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How To Save Kids From Cyberbullying With OgyMogy



Android spy app for kids & parents

Power game has been in the man’s life since the beginning. More power means more control over the weaker one. This power game has been changing its form with time but has never been eradicated from our society. The most recent form that has been quite an issue in the recent past is the power of the internet. People behind their screen think that they have all the power they can hide behind the virtual image and thus use abusive language, stalk, harass, bully and even commit hideous crimes like hacking, etc.

It is a wild world for teenagers and kids who have the access to everything present on the internet With all the technological advancement and its excessive involvement in our lives, parents need to take extra precautionary measures to take special care of their kids especially teenagers. As too much information can sometimes get hard to process the same is the case with teenage mind and internet content. So to keep an eye on the virtual activities of the teenagers, having a monitoring app is the need of an hour. A monitoring app can keep an eye on your kid activities all day long and even the night. And the major benefit of using a spy app is that you can secretly get it installed on the device.

Among many spy apps try our recommendation The OgyMogyspy app.

Keep An Eye On Their Screens:

Too many screens are involved in our daily life in the form of smartphones, television, laptops, etc. So OgyMogy offers a screen recording feature that allows the user to watch the screen of the target person in real-time. So you keep an eye on their screen and know about their activities. This feature captures the screenshots and records short videos of the screen activities as well. So keep a check if they got any spam call or text message or some stranger is trying to approach them for reasons unknown.

Keep An Eye On The Instagram Feed:

This generation is obsessed with social media with the mindset that every online friend or follower is sincere to them. This is shocking and beyond imagination but sadly the truth. They don’t know that among them there can be some jealous or obsessed follower or fan at can hurt them badly. So it is necessary to make sure that teenagers do not share excessive personal information on these kinds of platforms. As people can use that information to attack them in many possible ways. OgyMogy offers different spy apps that target these social media and monitor every activity of the target person. Spy apps like Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Viber, Line, and many more. Users have complete access to the activity log, comment section, chatbox details, and even voice logbook as well. So keep an eye on their social media and make sure they are not being the victim of any kind of cyberbullying or harassment by anyone. You can timely report and block with the help of The OgyMogy spy apps.

Monitoring Online Messenger apps:

There is a different kind of online messenger apps available that are used for formal and informal chatting and communication. OgyMogy offers a feature that allows the user to keep a strict check on these messenger communication. For example, the WhatsApp spy offered by OgyMogy allows the user to keep an eye on the text messages voice message, and even on audio and video call details. So read the group chats and keep an eye on what kind of media is being shared through these apps. You can block if find any abuse or foul language or malicious content.

OgyMogy allows the user to select from different packages that offer various features. The whole process is very simple, you need to select the package, install The OgyMogy kids monitoring app in the device by following easy steps and that’s all. It has a very friendly interface thus easy to use. Moreover, you can try the Mac or Windows version for laptop or tablet monitoring and the android spy app version for smartphone monitoring. Thus The OgyMogy spy app has got your back and can be a very good partner in assuring the safety and well-being of your child.

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Why You Need Custom-BuiltReal Estate Auction Software for Your Business



real estate technology

Real estate auctions have become an effective way for buyers to get a good deal on their future investment. It is not only common among deep-pocketed business people but also ordinary people who participate in auctions to search a unique home at a bargain price.

However, running an auction real estate business is easy. If you are in the industry for a long time, you must be familiar with the challenges you face while keeping your business up and running. To ease the process, hire a real estate software development company that helps you in building custom real estate auction software.

Real estate is a competitive market. To beat the best, you need to keep evolving your market strategies. Building online auction software enables you to accurately and precisely meet the needs of your bidders, sellers, and brokers. Undoubtedly, the custom auction software will take time to build but once done, it can help you serve much longer and better than any other boxed software.

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Top ReasonsWhy You Should Invest In Real Estate Online Auction Software

  1. Competitive Industry

We are living in a competitive era where it is mandated to deliver top-notch experiences and convenience to win the hearts of the customers, irrespective of the industry type. Real estate software solutions help you bring buyers and sellers in one transparent marketplace for successful real estate auctions. A tailor-made platform enables users to browse hundreds of properties, bid on the desired auction, and close the deal – everything with a few clicks.

  • Looking at Future Expansion

Developing custom software is conducive to business growth. It allows you to carry out auctions with more scalability and uniformity. Leveraging its features like push notifications, easy bidding setup, inventory management, and many more helps you in keeping a keen eye on the transactions and making you more productive while buying or selling properties.

  • Bridges The Gap Between Sellers, Brokers, And Investors

Online auction softwareserves as an attractive medium for investors and sellers where they can communicate efficiently and close the deals faster. It helps buyers to view in-depth details of the properties in which they are interested and can place the bid using the same platform. Sellers/ brokers can set up and manage their auctions like never before.

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Which Features Make Your Real Estate Auction Platform More Effective?

While investing in a custom real estate suction platform, it is crucial to choose the best and relevant features to achieve success in the future. Besides smooth interactions, the platform must offer smooth bidding experiences to engage and retain investors.

  1. Registrations

Auctions demand enormous transactions. Creating user accounts and simple registrations are necessary for identifying users and enabling smooth cooperation on your platform.  Experienced software developers ensure they take all the necessary details like name, address, zip code, phone number, company name, real estate license number, credit/debit card information, etc. during the signup process.

  • Listing Properties

The listing feature is given to sellers or brokers that provide them the authority to add/ remove a property to the platform. While doing so, they can edit the property’s information, upload pictures of the property, and select duration for receiving bids. Using the platform, property owners can reoffer the property and set for other auction events seamlessly.

  • Live Auctions

One of the most interesting features that you can add to your platform is live auctions. It allows the users to watch and bid on properties in real-time, embracing transparency throughout the auction process. It increases the competition on an auction day, thus, increases certainty to close deals faster. Also, it is the best way to connect with the onsite and online audience at the same time, enabling you to get the best possible results for your property.

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Search Functionality

Filters: Advanced search filters are the key to deliver what customers exactly want. Implementing these features on the platform allows you to display filtered properties by location, price range, asset type, etc.

Sorting: It enables a user to sort properties based on auction time remaining, price, auction dates, property size, latest properties, and much more. It offers the utmost convenience to the users while using the platform that increases customer engagement rates.

Saved Searches:Add to favorites is the most common yet important functionality that enables users to save their favorite properties so that they can check out the complete details anytime and anywhere he wants.


Considering the features and functionalities, developing a bidding platform requires a lot of hard work, strategic thinking, and professional knowledge. Keep in mind that outsourced mobile app developers can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving success by providing top-notch online auction real estate software.

Whether you want an auction website/ mobile app as a standalone solution or want to add auction functionality in your existing real estate platform, top software development companies have got you covered.  All you need to do is to find the leading mobile app development company California that understands your business requirements and has the capabilities to generate great ROI of your business.

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How to Make Whatsapp Video Calls Using Laptops & Computers



Whatsapp Video call

Whatsapp! A name that needs no introduction, does it?

Even a child in his early years knows very well about it. With its user-friendly interface and easy to use features, Whatsapp has become people’s app. This one instant messaging app out many others is a perfect thing to cater to your numerous needs. Be it texting your pal, sharing a snap, or some appraisal-oriented document, it’s just a matter of some clicks. Sharing live locations has become easier than ever before.  Be it an android or a smartphone, you’d find WhatsApp pre-installed when you make mobile purchases.

You must have used Whatsapp mobile application on your phone countless times. But did you ever try using Whatsapp on your laptop and PC? When you did, did you notice any difference in the web version from the mobile version?

Yes, you noticed it right!

Whatsapp web version does not allow you to make calls online. It applies to both voice and video calls. Now the question is can you make video and voice calls using Whatsapp on your lappies and PC.

Although the application doesn’t allow you to do so, here is an easy hack that could help you out. Check this price from the Lemony blog, an instant solution to your problem.

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Mobile Whatsapp v/s Whatsapp web

Today, Whatsapp is the most prominent instant messaging application. You must have asked yourself this question ample of time. How can I make Whatsapp video and voice calls using a laptop and computer?  Before we discuss the ways to solve our problem, let’s take time to differentiate between mobile and web versions of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Call using Laptop

The very basic difference between the two versions is the former runs on the phone while the latter can help you run Whatsapp on your PC. While mobile Whatsapp provides us with a long list of features, Whatsapp web has its own limited features. While there only one to access the app on mobile, by installing the application, you can access the same on your lappy in two ways. There is a browser-based, Whatsapp web available then there is also Whatsapp desktop available. You need to install the latter on your device to use.

How Do They Differ From Each Other?

When Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014 for over US$ 19 Billion, it worked upon updating its features. That was when it provided the users with the feature to make calls online. The users could easily make voice calls and video calls in face time. Over the years, the quality updated and also updated the algorithm of the application.

Today the major fractions of online calls are connected through Whatsapp. Not just features to share texts, multimedia, voice share, there are advancements to share other files too. One can share live locations, documents, contacts, audios, and other attachments too. You can forward any sort of message too. Then you can create groups, manage broadcasting messages to besides many other features.

Although you can use these features readily on both the mediums, mobile phones, and laptops/computers, there is this little drawback in the latter. You cannot make calls from Whatsapp using the other devices.

Yes! You read it very right. You can’t make face time video and voice calls through Whatsapp in Laptop/PC.

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 But Chill! you don’t need to worry. We have a perfect hack to cater to your need. You just need to scroll down and read until the end and follow the steps. And it’s done.

Ways to Make Whatsapp Voice & Video Calls Through Laptops & Computers

Are you disappointed for you cannot make calls using your system?

There’s nothing to worry about. With just a few clicks you can make calls on your lappies too.

By any chance, did you ever heard about emulators?


There are software and external hardware called emulators available online. You can use them and connect to your pals online using Whatsapp from your laptops. You just need to visit your online play store or app store and download any good emulator. Following the instructions popped up on your screen, you can install them.

We have provided below a guide to help you out in a more easy way.

Emulators: An easy solution to your problem

Emulators are actually that third-party high-tech that can make your laptop work as android mobile phones. There are a few hardware ones available too. All you need to do is install the emulator on your computer. Well. Now that sounds interesting! With the software installed, your PC works like an android/smartphone. These free emulators available online can do good for your work.


Visit an app store and download the best emulator you find. In the next segment of the piece, we have shortlisted a few commonly used emulators. Post-downloading, you will have to install it and let is access your encrypted files on your system. Sign up your account on the application. Open the Whatsapp through an emulator and there awaits you a surprise.

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How Do Emulators work?

Facebook-owned Whatsapp does not provide its users with any official way to make video calls using Whatsapp on Computers. However, using emulators you can easily do so. You just need to have the following applications available on your system.

  • A trusted and user-friendly emulator
  • Whatsapp application file
  • Active sim-card
  • Internet access

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection, a sim that can make and receive calls, SMS. The next sub-section below has a step-wise guide. In this section we have shortlisted some of the most common free-android emulators available online.

  • Nox Player
  • Bluestack
  • YouWave
  • Nostalgia (NES)
  • GBA
  • NDS
  • PSP
  • GBC

You can download any of these and use them as a medium to make calls on your laptop using Whastapp.

Follow The Step-Wise Guide Below.

This would help you learn how to make voice & video calls on a laptop using Whatsapp.

  • Visit your app store and download any of the trusted and highly rated android emulators available.
  • Once downloaded, you need to install the same on your device.
  • Launch the downloaded file and install it. You can customize your installation process by assigning the browsing location. Then agree to the applications terms and conditions.
  • The installation process may take up some time to extract the files needed to complete the process.
  • When installed, you will have to launch the application on your system and finish the process.
  • The next step would be to sign up on the app using your credentials that it asks for.
  • Now install the Whatsapp messenger on your desktop/laptop.
  • When installed, you can see the same available on your emulator home page too.
  • Launch your messenger by entering the credentials including your phone number.
  • And it’s done. You can now see the voice and video calling options visible on your screen.
  • Give your laptop mic and camera, access to your Whatsapp.

Enjoy calling you pal.

Bottom Line

See how easy it was. Third-party software like a reliable emulator can help you out. For any device that does not provide the same features on mobile and desktop, the emulator is a perfect solution to you.

How well did this piece help you? Comment below and let us know.

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How to Calculate Your Body Temperature Using iPhone Smart Thermometer



Smart Thermometer

Keep a check on your body temperature using the iPhone!

Can we check our body temperature using smart applications from our smartphones?

That’s the question we have to ask yourself. It sounds weird, right?

But that’s how it could work.

With a severe pandemic, Covid-19, out on the streets, it makes sense to worry about your regular temperature. How about a circumstance where you are stuck in some isolated place feeling super sick? You have no access to super-markets or local druggists. To treat yourself with first aid before visiting a medical practitioner, you need to know your temperature. How would you do it?

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Here is a quick guide to help you out. Nobody out there moves out without a smartphone in hand. That’s where the solution is. Presently there are several advanced mobile applications available in the play store. All you need to do is to install one of these highly-rated applications. You can then calculate your body temperature in an instant. Not just calculate, you can actually make a record of your body temperature on a regular basis. This piece from Lemony Blog would help you out take care of your health. Scroll until the end to know how to measure your body temperature through mobile phones.

Calculate Body Temperature Using Mobile Application

Some Applications like ThermoPeanut, Flo, and Thermal will calculate your body temperature.

Here is the ways to check your body temperature.

  • Install any of the body temperature measuring app on your phone. You can measure not just yours but also of your friends and colleagues.
  • Sign in/sign up with your information required.
  • You can then follow down the instructions given by the application
  • And then boom! You have your current temperature popped up on your mobile screen.

Digital devices like Kinsa smart thermometer and TempTraq use wired and wireless technology like headphone jack and Bluetooth, respectively. You can connect these to the iPhone or other smartphone and check your temperature.

Calculate Body temperature

How iPhones Calculate Your Temperature?

Your iPhones and smartphones are equipped with highly advanced temperature sensors. These can be used as your traditional thermometers when accompanied with a good thermometer application. There are portable devices available that you can connect to your iPhone’s headphone jack and use the as a thermometer. When used, these applications can pop your temperature on your screen readily.  All of the iPhone models have temperature sensors in them. These can aid you to measure the heat that your body produces.

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Now you might be wondering, when did smartphone companies start inserting temperature sensors in their products. Well, you don’t need to think too much about it. It’s the same sensor that calculates the battery temperature of the phone that we use here. 

What Other Digital Devices/Gadgets Can Calculate Body Temperature?

You read that a regular device as common as the iPhone can measure your body temperature. You must have the for sure wondered whether any of your other devices/gadgets can do so too.

Well, the answer to your question is yes. There are many other digital devices that can work as a thermometer to calculate your body temperature.

Alike your iPhone and other smartphones, your iPad and tablets can also help your calculate your temperature. The procedure is the same as the one you use with iPhones. We have provided below a shortlist of prominent smart thermometer applications at the end of the write-up. You can check them out and know what suits your needs the best.

What Is Average Body Temperature?

Okay! Now that we are talking about measuring body temperatures, its viable to discuss normal magnitude. Yes, that’s right.  To be able to distinguish between a fever temperature and a normal one, you need to about the range.

The normal temperature has a range of several degrees in it. You must have noticed infants and little kids often having a slightly higher temperature than that of yours. The senior citizens and older people have a minutely lower temperature. Why is this so?

It’s because the normal temperature varies with the age group.

  • The young kids and infants have an average temperature ranging between 36.6oC to 37.2OC (97.9oF to 99oF)
  • This range amongst adults varies from 36.1oC to 37.2OC (97oF to 99oF)
  • Among older adults, the normal body temperature is usually below 36.2oC (98.6oF)

Minimum Fever Temperature

For a minor fever, you can manage yourself at home through common medications. This is when your temperature remains below 102oF. However, there may be a need for you to visit the emergency room when it exceeds this 102oF mark. Taking in paracetamols might help you in moderate fever but not in a high fever.

When visiting a physician in high fever, you may need to present your fever profile from the past few days. You can use your iPhones here and record them from time to time.

Why Digital/Smart Thermometers Are Better Than Traditional Thermometers?

Body Temperature Using iPhone

Traditional mercury thermometers are now a thing from the past. Nowhere would you find those today? Firstly because they aren’t so easily portable and then their glass bodies make then easy to break. Every time you would need a boiler and a tumbler to sanitize them. Once broken, mercury is too risky to handle while the digital thermometers are just great.

You can use them without worrying to break into pieces. They are readily available and easily portable. And the best part is, even your kids can use them.

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Besides digital thermometers, there are smart thermometers available. You can install and use them on your iPhones. And then there is also an option of connecting the external smart thermometers with your mobile phones too.

Prominent Temperature Measuring Apps So Far

You can measure your body temperatures through an app. Then you can also create a profile of your previous temperatures on your phone. Some of the most common mobile applications that can work as thermometers are as follows:

  • iThermonitor
  • Finger Body Temperature
  • ThermoPeanut
  • ThermPal
  • Flo
  • Smart Thermometer
  • Smart temp
  • ICelcius
  • Thermo
  • Fever Tracker

Comment below your valuable feedbacks.

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