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Is The Azure Marketplace The Biggest Untapped Opportunity For Software Companies?

Azure Marketplace

Are you a software vendor? Where do you host your solutions to your clients? Do you use in-house hosting or a local hosting solution? Perhaps, it’s hard to reach and adjust to the market needs of these hosting providers. Therefore, most of the independent software vendors are shifting to the Azure marketplace by Microsoft. 

In this article, we will know why most software companies are turning to provide their solutions through the Azure marketplace. If you are unsure whether it’s for you or not, continue reading till the end. Also, you can learn how to sell on azure marketplace. 

Azure Marketplace for Software Companies

Here are few potential benefits for which many software companies are re-platforming to the Azure marketplace. 

Better Superior Security

With the Azure marketplace, software vendors can provide their software as a service through a highly secure cloud platform. One of the biggest advantages of using this marketplace offers three copies of all data. It protects data in case of natural disasters or other huge events by moving data swiftly. 

This feature has reduced the stress level of many founders of software companies. You don’t need to worry about any such event because the data will be stored in a safer place. Another important factor is your data is secure from outside attacks or other data security threats. 

Global Presence

One of the biggest advantages of using the Azure marketplace is it has a global presence. It has data centers worldwide covering 140 countries. With these features, you not only get better security and data protection but also get a better chance and make a global footprint. 

Some of the SaaS companies also make the Azure marketplace their value proposition. You also have access to other web services in the marketplace. You can find new marketing channels and customers through the marketplace. 

Expert Assistance

The next benefit is you will get expert assistance while shifting from cloud hosting to Azure. Even if you may have development experts, you may need assistance at some point while re-platforming to the Azure marketplace. 

The team is there to help you with your needs and can help you in the proper deployment of your cloud infrastructure. Apart from that, they can also assist you with scalability and other important aspects of your company. 

Cloud Architecture

Another big advantage of moving into the Azure marketplace is you will have access to various technology and web services. For example, you will have access to various IaaS, PaaS, and solutions. Moreover, you will also get the services such as Database for Cosmos, SQL, and more. 

Along with that, you will get access to the cloud architecture that will allow you to evolve and grow. You will get the advanced capabilities and various functionalities from the Azure marketplace. Since cloud technology is transforming the world, you need it for your software business. 

Only Pay for What Use Without Any Contractual Agreement

Lastly, you don’t have to pay for any extra services; you will only pay for what you use on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Additionally, there is no contractual commitment to use the services for a certain period. Moreover, you can also add or scale back any services from your Azure account. 

On top of that, the Azure marketplace also helps you to know your cost in advance. So, you will not face the risk of scaling that you cannot afford. Apart from that, the marketplace also provides you the breakdown of each customer. 

The Bottom Line

These are the top benefits for which many software companies are turning towards the Azure marketplace. Since it provides a secure platform with a global presence, it can take your software solution to a much higher level. Thus, experts say that software vendors need to adopt the biggest untapped opportunity of their software solutions.

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