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5 New Crypto Meme Coins To 100X- Next Dogecoin?

Crypto Meme Coins

Meme coins were once the big bang in the history of cryptos. The crypto crash has affected their thriving velocity but they are surely reconciling. Once again, they are back in the form of glowing lanterns in the dark sky. All they desire is to grow higher and higher and touch the limitless sky. 

As the visibility shows yet another set of meme coins to take charge of the flourishing industry. Although, this isn’t a surprise more likely to be an opportunity for investors to stake their coins today. All-time best sellers of the meme tokens were DogeCoin and Shiba Inu. More Why China’s Digital Yuan Fails to Impress Early Users

With the current growth pace of the market, new tokens have changed the tem[erpature of the atmosphere. Innovative sets of meme coins have staked high positions and are more likely to win the heart of investors. Seize this once as a white, worthwhile opportunity to bag maximum returns.

Crypto token holders are never in agony until they hold perfectly hand-picked tokens. We serve the right meme coins for you that have high predictability to shoot up over time. Get charged with us and take a look at the following tokens: 

1. Love Hate Inu (LHNU) 

The newest project in the industry has been gaining wide popularity from the very moment of its emergence. LHNU features innovation in its model accessing vote-to-earn functionality. Based on the Ethereum network, it s an ideal token for generating superficial returns in no time. 

In the portal, users can vote on topics related to sports, politics, and culture. It aims to highlight public opinion on general issues and bring them to the limelight. The platform inhabits smart contracts feature in its model to dispense security. This ascertains complete fairness and transparency of the voting poll.    

Users can win rewards only by participating in the voting polls of LHINU. They must stake an LHINU token to take part in the voting pool 

. Anticipation rows that the Love Hate Inu toke will be known as the most valuable asset in the crypto industry. The portal has already set its long-term goals which are quite outrageous. It seeks to offer users the choice of topics to contest in voting. This accessibility will be dispensed from the fourth quarterer of 2023.  

2. Shiba Inu 

SHIB coin is an inspiration by a charming dog named Shiba Inu. The token is in high competition with DogeCoin. The token gained a massive surge ever since its promotion by a well-known personality, Elon Musk. The coin scaled potentially high yielding heavy returns.

Shibarium is one type of layer 2 model blockchain which is a key solution to the problem of scaling. This facilitates quicker transactions with low fees on the portal. The exchange of SHIB tokens is made possible on exchange platforms like Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and ShibSwap. 

The token has 2 subgroups of tokens mainly: BONE and LEASH in its ecosystem. These enable the users to stake and govern the respective tokens. It is widely known for proving real value t its wonders by being a perfect meme coin. 

The DogeCoin killer token is still a ministry of power and is bound to scale higher. Do 

not miss an opportunity t stake this meme coin for maximum benefits. 

3. Dogechain 

The Dogechain is a framework model of a software development kit (SDK) that aims to create an EVM-compatible blockchain on its network base. Polygon Edge being its use, can host decentralized apps, mint NFTs, and generate new tokens.

Dogechain is a widely known Proof-of-stake blockchain network.

 The most outrageous feature that the Dogechain owns is that it can communicate with the DogeCoin. This means that it can connect with the Doge network base. The DogeCoin has the first-mover advantage in the field of meme coins. Hence, it can dispense enormous potential to its investors if they stake the Dogehain.

 The Dogechain portal ascertains that the tokens will release an updated version which will open a new door to the DOGE ecosystem. This is a great mark of new beginnings for the already flaring token. 

But Dogechain is not entirely based on the Dogecoin network nether it is an extension of it.  You can buy these meme coins here Bitcoin Smart.

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