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Special Messages And Personalized Gifts To Build Customer Loyalty

Special messages and personalized gifts

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty – The year 2020 came to show that nobody is immune to setbacks and scenarios of instability. And it is in these moments that the brand X consumer relation becomes central. Being the main aspect to be worked and cared.

One of the strategies of the brand’s humanization, which we have seen a lot in current purchases. Is the use of messages and personalized gifts attached to the purchase order.

These small attitudes can be immensely signifying. And help to cultivate confidence, inspiration, recommendation. And a good relationship between your store and your consumers.
Learn more about the subject. And see ideas you can apply to your business. Personalized gifts like Evangelica T-shirt

Customer Loyalty – Special Messages Reinforce Affection And Optimism

Customer loyalty – I have to say that more than ever, people have valued and looked for humanized brands. And that they care about establishing a dialogue with their clients. A good idea is to write special and personalized messages on the packaging of their products. Take the opportunity to develop creativity and write positive and optimistic sentences. That can be of great value to the client is uncertain moments.

For example, an article in the newspaper O Globo shows restaurant owners in Rio de Janeiro who have written special tickets on the packaging of their delivery. Many of them on their own hand, which strengthens the idea of exclusivity and attention to the consumer. How about getting inspired by them for your business?

Another cool idea is to write a message with the customer’s name. Telling a little about the care your store had with the packaging and the preparation of that product, besides offering some tips:

  • of hobby in the universe of the product (if you sell custom t-shirts of horror films, for example, you can write a little list with the best films of the genre);
  • of better use of that product (in the case of semi-jewels, don’t wet them or put them over the still humid perfume, for instance);
  • to have a special moment with that product (if you sell a breakfast basket, you can write tips to decorate the environment in a simple way to transform the occasion into a picnic, for instance).

Customer Loyalty – Personalized Gifts: The Touch Of Care That Your Store Needs

In addition to the special messages, you can go further and offer a personalized gift for your client. You know that “mime” that everyone feels special when winning? That’s the idea, making your consumer realize how grateful you are to have him as a client.

And the advantages don’t stop there! Offering personalized gifts to your customers, regardless of your business, brings a lot of advantages to you, like:

  • providing something useful that will be used by your customer in other circumstances;
  • making him remember your brand for a long time and whenever he sees the toast;
  • to stand out from the competition by offering something more;
  • promote your brand and reach other potential clients.

What Gifts Can You Offer To Your Clients?

Now that you know the advantages of writing special tickets and offering personalized gifts to your customers, know some suggestions that will delight those on the other side!


Custom stainless steel tumblers or mugs are made of resistant materials and are very useful and versatile containers, which are suitable for storing hot drinks, to organize pencils, brushes, pens, among other objects.


These cloth bags are extremely functional accessories that can be used by your client in any situation. Remembering that this is also a way to demonstrate that your company is concerned about environmental and sustainable issues because the purpose of eco bags is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags.


Ideal for everyday use, the squeezes are reusable bottles and available in several materials, such as plastic (light and easy to wash), silicone (folding), aluminum (durable), or stainless steel (great for storing not only cold drinks but also hot ones).


Besides offering the skincare and sun protection that your client needs, to offer a personalized cap is to tell your client that you are tuned on the fashion trends and that he can wear it at all times, be it at the beach, at the gym, or on the day by day.


For those who sell meals or food products, offering a gift apron encourages the preparation of food, cleanliness in the kitchen, and care related to meals.

You saw that there is no lack of options on how to offer something more for your customers, right? So, take advantage of these insights to humanize your brand and show how you want to make a difference in the world with your business.

And for you to be able to offer the best gifts, it is essential to find a reliable supplier that produces quality products and meets your delivery deadlines. Bonuses for those who offer special conditions and terms of purchase and who worry about the safety of their employees and customers.


Contrary to what many people think, the flash drive is not a product that has gone into disuse. While some people prefer to save their files and photos in the cloud, others still choose to use a flash drive.

This is a toast that is not expensive, is compact, and also pleases all kinds of audiences. Choose a stylish, creative, and beautiful design to make your customers feel more attracted to the gift.


There are two things that make the clients’ vision very successful when it comes to gifts: exclusivity and sustainable concepts. This is because of the sensation of relating to a company concerned. With environmental issues reveals a new trend that has taken over the market.

Thinking about this, when looking for different ways to add value to the gift. Remember that many consumers stop making a purchase when the brand tests on animals or uses polluting materials on the packaging. So, a good tip is to invest in returnable eco-bags, custom sustainable straws, or bamboo pens.


Innovation is the word of the moment in the corporate market and that is exactly why you should explore its full potential. Even if the company doesn’t have the habit of venturing in front of the public in marketing actions, look for a differentiated approach to call attention.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be anything extremely expensive, but the key point, in this case, is on awakening curiosity, identification, and engagement. Search for similar strategies to be inspired. Obviously, a copy is out of the question!

However, when evaluating well-received cases, it’s much easier to find actions that relate to the profile of your audience, with an original footprint.

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