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List Of Top Microcap AI Cryptos You Should Watch In 2023

Microcap AI Cryptos

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, savvy investors are constantly searching for the next big thing. As we approach 2023, the spotlight is shifting towards microcap AI crypto altcoins—those hidden gems with huge potential waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we’ll explore the top microcap AI crypto altcoins that have the potential to skyrocket in the coming year. We’ll delve into the innovative technologies powering these projects, their unique value propositions, and why they could be the game-changers in the blockchain and artificial intelligence space.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of avant-garde cryptocurrencies that might just redefine the market landscape.

What Are Microcap AI Crypto Altcoins

A microcap coin is a cryptocurrency that has a market capitalization (the total value of all existing coins) below one billion dollars.

In contrast to large-cap coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple which are widely traded on major exchanges and have high levels of liquidity, microcap coins are not listed on major exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase Pro. This means that it’s difficult for investors to buy these cryptocurrencies because there aren’t many options available for trading them in large quantities.

Microcap altcoins also tend not to be held by many people; they’re usually only held by owners of the project itself or early adopters who got involved at an early stage when there weren’t many other people interested in investing yet either because it was too early or because they didn’t know how much potential there was behind these projects yet (or both).

Microcap AI Cryptos have exploded recently, with some of them reaching a market cap of more than $800 million. As a result, there has been a surge in the popularity of trade bots that trade these cryptocurrencies.

How Does AI Crypto Coins Work

AI Crypto coins such as CGPT coins are a new type of cryptocurrency that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate transactions. They can be used to pay for goods and services, traded on exchanges, and mined using proof of stake.

AI crypto coins are not like Bitcoin or Ethereum where there is only one coin per blockchain network. Instead, they have their own dedicated blockchains with multiple coins available in each one. In this way, you can compare them more closely with stocks in the stock market that represent different companies rather than being just a single entity like Apple Inc (AAPL) or Microsoft Corporation (MSFT).

Advantages of using AI Crypto Altcoins

AI Crypto Altcoins are a new class of cryptocurrencies that are designed to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to enhance various aspects of the crypto ecosystem. Here are some advantages of using AI Crypto Altcoins:

Enhanced Security: One of the main advantages of AI Crypto Altcoins is that they offer enhanced security through the use of advanced encryption protocols and machine learning algorithms. This ensures that transactions are secure and free from the risk of fraud or hacking.

Improved Efficiency: AI Crypto Altcoins leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of various processes within the crypto ecosystem. For example, they can be used to optimize trading strategies, automate decision-making, and improve transaction processing times.

Greater Transparency: AI Crypto Altcoins can also provide greater transparency within the crypto ecosystem. By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, these altcoins can ensure that all transactions are recorded on an immutable ledger and are publicly visible.

Increased Accessibility: AI Crypto Altcoins can also increase accessibility to the world of cryptocurrency. By leveraging artificial intelligence, these altcoins can simplify the process of buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, making it easier for new investors to get involved in the market.

Potential for Innovation: Finally, AI Crypto Altcoins have the potential to drive innovation within the crypto ecosystem. By combining the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, these altcoins can unlock new use cases and applications that were previously impossible. This can create new opportunities for businesses and developers, and ultimately lead to the growth and evolution of the crypto ecosystem.

Top Microcap AI Crypto Altcoins

1. Covalent ($CQT)

Covalent is a decentralized network for building and training AI models. It uses blockchain to ensure privacy and security of data, while also allowing users to monetize their data through the native token CQT. The project has a strong team, including several former Google employees, as well as prominent advisors such as Andrew Ng (inventor of Google Brain) and Zhiyang Song (VP at Baidu).

2. Measurable Data Token ($MDT)

Measurable Data Token ($MDT) is a blockchain-based protocol that provides a decentralized, secure, and scalable way to organize, store, share, and monetize data. It’s the first cryptocurrency to be backed by data-as-a-commodity.

A measurable Data Token (MDT) is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain with an initial supply of 500 million tokens.

3. Vaiot ($VAI)

Vaiot is a decentralized and secure blockchain platform that offers a complete solution for the healthcare industry. It uses advanced technology to store medical data and provide users with seamless access to their records. The platform also allows doctors, practitioners, and researchers to share information securely without compromising on privacy or confidentiality of patient data.

The VAI token has been listed on HitBTC, IDEX, and ForkDelta exchanges since January 2019 where you can buy or sell this cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT pairs.

Vaiot is currently running an Airdrop campaign where anyone who signs up will get 50 VAI tokens after completing KYC verification steps on their website

4. Deep Brain Chain ($DBC)

DeepBrain Chain ($DBC) is a decentralized neural network that uses blockchain technology to create a high-performance AI computing platform. The DBC token is used to pay for AI computing power, data, and other resources on the DBC blockchain.

In short: It’s an open-source platform for artificial intelligence applications built on top of a public chain with distributed storage and smart contract capabilities.

5. Big Data Protocol ($BDP)

Big Data Protocol is a decentralized data ecosystem that offers a secure, scalable, and privacy-preserving platform for data transactions. It’s an open-source protocol and community that plans to revolutionize how the world shares information.

BDP ($BDP) is currently trading at $0.003687 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $2 million USD. The coin has seen a 20% drop since hitting its ATH in January 2019 when it was valued at $0.015925 USD per coin with a total market cap of over $50 million USD at the time.

6. AIPad ($AIPAD)

AIPad is an AI-driven decentralized platform that allows users to create, deploy and monetize AI-powered apps on the blockchain. AIPad is the first blockchain platform to support AI dApps, providing developers with a complete suite of tools they need to build their own applications.

The team behind AIPad has already built a successful application called ‘CryptoDollars’ which has been downloaded over 100K times and has more than 10K active daily users. This shows that they have experience in building successful projects with real users and revenue generation potential.


In conclusion, the rapidly evolving crypto landscape has given rise to a new breed of microcap AI crypto altcoins poised for explosive growth in 2023. These projects harness the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to revolutionize various aspects of the crypto ecosystem, from security and efficiency to accessibility and innovation.

As a result, they offer investors a unique opportunity to diversify their portfolios and tap into the immense potential of AI-driven cryptocurrencies.

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