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7 Reasons to Choose AWS as Your Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

AWS certification offers Amazon Web Services cloud expertise for an IT professional. It validates the technical cloud knowledge and skills and helps professionals enhance their careers. Amazon offers a long list of AWS certifications.

The world’s famous enterprises using Amazon services include Airbnb, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, Amazon, Udemy, Instacart, Reddit, and more! AWS also offers several certifications today for candidates who wish to build their expertise in Amazon Cloud services. AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the most popular cloud computing certification that Amazon offers.

As we know, AWS is the future of cloud computing. The prominence and relevance of AWS in the industry have undoubtedly lead to the growth of more Amazon Web Services careers. Several reasons why the world’s most prominent organisations run their software in the Amazon Web Services or the AWS cloud.

Top Features of using AWS as Cloud Platform

From the simplicity of the service, reliability in data storage to efficient cloud performance, AWS offers many benefits. Here are seven reasons you should choose Amazon Web Services as your cloud platform: 

1. Location

AWS now has the general availability of Amazon Location Service. Amazon Location Service has easy to add location functionalities. The most significant AWS advantage is that it is available in 44 different zones. The availability of AWS in 16 geographical locations is a tremendous boon of the service. 

 This location service means that you can access the server from any place you need to. There are no regional or geographical boundaries from where you can access the AWS service. 

2. Reliable and Durable Data Storage

The AWS storage class is designed for 99.99% availability. Also, Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier have multiple storage classes. The storage classes are ready to meet the needs of compliance archives for industries. This will further help them to achieve quick access to archive data. In a nutshell, AWS offers a reliable service as it stores data in multiple devices and has a great data accessibility option. 

The durability of AWS cloud storage is a great feature. Several AWS services are designed to provide 99.999 per cent durability for the objects. Amazon S3, among Amazon services, maintains its durability by detecting and repairing any lost redundancy. 

2. Recovery System

The Amazon cloud service offers protection of data from physical and logical errors. These errors include errors such as access system failures, application errors or accidental deletion. The recovery system of AWS ensures that the organisation does not lose any critical data. This makes it easy for the organisation from not getting their day-to-day operations hindered. The cloud computing provider have great data recovery plans for establishments of all sizes.

3. Better Security

The security feature of AWS provides services that help to protect data, accounts and workloads from unauthorised access. AWS is a cloud service that offers enhanced security. AWS system, as well as Amazon, regularly conducts infrastructure evaluations to find security vulnerabilities. In addition, AWS offers several security tools to manage the security of the cloud. 

4. Backups

AWS makes it possible to backup important data in multiple regions. This makes it possible for organisations and enterprises to access data from backup even when the primary operational environment goes offline. This feature also lets you schedule backups across different regions.

5. Scalability Factor

Today, several industries including the financial service sector, Advertising & Marketing, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, entertainment and health use S3 to develop data. It can not only increase or decrease performance but also maintain cost in response to changes in the application. Amazon S3 is highly scalable, and so no compromise on performance or reliability. 

There are two AWS tools that make scaling easier while delivering high performance. They are Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing tools. Based on the requirements, it is possible to scale up or down with the tools. In addition, Amazon Web Services has a massive infrastructure that can provide computing resources as and when you need them.

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6. Pricing Model

Another significant AWS advantage is its pricing model. The pricing model of the AWS platform follows a pay-as-you-go practice where you can pay for the costs on the usage rather than before or afterwards. As a result, there is no need to pay heavy subscription fees for resources that you don’t use. The flexible pricing structure keeps cloud computing affordable for you.

Apart from the advantage of the pricing model, the system is straightforward to use. AWS cloud is a unique storage platform. It is specifically designed for easy storage in archives. It has been built to simplify functions and has mobile apps and APIs. This helps to allow firms to integrate the platform with other technologies. It has easy-to-use management features. There are great tools to organize data and configure finely tuned access controls. AWS platforms are a cost-effective platform to store and transfer data.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility is an essential feature for organisations and Enterprises to choose the cloud platform. The AWS platform enables you to select your operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other services. This flexibility makes it easy for AWS developers and users to load all the benefits that your application may require. In addition, the flexibility feature of the cloud platform makes it easy for the data migration process.

There are more benefits of using cloud platforms for an organisation. The above mentioned are a few reasons why you should choose AWS as your cloud platform. As the usage of this cloud platform has enhanced, the certifications and the career in the AWS platform has also increased. Listed below are the significant certifications that Amazon offers:

Top AWS Certifications 

The Amazon Web Services certification is very essential today to build your career graph. There are several certifications of Amazon Web Services. The top certificates are:

  •  AWS certified cloud practitioner
  •  AWS certified developer associate
  •  AWS certified solutions architect
  •  AWS certified advanced networking
  •  AWS certified security
  •  AWS certified database speciality
  •  AWS certified Alexa Skill Builder

To upskill and reskill the technical knowledge of IT professionals, these certifications play a significant role. In addition, certification training can help candidates learn AWS in 2022 who want to gain expertise on this cloud platform. The cloud computing job prospects are numerous, making it one of the most sought after certification courses. The cloud computing salary varies according to the job role. Getting a certification in cloud computing will get you an edge over others. 

Let’s Wrap Up

If you are looking for the best cloud platform, it is AWS! AWS continues to run among the major platforms used by the world’s leading companies with high scalability and flexibility.

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