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5 Greatest NBA Players Of All Time

Greatest NBA Players

There has always been a debate about who is the best basketball player through the years. But, with research, here is a list of players known for their accomplishments across the history of 74 years. While you go through the article, you will praise what the players have achieved in their sports careers. If you are into basketball, you can bet on the best NBA players and teams of the season. Read more how it works.

#1 Michael Jordan

Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan has always been the greatest player in the league. He had led Chicago Bulls towards six championships and has got awards for the Most Valuable Player (MVP). Besides, he is known as a global icon because he was the MVP for five seasons at a stretch. Apart from setting high standards for other players, Micheal was the player who still defines the basketball generation. His brilliance while playing the game has gone beyond anything you can imagine.

#2 LeBron James 

LeBron is still known for his grace while playing the game with a lanky figure. His ability to pass the ball has been incredible among his strongest skills. As he has been a champion three times, LeBron was the person to reinvent how someone can perceive an athlete’s prime. Moreover, when he played for the 17th season, he was quite active across the court. When the 2016 finals were held, it was amazing to see how LeBron had pursued other players in Game 7. As the entire team was happy to win many points, it represents LeBron’s will to win.

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#3 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

When you go through the accomplishments of Abdul-Jabbar, you can’t match them with any other player. While the player is recognized as an MVP six times, he has earned all the stars 19 times. Way ahead, he had won a total of six championships when he paced ahead with basketball. His skyhook is something that the spectators used to admire. With the unstoppable style, the player scored more points for his team. While he didn’t appear to look attractive, nobody was better than Abdul-Jabbar.

#4 Bill Russell

Bill has always been the greatest winner in the basketball league. As he claims 11 titles, the Celtics always became a defensive juggernaut. With good acumen, Bill was a much better player than Wilt Chamberlain. As the era passed, his style was commendable in the later generation. Due to his attributes, Bill was able to earn five awards for being a valuable player. Further ahead, the basketball players got through the NBA selections 11 times. 

#5 Magic Johnson

With an important role in basketball matches, Magic was the one who transformed the game entirely. Additionally, the basketball player was a transcendent passer and a winner during the past era. If Magic was not there in the team, the NBA would not have been where it is currently. As the player was skillful, he led the “Showtime” Lakers to numerous NBA finals. In the end, the entire team was proud to win five titles. Owing to his no-look passes and fast breaks, the team considered Magic valuable. 

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On a concluding note, the list of the best basketball players does not end here. However, we still respect those who have been performing pretty well. As teams change, the era has also been changing year after year. The debate still goes on across the NBA fandom. Nevertheless, we have come up with the ranks based on the consistent performance and their role. Some pay per head programs also rank players in real-time. People love the sport, and they always remember these players when they watch basketball matches. Indeed, basketball players have always been ahead of their time.

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