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Jennifer Rauchet Biography: Age, Family, Career, Net worth, FAQs


Following a renowned celeb is no new thing today. But following someone comparatively less popular is true. What hurts the most is that there wouldn’t be many sites providing you with content about the less popular celebrities or celebrity spouses. Today, we’d be discussing the biography of Pete Hegseth’s third wife Jennifer Rauchet.

Pete Hegseth is a famous author and television host from America. He is best known for his contribution to America’s military services. Hegseth has served in the Minnesota Army National Guard in the United States of America. Hegseth’s wife, Jennifer Rauchet has been the executive producer of much successful television series including Fox & Friends and Watters World. This piece from Lemony Blog discusses Jennifer’s biography. Here, we have penned everything you need to know about Pete Hegseth’s third wife, Jennifer Rauchet. This post includes her age, personal life, career, family, net worth, and lots of other interesting things. So, make sure to scroll down until the end.

Who Is Jennifer Rauchet?

Jennifer Rauchet is famous as the wife of the globally reputed television host, Pete Hegseth. She is Hegseth’s third wife. While dating Rauchet, Hegseth was already married to his second wife, Samantha Hegseth

His extramarital affair with Jennifer is believed to be the cause of his partition with Samantha. Samantha and Pete parted ways in 2017. Later that year, he proposed to Jennifer Rauchet for marriage. However, the couple tied the knot in 2019. They welcomed their daughter Gwen in 2017. 

Besides being a celebrity spouse, Jennifer Rauchet is a popular media figure. Keep reading to know everything you need to know about Jennifer Rauchet.

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Personal Profile | Pete Hegseth’s Wife Jennifer Rauchet 

Official Name – Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet Hegseth

Nickname – Jennifer

Known For – Wife of Pete Hegseth

Date of Birth – January 30, 1980

Age – 42 years old

Place of Birth – United States of America

Current Residence – Holmdel, New Jersey, the United States of America 

Zodiac Sign – Aquarius 

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Caucasian

Religion – Christianity

Profession – Executive Producer at Fox News Channel

Net Worth – $ 1 million

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight – 59 Kg

Eye Color – Dark Brown

Hair Color – Blonde

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Not Known 

Siblings – Not Known

Marital Status – Married

Partner – Pete Hegseth

Children – 2 Daughters, 2 Sons, and 3 Step Sons

Jennifer Rauchet’s (Pete Hegseth’s third wife) Biography

Jennifer Rauchet may not be a household name today, but she takes up a good fraction of attention from the media folks. Jennifer was born on the second last day of January (January 30, 1980). Popularly known as Pete Hegseth’s third wife, Rauchet is an American citizen. Mrs. Hegseth follows Christianity as her religion. She belongs to the white ethnic group.

According to her date of birth, Jennifer is an Aquarius.


Although not widely known, Jennifer has a lengthy name. On her documents, she goes by Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet. She has been a native American all her life, for she has been an American resident since her birth. Ms. Rauchet wed the former Army personnel and Fox News Channel contributor, Pete Hegseth 2019, on the 23rd of August. 

Rauchet has been working as an executive producer for Fox News since 2006. Through her hard work and dedication, Rauchet has amassed a decent net worth.

Scroll ahead to read about Jennifer Rauchet’s family background and more.

Jennifer Rauchet’s Family Backdrop & Education Qualification

Jennifer Rauchet is the third married partner to Pete Hegseth. Before Rauchet, Pete Hegseth had been married twice. While his first marriage was 5 years long, the second one with Samantha Hegseth lasted for 7 years. However, neither of his previous marriages was as successful. 

He shared no kids with his first wife Meredith Schwarz. However, Pete shares 3 children with his second wife Samantha Hegseth. Samantha is the biological mother of Pete Hegseth’s 3 sons.

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Jennifer married Hegseth in mid-2019 on a golf course, Colts Neck owned by Trump. The couple together shares a biological daughter named Gwen. Gwen was born out of wedlock in 2017, August 17. 

When paparazzi are more than ever ready to follow you down the lane, you’re most likely to start avoiding them. That’s the exact reason why many of your favorite celebrities tend to prefer a low-key life. Like many others, Jennifer Rauchet has kept her initial family details away from the masses.

The media outlets know only about Jennifer’s family after her marriage. The celebrity spouse has been quite persistent in keeping his life before fame private. There is no information available on her parents or siblings. 

Lemony Blog speculates that Pete’s dear wife must have had a rather blissful childhood. 

Talking about Rauchet’s family after her wedding – here’s what we know.

Jennifer Rauchet’s family consists of her husband, and daughter, Gwen. 

Her husband, Pete Hegseth is an American Fox News Contributor. He is also a former Army National Guard Personnel. 

What are Jennifer Rauchet’s Educational Qualifications?

Mrs. Hegseth visited Towson University to attain her bachelor’s degree in an anonymous subject. The details about her high schooling are under covers. 

How old is Jennifer Rauchet?

Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet was born on the 30th of January in 1980. In 2022 July, Hegseth’s celebrity spouse turned 42 years old. 

Her husband, the media icon, Pete Hegseth was born in June 1980. He turned 40 years old in June 2022. 

Physical Appearance

Hegseth’s third wife may not be a model or an actress like the common celebrity spouses, but she lacks no visuals. At the age of 42, Jennifer Rauchet is still more beautiful than she ever was. She has an appealing build and flawless skin too.

Here is a sneak peek into Jennifer’s physical appearance –

  • Height – Jennifer Rauchet is over 5 feet and 8 inches. Her towering height in centimeters is 173cm.
  • Weight – With a lean and toned physique, Jennifer weighs 59 Kg. 
  • Eye Color – Pete Hegseth’s third wife has dark brown eyes.
  • Hair Color – Jennifer Rauchet is blonde. She has bright golden hair. 
  • Body Type – She has a lean body type.
  • Skin Tone – Hailing from Caucasian ethnicity, Jennifer Rauchet has a fair complexion.
  • Tattoos and Piercing – She has pierced ears and no tattoos.

Why Is Jennifer Rauchet Famous?

Jennifer Rauchet initially came into the light as the rumored girlfriend of Pete Hegseth. She was the office colleague Pete had dated during his extramarital affair while he was married to Samantha Hegseth. Samantha and Pete’s divorce caused a lot of controversies.

But when things settled for the good, Hegseth parented a beautiful daughter with Rauchet. Eventually, he married Jennifer. The wedding silenced every unwanted comment. Later, Jennifer rose to prominence and popularity as the third wife of the renowned TV host, Pete Hegseth.

Her Married Life

Jennifer dated Hegseth for a couple of years before walking down the aisle with him. The couple had been involved in an extramarital affair while Pete was still married to Samantha Hegseth. The couple welcomed their daughter, Gwen Hegseth before their wedding. While Jennifer and Pete Hegseth married each other in 2019, their daughter, Gwen was born in 2017. 

The spectators consider this extramarital affair to be the reason behind Pete’s divorce from his second wife.

Her husband Pete Hegseth as already mentioned above is an Ex-army national guard official. He is also a politician and former director of Vets for Freedom. Vets for Freedom is an American political advocacy organization formed by the Republican Party. Hegseth is presently working as a news contributor for Fox News. He has also worked on a TV series PragerU. He has been included as a producer in a few television series.

Jennifer has been living a happily married life with her husband Hegseth and a 5 years old daughter Gwen Hegseth. Besides her daughter, Rauchet is the step-mom of three. The kids were born to Pete with his Ex-wife Samantha. They are called Boone Hegseth, Gunner Hegseth, and Rex Hegseth. She and Pete also share their big happy family with the other two kids Luke and Kenzie. 

Luke and Kenzie were born to Jennifer in her previous relationship. Nothing about Luke and Kenzie’s biological father is known.

Husband Pete Hegseth

Like Jennifer Rauchet, her husband Pete Hegseth is a media person. He works as an executive news contributor on Fox Channel. Jennifer is a Producer. Her husband was once an Army National Guard Officer. He has written several books too. Hegseth has served as the executive director of several political advocacy groups. 

The two most popular advocacy groups led headed by Pete Hegseth are –

  • Vets for Freedom
  • Concerned Veterans of America 

Pete Hegseth And Jennifer Rauchet Children

Jennifer Rauchet with her daughter

Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet are the parents of a gorgeous 5 years old daughter. Gwen was born on August 17, 2017. Gwen is the only child the couple shares together. Besides Gwen, both Jennifer and Hegseth are the parents of 3 children each.

Pete Hegseth is the father of three sons. He has parented them with his second wife, Samantha Hegseth. The names of Pete and Samantha’s handsome boys are –

  • Boone Hegseth
  • Gunner Hegseth
  • Rex Hegseth

Jennifer has 3 children from her previous relationships. She is the mother of 2 sons – Jackson and Luke and 1 daughter – Kenzie. Jennifer did not share anything concrete about the father of her 3 children. 

In the end, Jennifer is a mother of 7 children. She shares a biological bond with 4 of these children. Three children – Boone, Gunner, and Rex are her step-sons. 

Jennifer’s Career And Net Worth

Jennifer has been active in her professional career since 2006. She is the executive producer of Fox News and the other two television series Fox & Friends and Watters World. Rauchet initially worked at WPIX-TV. Presently, she earns $110K annually. Mrs. Pete Hegseth has earned herself a hefty net worth of about $ 1 million. Her husband, Pete Hegseth is the owner of some $3mMillion.

Jennifer Rauchet and her family live a lavish life in the posh area of Holmdel. With a couple of dollars of net worth (the combined net worth of Jennifer Rauchet and Pete Hegseth), Jennifer, her kids, and her husband are living an affluent life.

Rumors And Controversies

Jennifer Rauchet Hegseth has not been involved in any high-profile rumor or controversy so far. 

Social Media Presence 

The celebrity wife is quite active on Instagram. She has more than 7.4K followers on her page. Her husband, Pete Hegseth has more than 301K followers. His Twitter handle has about 5.2K followers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jennifer Rauchet

1. Who is Jennifer Rauchet?

Jennifer Rauchet is Pete Hegseth’s third wife.

2. Who is Pete Hegseth’s third wife?

Pete’s third wife is Fox News executive producer Jennifer Rauchet.

3. When did Jennifer Rauchet get married?

Jennifer and Pete Hegseth walked down the aisle on August 23, 2019.

4. What is the name of Jennifer Rauchet’s daughter?

Jennifer’s first and only daughter with Pete Hegseth is named as Gwen Hegseth.

5. What is the name of Jennifer Rauchet’s previous partner?

Although Jennifer shared two kids Luke and Kenzie from her previous relationship, there is no information on who he is.

6. Where does Jennifer Rauchet live?

Jennifer Rauchet lives in Holmdel, New Jersey.

7. How old is Jenner Rauchet?

Jennifer Rauchet is yet to reveal her exact date of birth. So, we do not know how old is she.

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