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Suniel Shetty slams KL Rahul for poor performance – ‘His bat must do the talk’ – Rahul being trolled for performance

Suniel Shetty slams KL Rahul for poor performance

Indian cricketer KL Rahul has been facing a rough patch in his form lately, and he has been receiving support from various quarters. One such person who has come out in support of him is Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty. Shetty, who is known for his love for sports, has himself faced trolling and criticism in his career and has offered confrontations of encouragement to Rahul.

In a recent interview, Shetty expressed his support for Rahul and said that he has been “trolled all his life” as well. He added that he knows what it feels like to be in the public eye and receive criticism, and that it takes a lot of mental strength to stay focused and keep going.

Shetty also spoke about the importance of mental health in sports and said that athletes must maintain a positive mindset, especially during tough times. He said that he has seen many talented players lose their way due to mental health issues and urged Rahul to stay strong and keep working hard.

Rahul, who is known for his stylish batting and wicket-keeping skills, has been struggling with his form in recent times. He had a poor outing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, where he scored just 331 runs in 7 matches for Punjab Kings. He was also dropped from the Indian team for the final Test against England earlier this year.

However, Rahul has received support from his fellow players and fans, who believe that he has the talent to bounce back. Many have also pointed out that he has been playing in unfamiliar positions in the batting order, which may have affected his form.

Despite the criticism, Rahul has remained positive and focused on improving his game. He recently posted a message on social media, thanking his fans for their support and promising to work harder.

The support from Suniel Shetty is likely to boost Rahul’s morale as he prepares for the upcoming cricket season. Shetty, who is a fitness enthusiast himself, has been vocal about the importance of sports and fitness in his personal life and has often spoken about his love for cricket.

The actor has also been involved in various initiatives to promote sports and fitness in India, including the launch of his fitness brand and the promotion of the Indian Super League (ISL) football tournament.


In conclusion, the support from Suniel Shetty is a welcome gesture for KL Rahul, who has been struggling with his form in recent times. Shetty’s confrontations of encouragement and his own experiences of facing criticism and trolling are likely to resonate with Rahul and help him stay focused on his game. As Rahul prepares for the upcoming cricket season.

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