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Sagar Daryani Net Worth – Explore Biography, Business, Personal Life, & Lot More

Sagar Daryani Net Worth

If there is any inspirational story in India which can inspire people then it has to be of Sagar Daryani. He is known to be the co-founder of a momo company named Wow Momo which started as a small business but turned out to be a massive restaurant chain in India. Sagar Daryani is a true example of people reaching the height of success with a simple idea in their minds and turning it into something big. This is the reason that people love their products and are inspired by the story behind this huge business also want to know the complete story of the main person behind it. So, if you are curious to know about Sagar Daryani, his net worth, personal life, career, etc. then keep reading. 

Sagar Daryani Net Worth

Sagar Daryani is a huge success when it comes to the list of entrepreneurs. He has made a business highly successful as compared to other businesses within a short duration. Wow Momos is known to have 480 outlets currently in the country. This is a huge number that contributes to the overall net worth. It is said that the recent valuation of Wow Momos is Rs.125 crore which is 1.8 times more than the original valuation.  

Wow Momos valuation is known to be exciting at Rs.2130 crore and the company raised around Rs.375 crore till now. Also, the 52 percent stake in the company is known to be owned by the founders as well as promoters and employees. All of this means, Wow Momos is earning around Rs.40 crore in revenue each month. Wow! Momos has a great net worth of Rs.860 crore as of now. 

Sagar Daryani Career

Sagar Daryani is a man who belongs to a middle-class family. He was always interested in building brands and used to doodle the alternative logos of various brands. However, all of this seemed to be distant for him because of a lack of capital. But when Sagar and his batch mate Binod Kumar Homagai were in their last year of college at St. Xavier’s College, they decided to not pursue with MBA or CA. 

At that time they figured that along with capital, it is essential to build the best product. So, they started working on various business plans and also took study sessions. Later, the common thread of everything was hunger pangs which would get satisfied only with momos or noodles. So, this is how they came up with the idea of selling momos. Initially, Sagar and Binod started selling the momos from 6 by 6 kiosks in Springdale Spencer in the year 2008. 

Sagar Daryani The Beginning Of Wow Momos

It is said that the beginning is always difficult and the same is in the case of Wow Momos brand of Sagar Daryani. During the starting days, Sagar, as well as Binod, started the business with an investment of Rs.30, 000 which Sagar took from his father. Also, Sagar contacted the supermarket chain Spencer to set up the stall. At that stall, both of them used to wear a t-shirt of Wow Momo and used to approach every customer to try their momo sample. 

Also, Sagar hired a part-time chef at a salary of Rs.3000 who used to work for a small restaurant in Kolkata at that time. He used to cook in the garage of Sagar’s father. On the initial day, the team made a sale of around Rs.2200, and at the end of the month, they made a sale of around Rs.53000. 

At that time, Wow Momos was just about steamed momos but after some time they came up with the idea of introducing 12 different varieties of momos like chicken, corn, cheese, and a lot more. 

No wonder, steam momos were simple. But they also introduced a pan-fried variety of momos which were fried in some sauces for that sweet, sour, and spicy flavour. The flavour of pan-fried momos suited the palette of Indian people and they became the USP of the brand as people loved it. 


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Sagar Daryani Other Stories Involved In Making Wow Momos

It is the taste of the dish which makes it special and worthy of praise. There is one more person who is involved in the initial success of Wow Momos and it is Ramji KC. He was hired by Sagar as a part-time chef with a salary of Rs.3000. The rapid group of Wow Momos led Ramji KC to be a full-time chef with the brand. He now takes a salary of Rs.1.5 lakh each month. 

Also, the success of Wow Momos leads to the success of Spencers. Further, Sagar and his team were offered an area for Wow Momos stall in the nicest mall of Kolkata along with Spencer. It was the South City mall stall which was opened right after four months and this led to the increase in overall revenue from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.9 lakh per month. This further led to the hiring of new employees as well as investment.

Sagar Daryani The MoBurg 

Sagar Daryani and his team believe in bringing something new to the table always. So, they came up with the idea of introducing MoBurg which is two fried momos placed in buns with some nice sauces. This invention became a success and people completely loved it.

Sagar Daryani The Expansion Of Wow Momos

With the huge success of Wow Momos, Big Bazaar as well as the team of Pantaloons approached them. This further leads to their expansion and now they have expanded to various cities of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Lucknow, Puri, Bhubaneswar, Kanpur, etc. No wonder, they have bigger plans and are not going to look back. 


Sagar Dargani, the man behind the huge success of Wow Momos is a great inspiration. No wonder, they have become a huge success and are still looking forward to making their food business better than before. Their story is inspiring and sets a goal for everyone with a huge net worth of Rs.860 crore. 

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