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Four Poster Beds Are Back In Style: Tips On How To Style Them

Poster Beds

Four-poster beds were once reserved for the affluent and elite — they were a sign of opulence and a marker of nobility. For years, four posters disappeared from the home décor scene, with many designers and homeowners considering them old-fashioned and tacky.

All that’s changed in the past few years: four posters are back! And without a doubt, they’re here to stay. That’s because new styles are less grandiose and ornate and are made with contemporary living in mind, but still embrace the luxurious vibe they’re renowned for.

If you’ve been considering getting a four-poster bed — or perhaps you’ve just had one delivered and you’ve yet to style it — read on to discover some design options.

Choosing Your Four Poster

Still choosing? Knowing which bed to choose will really depend on your aesthetic preference and the size of your room (as with most furniture and interior design decisions, of course).

Whether you like the romanticism of a carved four poster in a dark wood, or a pine four poster with minimal lines — the choice is yours. Some stores can customize your bed to suit your interior design style. For example, take the handcrafted furniture from Woodcraft — here, you can pick both the wood (like maple, oak, or walnut) and stain colour, guaranteeing your bed fits your unique vibe.

Use Textiles To Create Depth

Once your bed has arrived, embrace fabric. Whether it’s sheer linens or heavy, vintage-inspired velvets, fabric adds an element of depth and coziness to a room. You could add textiles across the top of the bed, creating a canopy to add a layer of intimacy. You could even add textiles to the sides of the bed, which can be drawn to create a toasty bed on chilly days. Ultimately, layering fabrics sets a romantic and cozy tone.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t go too overboard with layer-upon-layer of textiles around the sides of the bed, at its back and on its top. This can make the room look busy, and consequently smaller. Instead, try one of these tips based on the size of your space.

  • A design tip for small rooms: drape fabric across the top of the bed to create a canopy. This will soften the structure without overwhelming the space.
  • For medium-sized rooms, try a sheer fabric canopy with light curtains on the two posts on the opposing side of the headboard.
  • If you have a larger room, why not go all out? Create a cozy and sumptuous haven inside of your bedroom by adding a canopy and curtains that can be drawn all around your bed, giving you optimal privacy and an intensely dark space that’s sure to conjure a great night’s sleep.

Pick The Right Fabric Color

Choose a dual-toned fabric: one that’s dark and moody on the inside and light and airy on the outside. By taking this approach, you’ll get the best of both worlds: an exterior that looks breezy and doesn’t dominate the room, and a feeling of comfort and opulence when you’re lying in the bed.

The Bottom Line on Four-Poster Beds

Unlike your average bed, four posters immediately create an air of luxury and romance. They also let you heighten your interior design choices, creating a bedroom that has an extra layer of depth and style.

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