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Wonderful Wellness Guaranteed When Guests Stay At A Luxury Resort In The Maldives

Luxury Resort Maldives

The range of destinations, when couples look at taking a vacation, is endless, with locations around the globe offering something to suit everyone. From a long weekend city break in an exciting vibrant metropolis through to touring a continent and squeezing the most out of every day.

There are those who have a hectic enough lifestyle through their profession, or others who have all the time in the world to spend. When looking to find somewhere, where time feels like it is standing still, away from the hustle and bustle in ultimate relaxation in what visitors have described as their “secret water island” then Fairmont Luxury Resort Maldives is the perfect choice.

  • Located in an Atoll surrounded by the stunning Indian Ocean, the dreamland existence begins from the moment that guests are transported to this piece of paradise by a 55-minute scenic seaplane journey from Malé, one of the larger of the hundreds of islands that make up the Maldives. Views of other smaller lands will immediately enrapture the imagination as to what lies ahead.
  • The resort has one of the country’s largest lagoons that glistens under the sun like the scene from a romantic movie, with staggeringly beautiful white beaches containing swaying palms by the tranquillity of the blue seas and a horizon that appears to go on forever. It’s the perfect place to kick back.
  • The longest infinity pool in the region is the pathway to the country’s first and only coral regeneration project. Called the Coralarium, the underwater art installation sits near The Sustainability Lab, which allows guests to make their bespoke souvenirs from previous washed-up plastic waste. Such features set the resort apart from other choices through its environmentally friendly ethos.
  • The range of accommodation provides opulence and a guarantee that any stay will refill the heart and soul with wonderful vibes. They overflow with indulgent comfort, and each comes with a 24-hour personal villa host service and a private pool, whether an overwater or beach villa or a unique safari-style tented villa.
  • Food and drink are provided in some of the best restaurants any guest could desire, with amazing views that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Unrivalled culinary experiences include some mouthwatering local cuisine which may have been previously spotted by anyone using a dive centre.
  • Guests will depart with a feeling of wellness assisted by the energy and vitality drawn by the natural surroundings and aided by the indoor and outdoor facilities including spa treatment that is out of this world when it comes to the treatments on offer. A secluded pool with natural sounds and light, peaceful meditation and yoga, and afternoon tea enhance the incredible ambience to allow the mind to be revived, ready to relax as the sun sets by a bar on the beach.

Fairmont Luxury Resort Maldives provides the ultimate in luxury and incredible views while helping visitors play their part in assisting the environment.

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