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Techniques to Make Homework Go Exceptionally Easily

Make Homework Go Exceptionally Easily

Homework overload, homework burden, is something that every student deals with from time to time whether they like it or not. It is honestly very draining at times and can make your mind fuzz instead of making you learn stuff.

Homework is meant for you to learn and revise the things taught during classes, right? Thus, we need to remove the stressful element out of it in order to actually learn while doing homework. There are a few techniques that you can use to make homework go exceptionally easily.

1. List down and Prioritize

As you are assigned homework for each class, note everything down in a notebook or a diary and at the end of the day prioritize and rearrange the list based on the deadlines, amount of time required, the hardest to the easiest, that things can help with homework.

2. Finish small tasks in the school itself

When you’re assigned the homework, if you think that a particular assignment or task, or a part of an assignment can be completed in a few minutes, do that. During some of your free time in school, if you have any, or while coming back from school, if it’s comfortable, finish such small tasks.

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The small tasks seem no big deal and that is exactly why – they might add up if neglected till the end, but they can be completed easily and will take off quite some load from your homework if you get them done beforehand whenever you can steal some time.

3. Keep a Planner

Having a planner is crucial to making your homework process easier because obviously if you try to remember everything from the back of your head, it gets frustrating. Every evening after returning from school, take your homework list out and start determining the amount of time required for each task if you haven’t already.

Make sure you allow a reasonable and realistic amount of time because usually, it will take longer than what you assume.

After you’re done with that, create a homework schedule that best suits your overall daily schedule and write it down in the planner. There are a few methods you can use to make your schedule even easier.

●  Break each assignment down into smaller tasks

Take all your large assignments and break them down into smaller tasks. For example, if you’re supposed to write an essay, break it down into three tasks – research and taking, outline and writing, proofreading, and editing. This way, you can schedule each task at a different time and slip in other tasks in between them.

This ensures that it doesn’t get monotonous and boring for you, plus smaller tasks mean a strategic breakdown of the whole work – ease in doing work. Moreover, you can finish smaller tasks in one sitting as compared to a large assignment, and doing so establishes a sense of completion as compared to doing a large assignment as a whole and stopping midway, which can easily get exhausting and you might lose motivation.

●  Create a checklist

In your planner, after breaking down the assignments into smaller tasks, create a checklist containing all the assignments and their tasks. Check off each task as you complete them one by one. It gives you a sense of progression and also maintains a record of what is completed and what is left to be done.

●  Experiment with a flexible schedule

A flexible schedule is a kind of schedule that doesn’t have fixed timings for doing tasks but rather the tasks are allocated a certain amount of time and listed priority-wise. You can then take one task whenever you want to do it and finish it in one sitting.

A flexible schedule works great if you have a different overall schedule every day or you are a working student and your schedule keeps changing.

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Getting a flexible schedule right is a bit tricky. You might end up procrastinating and not even picking up a task to work on because there is no exact time assigned to them.

However, if you can be stricter in completing the tasks without procrastinating, this schedule is a lot easier on you as compared to a fixed one.

4. Keep yourself relaxed

Breaks are an important part of any kind of working process. You need breaks to relax and re-energize your mind. Working for too long does more harm and good to your mind and body as well as the work itself. Therefore taking frequent breaks is essential.

Instead of taking long breaks after working for hours, try taking short breaks every hour. A short five to ten-minute break to drink water, stretch your body, take a short walk, grab a snack, or just sit and relax. Doing so will help you stay active and regenerate your energy every hour.

Along with that, a good night’s sleep is also very crucial in making homework easier for you. Rest yourself well enough every night so that you can stay active and lively while doing your homework or any other stuff in that matter. A well-rested mind works faster and helps you get your homework done easily.

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