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What Is The Best ICO Cryptocurrency?

ICO Cryptocurrency

ICO, also known as an initial coin offering, is part of a project with the help of which Cryptocurrency is sold to raise capital. With the support of these projects, ICOs aid in generating some really heavy returns leading to great profit provided the investment is made in the right place. ICOs, the crowdsourced fundraising sales used to launch new tokens, coins, and services, are often the most hyped and anticipated events in the cryptocurrency world.

If you are looking forward to investing in ICOs but have no idea which one to opt for, this article will walk you through some of the best ICO cryptocurrencies available.

1. Ethereum

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is definitely the most famous and sought-after digital currency. Its market capitalization is pretty extensive and has reached quite close to Bitcoin. This is the main reason why most traders choose Ethereum along with bitcoin and trade the currencies using the bitcoin trading software.

The major reason behind the fame of this ICO is the fact that it uses smart contracts to make it work, which ensures its decentralization. As it offers the biggest ROI, also known as return on investment, investors prefer it over other less profitable ICO cryptocurrencies.

2. Meta Masters Guild

Another amazing cryptocurrency that is loved by investors is the Meta Masters Guild. Right after it became a part of the market, it was able to make as much as $130,000 instantly. It’s surely one of the most trustable ICOs available currently. Its progress ever since its inception has also been quite impressive. Currently, it’s creating a Wdb3 mobile game platform, which is surely a unique step. By the time Meta Master Guild reaches exchanges, its price will have increased by 228% since it was introduced. It will cost $0.023 at the end of the seventh stage.

What makes this crypto so trustworthy is the fact that its ecosystem is augmenting with every passing day. Currently, it’s investing in three games including a fighting game, a racing game, and an open-world metaverse. Learn more:

3. NEO

NEO is the cryptocurrency associated with an open-source blockchain project that has a Chinese origin. You must have heard the name of Chinese Ethereum. This is what we are talking about at the moment because it’s also known as NEO. Just like the other Ethereum, it also uses smart contracts. Hence, we can say it showcases a highly decentralized manner of working.

As a matter of fact, the investors that had invested in this currency immediately when it was launched have made a huge sum of money now.

4. CCHG Tokenomics

CCHG tokens are also quite famous in the world of cryptocurrency. One major reason behind its fame is the fact that it is a BEP-20-based token. Also, despite offering a very limited supply in the market, this token has been able to make as much as one billion dollars of capitalization in the market. This is pretty huge! The project’s presale stages would offer access to only 40% of the total supply. Checking out the progress and working of CCHG tokens is easy as there is an official telegram channel dedicated to it that educated and informs new traders on a regular basis.

5. NXT

Another ICO cryptocurrency that is gaining quite a lot of popularity in recent times is NXT. One of the earliest ICOs, NXT was designed to cater to the financial sector mainly working towards providing services to clients. All the profits that it makes are further used in developing currency for this platform.

However, one issue with NXT is that owing to being highly unpredictable, a lot of investors don’t trust it and opt for other cryptos. Nonetheless, those who have taken the leap of faith

Final Thoughts

Investors receive cryptocurrency in exchange for their financial contributions in an initial coin offering (ICO) and make huge profits by trusting in these tokens. An ICO is announced in advance by the company and investors can buy the new cryptocurrency on the date of the ICO. Generally, investors send money to a crypto wallet address as part of the purchase process, whereas buyers supply their own recipient address. Hence, if you are planning to invest in ICOs, it’s surely a great way to enhance your profit margins.

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