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How To Prevent Birds From Nesting Below Solar Panels?

Prevent Birds From Nesting Below Solar Panels

Solar panels are an expensive long-term investment for your property that, regrettably, are susceptible to bird nesting and damage. Your solar panel dealer may not have told you, but it’s unlikely that your warranty will cover this kind of damage. You won’t want to deal with this issue given the expensive cost of solar panels.

Fortunately, Protech Pest Control offers a proofing solution that can effectively shield your priceless solar panels on your property from possible bird nesting and damage without sacrificing their capacity to gather solar energy.

What Damages Can Birds Cause To Home Solar Panels? 

Home Solar panels are susceptible to harm from a variety of angles. In addition to having the potential to seriously harm solar energy installations, birds pose a risk to themselves when they come into touch with them, resulting in dead pests—or birds—nesting on your roof unnoticed for very long.

Many bird species prefer to relieve themselves in water bodies and can easily confuse the bright, reflecting surface for a puddle of water. The solar cell’s surface may be harmed by the guano’s acids (certain types of solar cells are more susceptible to nesting and damage than others), but the cells’ efficiency will always be reduced by this material.

When large birds fall on the panel, they may physically harm it. The panels and frames may sustain damage from their beaks and claws. They might attempt to steal any wires they spot for nesting. Certain species that are more violent and less intellectual will also attempt to fight their reflections, perceiving them as intruding rival birds trying to take over their domain.

Fortunately, there are control and proofing strategies to lessen the likelihood of panel harm. The principal ones are:

  • Ensuring that you choose robust panels initially and have them fitted by an expert
  • Concealing all cables and other attachments to prevent birds from accessing them
  • Utilising premium bird mesh to shield its surface and
  • Putting forth every effort to deter birds from perching on or close

Alternate Bird Proofing Methods You Can Try:

Alternate Bird Proofing Methods You Can Try:

  • Reflective Items:

One effective way to discourage birds from nesting or breeding in a certain area is to place inexpensive, little mirrors there. Depending on where you set them, they may irritate you or other people, so pay close attention to where they go. Keep your safety in mind when performing any type of installation work at a height.

  • Fake Animals:

Fake animals like cats or owls are also potential nesting deterrents because they tend to scare away birds. If you keep these things in one spot for too long, birds will ultimately learn that they are not a threat, so be careful to move them around your yard from time to time.

  • Foil:

For many different kinds of pests, you may also try hanging a long piece of foil from trees or leaves so that it will reflect sunlight. However, certain species can find these foil strips attractive, and they might even try stealing the foil to use as nesting material. Thankfully, those species typically don’t prefer nesting inside of structures.

  • Eliminating Water Sources:

Your home’s surroundings will attract fewer insects if you remove areas where water collects, such as birdbaths and pet water bowls. It’s also a good idea to keep your gutters clear of leaves and other debris. 

  • Nest Removal:

When you find a nest, you should usually take it down as soon as you can. The pests will discover that your roof is an unfriendly place for nesting. It can take a few tries to get the pest to understand what you’re saying. Give the area a thorough cleaning after removing the nesting material because pests are known to carry infections and insects. If there are eggs or chicks inside the nest, there is an exception.

Given that numerous species may be endangered or protected in this situation, you might be dealing with a more serious issue. The intention is not to hurt the pests; rather, we want to deter them from nesting in homes.

When you check the nest and it’s not empty, you should call your state’s wildlife protection service for guidance and support rather than attempting to manage it alone.

  • Sound Devices:

Many sound devices are available that mimic a bird’s stress call to deter insects from entering your property. However, these aren’t always 100% successful because birds can distinguish between false and genuine calls. Although pests may be offended by other loud noises, you should also remember that your neighbours may find the same noises annoying.

  • Chili Concoction:

In locations where pests construct their nests, people have used crushed chilli with different degrees of success. Combine a few chillies with water, allow to ferment in the sun for a few minutes, then pour into a spray bottle and apply to trouble spots. 

  • Block Roof and Wall Cavities:

Eliminate any areas on your walls or roof where pests could build a nest. Wood, wire mesh, and netting are all excellent choices. Keep in mind that they can fit into even the smallest spaces.

Mesh To Safeguard Your Assets:

Mesh To Safeguard Your Assets:

Installing our mesh is quite inexpensive when compared to the expense and bother of replacing a damaged one. It is the perfect product for the task because it doesn’t interfere with its ability to collect solar energy, and it will save you a lot of hassle.

The mesh’s quality is a critical factor. You will undoubtedly receive subpar outcomes if you choose an inferior mesh. Weak mesh will not effectively shield them and cause damage to the mesh itself, costing you even more money.

The goal will be again defeated if the mesh is not fine enough to prevent rodents from getting through. Additionally, an excessively fine mesh will prevent air from flowing through it, decreasing its efficacy.

Why Proofing Is The Most Efficient Control Solution? 

Using a proofing mesh is the best way to control them and efficiently prevent them from entering because of the high strength and unique mesh design, which also permits unhindered light transmission.

Since home Solar Panels are an expensive investment, it makes perfect sense to spend a little bit more to ensure their protection. Undoubtedly, it’s a lot better than having to pay for expensive repairs down the road.

A Reliable Australian-Based Company

Protech Pest Control creates the best proofing mesh because we consider the requirements of solar users when designing our products. There are two key priorities: ensuring the panel’s functionality and providing sufficient protection for it. Since we think they are both equally significant, you can rely on our mesh to provide the best possible performance and longevity.

Australia is where we design and test all of our products. This is how you know you have a reliable product and receive your guarantee of complete quality from beginning to end. We also install the proofing mesh professionally, so you don’t have to worry about any errors in the control and proofing installation procedure; we even provide a written warranty to support this.

Contact the professionals at Protech Pest Control to learn more about the different proofing and control solutions. Regardless of how you contact us, you can count on a timely response and all the information you require to help you make your choice.

About The Author:

Muzi Tsolakis is an expert on insect control in Melbourne and is the founder of Protech Pest Control. The company specializes in many pest control solutions including home solar panel bird proofing.

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