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5 Tips to Fill Your Spare Bedroom

Spare Bedroom

Whether you’ve just moved or you’re simply updating your décor and home interior, there are plenty of ways to make your space an inviting one. From new bedding to unique wall décor, we’ve compiled a few ways you can fill your spare bedroom in a stylish and modern way: 

Create a comfortable haven

You want to create a space that is comfortable and welcoming. Your guests need a space that makes it easy to relax, especially if they stay with you during a busy visit or while in transition. From investing in soft bedding to buying a memory foam mattress, there are many things you can use to create a comfortable haven for your audience. 

Pillows can be a huge deal for people and their sleep, so if you invest in just one thing, make it the pillows—they can make a difference in the quality of sleep your guest will get. 

Use décor you may no longer use in your bedroom

You may have used décor in your space for a while now. It’s normal that we get bored of old belongings, so you may be ready to upgrade in your bedroom. Why not use some of the wall art and décor you used to love in the spare bedroom? 

Or, why not add some interesting butterfly wall paintings? This will help you refresh your home decor and makes you feel better. The colors of butterflies in the artwork can uplift your mood too.

Your guests aren’t used to it like you are, and you can avoid having to invest in brand new items for your home. Another cute way to decorate your spare bedroom is to shop at local pop-up markets where you can invest in items from local artists. 

Add style with wallpaper

Instead of painting the bedroom, consider the use of wallpaper. Wallpaper can add class to your space and create an ambiance you couldn’t achieve with just paint. With some trendy options available online, it’s easy to pick out the patterns and designs you love most and order them for your home. 

Quality wallpaper can be pricey, so instead of investing in wallpaper for all the walls, pick one for an accent wall, whether that’s behind the bed or in another spot in the room. Wallpaper done right can actually be a work of art

Create a reading corner

A nice, welcoming spot for your guests to relax and unwind with a good book isn’t essential, but it can certainly be an excellent option for your spare bedroom if your home has space. 

Whether you use a beanbag or create a comfortable nook on the floor with meditation pillows, there are so many options for a reading corner that your guests are bound to love. A book subscription can make it easy for you to fill up the space with books. 

Create a space with essentials for guests

If you’re hoping to have family and friends stay with you every once in a while, it may be good to use some cabinet space for essentials they may need during their stay. 

While many people may travel with their basic necessities, providing your guest with towels, lotion, dental floss, etc. can make things a lot easier. Even if they don’t use these items, it’s a nice gesture that will definitely make your guests feel at home.

In Conclusion

Make your spare bedroom a space you’d want to spend time in. Create an environment that is relaxing and inviting with the essentials you know your guests will need. However, don’t be overwhelmed—you don’t have to spend a lot on your spare bedroom. 

Whether you use used items in your home or take your time shopping from local vendors, setting up a spare bedroom can be a fun experience that results in a beautiful space. 

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