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The Best Global Exchanges To Buy Polkadot From

buy Polkadot from

Polkadot recently announced that they had launched the main net. It is now life and should be used as an exchange for buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrency. The Polkadot price prediction has been quite bearish due to a lack of exposure from large exchanges such as Coinbase, which is why it is not surprising to see the coin being traded at USD 0.042315 with a 24-hour volume of $5.9 million on CoinMarketCap.

At present, you would need fiat currency to use platforms like Gemini to buy Bitcoins or Ethereum, but what if you do not have fiat currency? Well, there are still several ways you can use without having to first purchase other cryptocurrencies for easy accessibility and availability all over the world. A word of caution – in the event of a severe market dip, you will lose all your capital invested as buying at a low bid and selling at a high offer is not guaranteed. You may end up with lesser than what you started in the first place, so be careful of that.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Exchanges to Buy Polkadot Instantly across the globe for quick and easy access using fiat currency or credit cards.


This platform allows users to exchange TRON tokens for Ethereum instantly without any verification. The main benefit is that it does not require KYC since you are exchanging one cryptocurrency for another without going through any verification process such as submitting your utility bill, bank statement, or proof of residence if you are a U.S citizen.  

2. Poloniex TRXETH

This exchange is one of the most prominent exchanges that support trading for multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which makes it easy to convert your fiat currency into any of these asset types listed above and then converting to Polkadot in just moments using the instant buy option supported by Poloniex. 

3. Binance ETH/ PoS

If you do not have an account on Binance but still want to take advantage of this opportunity right now, you need to create one first and then move funds from your Coinbase wallet (or any other exchange) to Binance so you can start buying using your preferred cryptocurrency. You can verify users instantly and proceed to use the platform for trading/exchanging without any issues or problems whatsoever.

4. EtherDelta

This is a decentralized exchange that does not require you to deposit funds into an account before making purchases but instead, it allows you to make purchases first on the spot directly from your wallet, which enhances convenience and quickness of accessibility, which means you can get started in buying Polkadot right now immediately without having to wait even a minute longer for slow-moving processes like depositing fiat currency into an account first.

5. Poloniex Exchange TRXETH 

If you have already been using Poloniex for some time now with significant capital, then this would be one of your go-to exchanges for buying Polkadot through fiat currency. The only requirement is that you already have funds in your Poloniex wallet and then proceed to buy using the simple process like depositing into an account before proceeding to buy other cryptocurrencies on the spot, just like how you would purchase, sell, or trade if you were using a regular cryptocurrency exchange platform.  

6. Kraken ETH/ PoS

This exchange also allows users to make instant purchases without having to deposit funds first, which means you can use this platform right now with ease and convenience instead of having to wait hours or days before being able to deposit money into your Kraken account. 

Instantly buying cryptocurrencies does not necessarily mean that it will rise in value for you to sell at a profit. You may end up buying high and selling low, which you do not want to happen for your capital investment to go down the drain. Be careful of market dips that can occur from time to time, causing prices to fall drastically, so it would be best if you can monitor the market closely before proceeding with your purchase. Please do your own research before making any investments and/or purchases during initial coin offerings (ICOs) or other times when investing/trading cryptocurrencies are booming.

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