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Who Is Bree Purganan: Know Everything About Her Bio, Age, Ethnicity, Husband

Jalen Green

Bree Purganan is a famous Filipino-American nurse and entrepreneur. Besides her professional excellence, she is also known to be a great homemaker. Purganan is a famous sports celebrity mother. She is the mother of NBA’s Houston Rockets player Jalen Green. For the unversed, we would like to inform you that Jalen Green is a quite popular American basketball player of her age.

In 2018, Bree’s son was entitled as the Most Valued Player. At the young age of 20, Green has amassed quite some attention from sports critics for his second-to-none skills on the basketball court. However, this Lemony Blog piece isn’t about Jalen Green. Here, we have discussed who Bree Purganan is. Stay until the end to know everything about Jalen Green’s mom, Bree Purganan.

Bree Purganan is believed to have been born between 1986 to 1991. Her exact date of birth is not revealed. She is of Filipino origin. She was born and brought up in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. However, having spent over 2-decades in the United States, Purganan is an American citizen. The blog includes information like who is Bree Purganan, her bio, age, ethnicity, career, net worth, husband, and more. Read on to know Bree Purganan’s complete biography. 

Who is Bree Purganan?

Bree Purganan is a renowned sports celebrity mother. She is better known as the mother of NBA star player Jalen Green. Her son Jalen is an American professional basketball player. He plays as the shooting guard for the NBA team Houston Rockets.

Bree is a Filipino-based nurse and an entrepreneur. She is also a homemaker who adores looking after her kids and family. She hails from Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. Her ethnic equation from the Philippines is yet another reason why her son Jalen Green receives immense support and love from the Philippines.

In 2021, there were reports that Purganan’s son Jalen is among the Top 5 list pick in the 2021 NBA. Green was commissioned to represent Boston College in the NBA 2021-22 draft. Coming back to Jalen’s mother Bree Purganan, our reports revealed Bree to be a family person. When she is not working, Bree can be seen looking after her kids and husband Marcus Green

Bree lives a decent life. She spends a great deal of her time on social media. She is pretty active on Facebook. Often, she is seen sharing a post with her fans. Her posts on Facebook give a sneak peek into her daily life. They are usually either about her daily life events, family, husband, or kids.

Read more about Bree Purganan in the next section.

Bree Purganan Wiki

Full Name – Bree Purganan

Nick NickName – Bree

Famous For – Jalen Green Mother

Date of Birth – Between 1886-1991

Place of Birth – Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Age – Between 35 to 40 years

Religion – Christian

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Mixed Asian

Zodiac Sign – Virgo

Profession – Nurse

Net Worth – $1-2 Million

Marital Status – Married

Partner/Husband – Marcus Green

Children – 1 Son (Jalen Green NBA) and 2 Daughters (Raquel Green and Jurnee Tyra)

Height – 5 feet and 5 inches

Weight – 60 kg

Hair Color – Black

Eye Color – Dark Brown

Education – Graduate from a private university in the Philippines

Social Media Presence – Facebook

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Biography: Jalen Green Mom Bree Purganan

Biography: Jalen Green Mom Bree Purganan

As you read above, Jalen Green’s mom Bree Purganan’s exact date of birth is not known. She is believed to have been born sometime between 1986 to 1991. According to one of her social media posts, Bree is a Virgo. So, you can expect that she was born in either August or September.

Bree was born into a well-to-do Filipino family. Her parents welcomed their newborn child Bree in Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. Other than her, Purganan’s parents had three more children. Read about Bree Purganan’s family background in the later section. Jalen Green’s mother is an American citizen. Her sun sign is Virgo and she has faith in Christianity.

As of 2022, her age is estimated to be in her late thirties. Her current residence is in California, the United States of America. She shares her home with two kids (a son and two daughters) and her second husband. Bree’s son needs no introduction. He is a leading basketball player of his age. The names of Bree’s daughters are Raquel Purganan and Jurnee Tyra.

Bree Purganan’s husband is Marcus Green. Move on to the Bree Purganan Husband and Relationships section to read about her husband and love life.

Bree Purganan Nationality and Ethnicity

Bree Purganan is of Filipino origin. As a result, many expect her to be a Philippine citizen. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Bree Purganan is an American. It is because of her marriage to her second husband, Marcus Green. Marrying Green and residing in the States for over a decade and a half came with Bree changing her citizenship to that of an American.

Coming to Bree Purganan’s ethnic origin, we found that she is of mixed heritage. Her father is Filipino while her mother is a mixed Asian.

Early Life

Mrs. Marcus Green was born and brought up in Ilocos Sur in the Philippines. She spent the majority of her initial years in her hometown. Being a medical aspirant led her to move states and shift to the United States of America. Nothing much is known about her family background. Bree has refrained from revealing the names of her parents or siblings to the media.

But she frequently shares pictures of her family members. Bree Purganan loves spending her time in the company of her family and friends. According to her Facebook posts, one of her brothers is called Josh Bass.

Bree Purganan Educational Background

Jalen Green’s mother Bree Purganan is a professional nurse. She was a medical aspirant. However, the accurate details about her educational qualification are not known. We believe that Bree did her schooling at a private school in her hometown. She might have moved to some private or State University to pursue her graduation. The netizens speculate that Bree Purganan did her graduation in the USA.

Profession and Net Worth

Marcus Green’s wife Bree Purganan Green appears to earn a decent income via her profession as a nurse and an entrepreneur. She is a Filipino-based American nurse. About her entrepreneurial venture, the details are not available. Her net worth is approximately $1-2Million. The annual income of a licensed nurse in the United States of America is about 100K.

Bree Purganan could be earning the same amount.

Bree Purganan Husband and Relationships

Bree Purganan Husband and Relationships

Not much is known about Bree Purganan’s dating life until she tied the knot with her husband Marcus Green. Rumors are that Bree dated an unknown guy before seeing Green. Bree shared her oldest child Jalen Green with her former boyfriend. The name of Jalen’s biological father is not known.

After parting ways with Jalen’s biological father, Bree Purganan started dating her current and second husband, Marcus Green. The couple married and started a family together. Marcus is the teammate of the legendary NBA player DeShawn Stevenson. With her husband Marcus, Bree has two daughters. The couple resides in CA, United States with their daughters and Jalen.

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Entrepreneur Bree Purganan is the mother of three beautiful children. She has a 20-years old son and two teen daughters. She parented her son Jalen Green with her Ex (whose name is not known). After marrying Marcus Green, Bree and Green parented two daughters named Raquel Purganan and Jurnee Tyra.

While Bree’s daughters are still in their school and have yet not decided which career they would want to choose, her son Jalen is a world-class basketball player. He plays for the Houston Rockets. More about Jalen Green is discussed in the upcoming section.

Who is Jalen Green?

Jalen Green is a 20-years old Filipino-American basketball player. He plays in the NBA G League. In 2021, Jalen was selected for the G league Ignite Guard at No. 2 overall by the Houston Rockets. At a very young age, Jalen aspired to be an NBA player. He was in grade 3 when he started playing basketball. In Grade 6, Jalen would practice for 5-hours a day. He played for Amateur Athletic Union when he was in Grade 6.

Jalen would play basketball at his school too. He visited two schools to complete his schooling. He visited the Washington Union High School until Grade 3. Thereafter he went to San Joaquin Memorial High School. In the game, Jalen Green plays the position of shooting guard. According to the reports, Jalen Green was named the MVP of the 2018 FIBA under 17 World Cup.

At the super young age of 20, Green has accomplished everything that one can only dream about. In 2020, with 247 points, Green was named the number one shooting guard by ESPN and Rivals. Jalen is the first player to take part in the G League’s professional pathway for a year-long development program. 

How Tall is Jalen Green?

With an extremely tall stature, Jalen often enjoys people raising their heads to see him. No wonder why Jalen’s fans are always curious about Jalen Green Height. Like any other NBA player, Bree Purganan’s son Jalen Green is quite tall. He is 6 feet and 6 inches tall. It means his height is almost 2 meters. In centimeters, Jalen’s height is 198cm.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jalen Green Mom Bree Purganan

Who is Bree Purganan?

Bree Purganan is the mother of famous NBA player Jalen Green. The 20-years old Jalen caught the eyes of millions with his exceptional skills on the basketball court. He plays for the Houston Rockets. Jalen Green’s mother Purganan is a professional nurse, a homemaker, and an entrepreneur.

Who is Jalen Green Mom?

The nurse and entrepreneur Bree Purganan is the mother of Jalen Green Mom. Purganan rose to fame as a celebrity mother. Her son Jalen Green is an NBA player.

Who is Bree Purganan Husband?

Bree Purganan is the mother of NBA player Jalen Green. Her husband is Marcus Green. Marcus Green is her second husband. He is the teammate of NBA player DeShawn Stevenson.

Who are Jalen Green Parents?

Jalen Green was born to Bree Purganan and her former flame on February 9, 2002. Later, she married her second husband Marcus Green. Marcus and Bree are the legal parents of NBA player Jalen Green.

Is Bree Purganan Filipino?

Bree Purganan was born in Ilocos Sur, Philippines. She spent her childhood and the initial years of her youth living in Ilocos Sur. It wasn’t until she chose a profession and married her first husband that she moved to the United States of America. Although she is an American citizen, she is a famous Filipino nurse. She comes from a mixed ethnic origin. She had ancestors from the Philippines and Asia.

What is Jalen Green Height?

Not just their skills but the NBA players are also famous for their super tall stature. Houston Rockets’ Jalen Green is yet another living example of a Tall-Dark-and-Handsome man. At the age of 20, he stands 6 feet and 6 inches tall. His height in centimeters is 198 centimeters.

How Tall is Jalen Green?

The NBA player Jalen Green is a tall guy indeed. It might come as a surprise but Bree Purganan’s son Green is almost 2 meters tall. Jalen Green height is 6 feet and 6 inches tall.

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