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IPL 2023 New Rules- 5 Big Changes Will Increase The Excitement Of The T20 League

IPL 2023 New Rules- 5 Big Changes Will Increase The Excitement Of The T20 League

IPL started on March 31 and this time you will see some changes. Experts believe that these changes are going to double the thrill of IPL. Let us know what those 5 new changes are.

  • Return of home and away format

The Home and Away format is returning to the IPL after two years. This rule was lifted because of Corona. Now all the teams will play 7 league matches at their home ground while the remaining matches will be played at other grounds. It is like a bonus for the local audience.

  • The entire IPL will be held in India

Due to Corona, half the matches of last season were played in India and half in UAE but from this season all the matches will be played only in India. It is going to be a great experience for the Indian audience.

  • Impact player rules

According to the new rule, teams will have to name 5 substitute players after the toss. Any 1 player in these can be changed in any innings of the match. The only condition will be that only 11 players will do the batting and the player who goes out because of the impact player will not come back.

  • New toss rules

This will be the first time that the captain can choose his playing XI after the toss. This means two lists of 11-11 players will be shared at the time of the toss. According to the toss, the captains will have the right to choose which list they are going to field with the playing XI.

  • DRS new rules

Till now DRS was used only for getting out, but from this season of IPL, now players can demand DRS for no ball and wide ball as well. However, the number of people taking DRS has not increased.

All of these above factors will boost the IPL session to the next level.

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