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Myles B. O’Neal: About his Life & Bio


Myles B. O’Neal is a name that has become the center of attention to the masses for quite some time now. The 23-years old boy from America is the new aspiring model and actor that the fashion industry awaits. With his awesome vital stats and attractive look, Shaunie O’Neal’s oldest son has lately become the perfect definition of, Tall, Dark & Handsome man. Scroll in until the end to find out all the details about Myles B. O’Neal’s Biography. Not just it, read also about his family, education, career, net worth, girlfriend, relationship status, and achievements. Also, read below the answer to some of the most popular FAQs about Myles.

Myles B. O’Neal’s Facts

Myles B. O’Neal is the new Television personality of the era. He was born on the 8th day of May 1997 to the global TV personality Shaunie O’Neal. Many of his fans may not know but Myles was initially not known by the name of O’Neal. For many years after his birth, he was known, Myles Nelson Baptiste. He took this name from his biological father. Yes! You read it right. Shaquille is not his biological father. Myles had to actually change his name legally in the year 2002 when his mother married Shaquille. His complete name Myles B. O’Neal is read as Myles Baptiste O’ Neal.

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Although Myles was brought up in Atlanta, Georgia he was born in Los Angeles. He holds the American nationality and comes from an Afro-American ethnic background. Many of the celebs these days do not follow any religion but Myles does. He follows Christianity. He debuts his appearance on television in 2010 from a reality TV series called Basketball Wives. The show premiered on his 13th birthday. In 2016, he also appeared in the premiere of the family show of his family called ‘Shaunie’s Home Court.’ As a model, Shaunie O’Neal’s son began his career at the age of 21 that we shall read about in detail later.

Myles O’Neal Early Life & Family

Myles B. O’Neal does indeed possess quite complicated family which ones could find interesting to read about. His parents are Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie O’Neal. However, Shaq is not his biological father is. Myles is actually born from his mother’s previous relationship before marrying Shaq. Besides his parents, Myles shared his family with his five other siblings of which all of them are his half-siblings. Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal are his half-brothers while Amirah, Me’arha, and Tahirah O’Neal are his half-sisters. His father, Shaquille is the basketball player from Fame National Basketball Association. Though Shaq remains as his legal father his parents separated after divorce in 2011.


However, as per Shaunie they are still good friends and love each other. She said that the couple still enjoys time together and their kids love their family. She stated, “In Shaquille’s mind, I think I am always gonna be his wife even though that’s not the case. The love is always there and he’s one of my best friends and we have a great time together and our kids love just being a family.” Shaq treats Myles just as his own kids and definitely loves and adores him.

Myles Educational Background

The 6’3” tall aspirer fashionista has been able to grab attention for his looks. He is also widely popular because of his mother Shaunie O’Neal’s son. Brought-up in Atlanta, Myles completed his high school from Crossroad High School. He may not be into the field of acting and filmography, but the oldest O’Neal son studied acting for 4-years. He completed his graduation in acting from Santa Monica College.

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Myles B Career

Shaunie O’Neal’s son Myles B. O’Neal started his modeling career at the perfect age 21. His first runaway walk was for Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring at Milan Fashion Week in 2018. With his ethereal looks, Myles in no time grabbed loads of attention from the bigheads of the industry. In the early years of his career, he walked not just for D&G but also for many other International brands. He also walked for Elie Saab, Ports 1961, Givenchy, Turkey, Balmain, H&M, No21, Fendi,  Alexander Wang, Chenal, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Giles Deacon and the annual Dosso Dossi Fashion Show held in Antalya.


With his career just 2-years old, Myles also quite many brand endorsements in his account. He endorses clothing brand Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, H&M, Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg. Doing graduation in acting helped Myles discover his interest in the entertainment industry. He followed his passion for music and became Disco Jockey. He inherited this interest from his father Shaq, who is also passionate about DJing.

Myles Baptiste O’Neal Net Worth

Myles B is undoubtedly loaded in his wealth. With so many runaway walks and brand endorsements in abundance, he has definitely earned himself some good figures. His current net worth is estimated to be around $5Million. However, there is no exact figure revealed of his net worth.

Although Myles rules over the hefty fortune of $5Million, his father Shaq is said to be the owner of over $400Million whereas, his mother Shaunie has a net worth of about $40Million. Shaquille is a professional sportsperson while Shaunie is the TV personality besides being an entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist.

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His Girlfriend, Relationships & Affairs

Talking about who Myles B. O’Neal is dating now is an unsolved mystery. As per our research, Myles is 23-years old and is currently single in his relationship status. However, he has had been in one relationship but kept it private. So the name of the lucky girl who dated Myles couldn’t be tracked. Though committed, he never got engaged to his partner. He has also been loving his single status and is ways away from any relationship rumors and hook-ups.

Myles Girlfriends

FAQs About Myles B. O’Neal

Popular worldwide, Myles has been into the internet trends for many reasons. His fans and followers are always keen on knowing more about his personal life. Here are the few frequently asked questions about Shaunie O’Neal’s son, Myles.

What is Myles B. O’Neal’s Marital Status?

Well, Myles B. O’Neal is currently unmarried. He is also not engaged to anybody as of now.

Who is Myles’ Girlfriend?

Myles has been in one relationship before but opted to keep his personal life under covers. He thus did not reveal the name of his girlfriend.

How Many Kids Does Myles O’Neal Have?

Myles does not have any kids. Presently he is focused on his career and is seen enjoying his single status and seems to be in no hurry to marry or have kids.

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How Old is Myles O’Neal?

As of May, 020, Myles is 23-years old.

Who is Myles’ Partner?

Myles is single and thus he does not have any partner presently.

Who is Shaunie O’Neal’s Son?

Shaunie O’Neal has 6 kids of her own 5 of which are from his marriage with Shaquille O’Neal. However, her oldest son Myles B. O’Neal is from her previous relationship. Myles is also popular on the internet as Shaunie O’Neal’s son.

Why is He Famous?

Before starting his career as a model, Myles was famous as TV personality Shaunie O’Neal’s son.

Is Myles Dead?

No. Myles is alive and is all healthy and fine.

Who is Myles O’Neal’s Biological Father?

Although Myles carries his legal father Shaq’s name as his surname he is not his real son. Myles was born from Shaunie’s relationship before Shaq. However, his father’s name isn’t revealed.

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