.

Wedding Shoutouts and personal congratulations. to remember something for life

Retirement wishes to re-energize your spirits and add a more purpose to keep it moving forward in life.

Awards & Motivation to sustain things for individuals, companies, and groups to get them ahead of their achievements.

Get Well soon for people recovering from illness, accidents, and life-changing incidents.

Graduation and Holiday congratulatory messages, for youngsters to make something of their life and accomplish their dreams.

In this digital age, people are more online and connected with friends all over the world. Sending someone your special a personalized message has become quite easy. Still, getting your favorite celebrity to convey your message adds more charm and happiness to the person.

Celefi has become one of the renowned organization helping fans to connect with their most loved celebrities and crave global attention to enjoy life at its potential. Now there are more than top 200 celebrities, TV actors, actress, models, and more that offer a chance to get a personal shoutouts as per your demand. You can convey the right note, message, and communication for delivering a personal shoutouts to bring more delight for your loved ones. 

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