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11 Ways to Add Color and Life into Your Home Decor

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Home decor can be tricky to figure out, especially when you’re trying to balance your style with what’s practical. That is why we’ve compiled this list of ways to add color and life to your home while still maintaining a clean and organized space. The options below are budget-friendly, stylish, and easy on the eyes! We’re going to discuss how to add color and life to your home decor with some simple tricks. Bringing color into your surroundings is a great way to add life and energy. Who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox or walking through the door and seeing bright colors? Adding color and life to your home decor can be as easy as adding splashes of colors and plants. We all know that a little bit of green is good for the soul, but did you know that it’s also good for your space? The right plant or flower can make a room feel fresh and bright while giving off some much-needed oxygen. In this blog post, we’ll talk about 11 ways to add color and life to your home decor!

Hang Outdoor Artwork on Your Walls

Wanting more outdoor living? Bring some natural elements inside with artwork. Art is colorful and lively. Add a new piece of modern canvas wall art to your home or frame an old one. Be it painting or artistic area rugs, hang them on the walls or cover the floors. They bring life to any space, and they’re perfect for those who want to bring some of their exteriors into the interior. Create an accent wall with art and paintings, or make a centerpiece with just one piece. This is great for those who want to brighten up their interior space without the need to be outside!

Choose Your Accent Colors Wisely 

Colorful accents are what bring life into any home. Choose your colors wisely by considering the size and shape of an area as well as the mood you’re trying to create. For instance, if you have a small space, larger pieces of art might be more appropriate than small paintings that will make the room feel crowded.

If You Want To Bring Nature Indoors 

There are many ways to bring nature indoors, and this includes plants! Add some green in your living space with house plants, a simple succulent, or some moss. Besides, plants are not the only source of nature. Bring in natural materials like wood, water, and rocks. Decorate your home with natural objects like seashells, stones, feathers, and other found treasures.

Colorful Accents 

Consider adding colorful accents to your home decor by painting a wall or an accent piece of furniture in bold colors. You can also add bright and bold pops of color with pillows, colorful rugs, flowers, or even art pieces! The best way to add color is by incorporating accents throughout your space or room, as well as a pop of color on the walls with artwork or even paint. With these tips, you can easily update any room in your home for spring!

Decorating With Color in Mind 

When choosing the color of the room, it is best to have a color in mind. You can ask yourself what colors you want your home to reflect and then look for items accordingly! For example, if you are looking for a fresh spring look and feel with colorful accents that add life to your space or room, choose soft pastels like light blue, peach pink, and green. Use the colors everywhere in the room, from the walls to the furniture. Add a pop of color with artwork, accessories, or even paint on an accent wall!

Add Some Texture 

A pop of color is nice and all, but adding texture to an area will make it feel like you have more space. Textures could bring new life into your home decor and provide a sense of coziness that may not be present if the room was entirely flat. You can add texture to a room in many ways. How you add texture depends on your style and what type of environment you want for space. Patterned Fabric, rugs, natural plants, or flowers- there are endless options that will help make your home more colorful and lively! This is the one-way color that can change up an area.

Adding Fabric to furniture 

If you’re looking for some new accent furniture pieces but can’t find anything that fits your design style or budget, consider adding Fabric to a piece instead! Customizable fabrics make it easy to change up the look of any piece in an instant without having to spend a lot of time or money. It also gives an entirely new look to your room, plus renewing the old furniture look.

Use Paint

Lots of it in different colors. It can be just one bold color, or you could use a variety as we did for the living room walls pictured below. Accent walls are great because they create a focal point and draw attention to an area that needs more light, such as up high on a wall with no windows nearby. Paint a different color on the walls than the trim. This creates an optical illusion that makes it look like you have more space in your room and gives off a playful vibe.

Add Plants and Flowers 

Plants are just the right size, don’t need much upkeep, they’re colorful, and best of all-they add oxygen! They not only look aesthetic, but they also create an inviting atmosphere for your home, making you feel more comfortable there. Different plants have different benefits, too – some can filter out harmful chemicals in the air while others help absorb noise or toxins! You don’t need many plants or flowers to make an impact! One plant can be enough if it’s colorful and eye-catching. Choose succulents for your home office, so you feel tranquil, or place a potted plant next to your front door for inviting guests in.

Bring Nature Indoors 

Adding color can liven up a room, but it doesn’t have to stop at plants! Bring nature indoors by using throw blankets with patterns of leaves or flowers on them for texture. Or add botanical pattern wallpapers and bring the outdoors in!

Reduce Clutter 

Clutter is a visual distraction, and if you are looking for a way to add color to your home without spending a ton of money, reducing clutter may be the answer! Go through every room in your house with an eye for what can go or needs re-organizing. You’ll find that after you’ve decluttered, you’ll be able to enjoy the colors and textures that are already in your home. Having a home decor box subscription decor can give your home a more organized look.

On a Final Note

With these 11 ways to add color and life to your home decor, you will be able to transform any space with just a few simple touches. What are some easy home decor ideas that you can use natural materials in your own home? We hope this post has helped! If you’re looking for new natural material rugs, we recommend RugKnots for natural material colorful rugs for your home and offices.

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