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Does the Four-Hour Body Diet Work?

Four-Hour Body Diet Work

There are so many diets out there curated to help people lose weight, stay healthy, and feed their bodies the right thing. One of these diets is the four-hour body diet. Introduced by Tim Ferris in his bestseller book, “The Four Hour Body”, this diet reduces weight loss and healthy eating to its simplest form to help more people with consistency.

What is the 4-Hour Body Diet Plan?

The 4 Hour Body diet, also known as the slow-carb diet, is a diet plan that strictly controls and cuts down the number of carbs a person eats while increasing the amounts of proteins, legumes, and vegetables. 

While this explanation may sound like any couple of diets you might know, the four-hour body diet is designed to make dieting effortless. Tim discovered that most diets don’t work simply because the people following them can’t keep up, hence the three to four-meal rotations and the cheat day. 

The diet encourages users to rotate their meals around a few critical meal choices; that way, you won’t have to struggle with getting the right foods. A cheat day at the end of the week where you can eat anything you want makes the 6-day deprivation easier to face, especially for beginners.

How Does It Work?

There are three classes of food that you can eat – protein, vegetables, and legumes. Each meal has to contain these food classes in different variations except for protein, which has to be at least 20g per meal. Because the four-hour diet contains few carbs, they are calorie-low, so you have to eat more often to get enough calories. Tim advises followers of the diet to eat bigger portions and more meals daily. An ideal number of times would be at least four times a day. And the power of self discipline will propel you toward a better life.

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Does It Have Restrictions?

There are four major restrictions in the four-hour diet.


Remove all white carbs from your meals, such as pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes.


Since most fruits contain fructose which gets broken down to sugar and stored by the body, most fruits are on the restricted list. However, you can eat some fruits that are healthy, like avocados, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Liquid Calories

As much as possible, avoid liquid calories. These come in the form of most carbonated drinks. This diet also restricts milk, fruit juices, and red wine. If you can’t cut these off completely, you should take less than 16 oz daily.


Bad news if you love cheese. You can’t have any while on this diet apart from cottage cheese.

Does the Four-Hour Body Diet Plan Work?

There’s a silver lining to all the dietary restrictions that come with this diet: The four-body diet works if you follow through with it and stay consistent. If you’re looking for a nudge to start the four-hour body diet plan, here it is. Tim Ferris tried it out himself, and he lost about 20 pounds in one month. Several other people have also tried it, and they all lost considerable weight in short periods. You can be the next person!

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