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10 Special Figures Related To Bowling in IPL 2023

Rajasthan Royals fast bowler Trent Boult throws the most maidens in this IPL. RCB’s fast bowler Mohammad Siraj has also bowled the most dot balls this season.

In IPL 2023, half of the league-stage matches have been played. All teams have played 7-7 matches out of their 14-14 matches. After this halfway stage, Rashid Khan has the most wickets. This Afghan spinner for Gujarat Titans has 14 wickets in 7 matches. A purple cap decorates his head. Apart from this special figure, which bowlers have occupied the top spot in other big bowling figures this season, read below-

Most maidens: Rajasthan Royals fast bowler Trent Boult is on top with 3 maiden overs.

Most dot balls: In 28 overs this season, Mohammad Siraj has bowled 89 dot balls. In other words, he has taken out more than half of the dots.

Most dot balls in a match: Against Lucknow Super Giants, Trent Boult bowled 18 out of 24 dot balls.

Best Bowling Average: In four overs this season, KKR captain Nitish Rana has taken two wickets for 17 runs. His bowling average is 8.50.

Best Economy Rate: Nitish Rana is ahead here as well. He bowled at a 4.25 economy rate.

Best economy rate in a match: Bhuvneshwar Kumar spent 11 runs in four overs against Delhi Capitals at an economy rate of 2.75. In this match, he also took two wickets.

Best bowling in a match: Mark Wood took 5 wickets for 14 runs in four overs against Delhi Capitals for Lucknow Super Giants.

Best Bowling Strike Rate: Moeen Ali took 7 wickets in 60 balls for CSK. As a result, he took a wicket every eighth or ninth ball. The strike rate of his bowling is 8.57.

Best bowling strike rate in a match: KKR fast bowler Andre Russell bowled 13 balls in the match against Sunrisers and took three wickets. His bowling strike rate was 4.33.

Hat-trick: So far this season there has been only one hat-trick and it is registered in the name of Gujarat Titans spinner Rashid Khan. He took three wickets in three balls against KKR.

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