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How to Calculate Your Body Temperature Using iPhone Smart Thermometer



Smart Thermometer

Keep a check on your body temperature using the iPhone!

Can we check our body temperature using smart applications from our smartphones?

That’s the question we have to ask yourself. It sounds weird, right?

But that’s how it could work.

With a severe pandemic, Covid-19, out on the streets, it makes sense to worry about your regular temperature. How about a circumstance where you are stuck in some isolated place feeling super sick? You have no access to super-markets or local druggists. To treat yourself with first aid before visiting a medical practitioner, you need to know your temperature. How would you do it?

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Here is a quick guide to help you out. Nobody out there moves out without a smartphone in hand. That’s where the solution is. Presently there are several advanced mobile applications available in the play store. All you need to do is to install one of these highly-rated applications. You can then calculate your body temperature in an instant. Not just calculate, you can actually make a record of your body temperature on a regular basis. This piece from Lemony Blog would help you out take care of your health. Scroll until the end to know how to measure your body temperature through mobile phones.

Calculate Body Temperature Using Mobile Application

Some Applications like ThermoPeanut, Flo, and Thermal will calculate your body temperature.

Here is the ways to check your body temperature.

  • Install any of the body temperature measuring app on your phone. You can measure not just yours but also of your friends and colleagues.
  • Sign in/sign up with your information required.
  • You can then follow down the instructions given by the application
  • And then boom! You have your current temperature popped up on your mobile screen.

Digital devices like Kinsa smart thermometer and TempTraq use wired and wireless technology like headphone jack and Bluetooth, respectively. You can connect these to the iPhone or other smartphone and check your temperature.

Calculate Body temperature

How iPhones Calculate Your Temperature?

Your iPhones and smartphones are equipped with highly advanced temperature sensors. These can be used as your traditional thermometers when accompanied with a good thermometer application. There are portable devices available that you can connect to your iPhone’s headphone jack and use the as a thermometer. When used, these applications can pop your temperature on your screen readily.  All of the iPhone models have temperature sensors in them. These can aid you to measure the heat that your body produces.

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Now you might be wondering, when did smartphone companies start inserting temperature sensors in their products. Well, you don’t need to think too much about it. It’s the same sensor that calculates the battery temperature of the phone that we use here. 

What Other Digital Devices/Gadgets Can Calculate Body Temperature?

You read that a regular device as common as the iPhone can measure your body temperature. You must have the for sure wondered whether any of your other devices/gadgets can do so too.

Well, the answer to your question is yes. There are many other digital devices that can work as a thermometer to calculate your body temperature.

Alike your iPhone and other smartphones, your iPad and tablets can also help your calculate your temperature. The procedure is the same as the one you use with iPhones. We have provided below a shortlist of prominent smart thermometer applications at the end of the write-up. You can check them out and know what suits your needs the best.

What Is Average Body Temperature?

Okay! Now that we are talking about measuring body temperatures, its viable to discuss normal magnitude. Yes, that’s right.  To be able to distinguish between a fever temperature and a normal one, you need to about the range.

The normal temperature has a range of several degrees in it. You must have noticed infants and little kids often having a slightly higher temperature than that of yours. The senior citizens and older people have a minutely lower temperature. Why is this so?

It’s because the normal temperature varies with the age group.

  • The young kids and infants have an average temperature ranging between 36.6oC to 37.2OC (97.9oF to 99oF)
  • This range amongst adults varies from 36.1oC to 37.2OC (97oF to 99oF)
  • Among older adults, the normal body temperature is usually below 36.2oC (98.6oF)

Minimum Fever Temperature

For a minor fever, you can manage yourself at home through common medications. This is when your temperature remains below 102oF. However, there may be a need for you to visit the emergency room when it exceeds this 102oF mark. Taking in paracetamols might help you in moderate fever but not in a high fever.

When visiting a physician in high fever, you may need to present your fever profile from the past few days. You can use your iPhones here and record them from time to time.

Why Digital/Smart Thermometers Are Better Than Traditional Thermometers?

Body Temperature Using iPhone

Traditional mercury thermometers are now a thing from the past. Nowhere would you find those today? Firstly because they aren’t so easily portable and then their glass bodies make then easy to break. Every time you would need a boiler and a tumbler to sanitize them. Once broken, mercury is too risky to handle while the digital thermometers are just great.

You can use them without worrying to break into pieces. They are readily available and easily portable. And the best part is, even your kids can use them.

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Besides digital thermometers, there are smart thermometers available. You can install and use them on your iPhones. And then there is also an option of connecting the external smart thermometers with your mobile phones too.

Prominent Temperature Measuring Apps So Far

You can measure your body temperatures through an app. Then you can also create a profile of your previous temperatures on your phone. Some of the most common mobile applications that can work as thermometers are as follows:

  • iThermonitor
  • Finger Body Temperature
  • ThermoPeanut
  • ThermPal
  • Flo
  • Smart Thermometer
  • Smart temp
  • ICelcius
  • Thermo
  • Fever Tracker

Comment below your valuable feedbacks.

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What Do You Need to Know Before Investing in a Mobile App?



Things to Know Before Investing in a Mobile App

You might find this surprising, but more than 218 billion apps were downloaded in 2020. And if the forecast is to be believed, the figure may cross 285 billion by 2022 (

It does not take a genius to guess the current explosion in the app market. While you are excited to make the best use of this opportunity, let us remind you that it is not going to be so easy. With the market being so competitive, it is getting harder for businesses to cut through the clutter and stand out. You can’t dive into mobile app development without preparations and a proper strategy. To get that competitive edge, you have to look into facts and prepare the groundwork.

Understand Your Market

In-depth market research is what guarantees a solid foundation for your mobile app development strategy. Whether you want to launch an e-commerce app or an app-specific to your business, you should research your niche market very thoroughly. It is a must that you find answers to questions like – Where is my target audience? Who are my key competitors, and how are they performing? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is the reaction of their customers?

The information you derive from these points will help you create the right user persona, avoid the mistakes your competitors have made, upgrade your strategy, and raise the bar for the industry. To get a clear picture of the market trends, you may want to talk to the experts and have a detailed discussion. Further, when you engage mobile app development services, the professionals will research your brand thoroughly to create a successful app with a unique identity in the market.

Pick between a Native or Hybrid App

Next, you need to decide whether to get a native app or a hybrid one. So, native apps are basically written in platform-specific languages, while the hybrid ones are a blend of native elements and web apps, boasting of cross-platform compatibility. To choose between these two is a real deal. If you want your app to run on a specific operating system, like say iOS or Android, opting for native app development can be your best bet. However, should you want your app to be developed within a limited budget and yet to run on all platforms, a hybrid app can serve your purpose?

For making an informed selection, we suggest you analyze your market. Do you cater to a market where Android OS is prevalent? Or is iOS more popular in your target market? Or do you want to reach more audiences with a hybrid app? Remember, a native app can deliver a fast and superior user experience, even though its development process is costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, a hybrid app is easy to build and maintain, but the user experience might not be as smooth as in a native app. So, you see, there is this win-lose aspect in both the options.

Hence, it is important that you analyze your needs and budget and then choose between a native and hybrid app.

Select the Right Company

Clearly speaking, your choice of service provider will determine the success of your mobile app development. After all, you can expect high-quality professional services only from a reputable company and not a rookie agency. Isn’t it? Before you seal the deal, make sure you have gone through the website and portfolio of a particular company. Proceed only if you are impressed, otherwise don’t.

When discussing requirements, confirm what features the company is going to incorporate in your app. Push notifications, feedback systems, social media integration, and advanced analytics are some important features that make a high-quality app delivering a great user experience. To avoid problems later, you must check the reviews, ratings, and testimonials. As a client, it is your right to ensure that you are putting your money in the right place.

Sort out Your Resources

Let us make it clear from the start that experience does not come cheap. If you want an expert team to take charge of the project, you should be ready to spend generously. Moreover, if your app requirement is a complex one with advanced features like predictive search engines, live maps, social media integrations, multiple payment gateways, and so on, you may have to pay more. Thus, we suggest you set a budget but add some flexibility to it.

Also, you should be aware of the development timeframe because it will help you estimate the cost. Usually, a simple app with basic features can be built within two to four months, while an advanced app might need you to invest six to nine months. A reputable app development company will never hesitate to answer your queries. Most importantly, don’t miss the opportunity of partnering with a reliable brand to avoid paying some extra pennies.

Check Agile Methodology

According to the mobile app development experts, taking a holistic and detailed approach is essential for building a robust and secure app. So, before you hire a team, check with the experts if their app development process includes the strategy, analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment & support phases. Do they follow an Agile methodology of app development? Even better! Since Agile methodology facilitates the development, testing, and reviewing of an app in an iterative process, it ensures quicker deployment of a flawless mobile app through collaborations across teams.

Irrespective of the scope and size of your project, your professionals should be ready to go through it all without skipping a single step. Should you see them not being clear about their working strategy, waste no more time and look for alternatives. No matter who you choose to work with, remember that a precisely cultivated app development process is a compulsory requirement for your app to succeed.

Optimize for the App Stores

Once your app is launched, you simply can’t sit back and rest. To make your app discoverable and bring it to the fingertips of your audience, you will now have to delve into app store optimization. Just as it was in the preceding steps, the professionals can help out by implementing the optimization best practices specific to every app store, the prominent examples being Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Think you can dodge this step? To compete against other players in the market, there is no way you can overlook it. And, if you have finally decided to hire a top mobile app development company, ask if it offers app optimization services as well. Right from writing the description to displaying the preview videos, screenshots, and icons – the professionals can take care of it all thereby enhancing the visibility of your app.

Final Words

Investing in mobile app development is a big decision that can lead to a variety of repercussions. And if you want things to work in your favor, you can’t help but follow the steps we discussed above. It is no joke to stand out amongst the vast ocean of mobile apps, you see. You need to go the extra mile, seize the opportunities, take on the challenges, to be successful in building a high-quality mobile app. Have any thoughts that you would like to share with us? Feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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The Much Awaited Flutin Live Has Finally Been Launched To Help Streamers Accelerate Their Dream Careers



We are glad to announce that the Flutin Live platform has now been launched and is ready to turn artists’ lives around. Gear up to experience futuristic streaming features that offer vast exposure like no other. It’s time to get your streaming tools organized and pursue your passion freely.

We surely do not need to break the ice here and say how the live streaming industry has been booming recently. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have failed to stop passionate artists from pursuing their true desires. Perhaps, that’s what catapulted the massive thrust of the live streaming sector. And Flutin has recently joined the bandwagon with the Flutin Live platform for artists to continue building their careers doing what they love, making money while at it!

Welcome To The Streaming World Where Dreams Do Come True!

Flutin Live is the creation of our genius professionals who have been successful in designing a platform that lets streamers seamlessly go online instantly and whenever they desire. The cutting edge features have been expertly curated to facilitate a smooth streaming experience that lets the artist focus only on giving his/her best and engaging with his/her audience. Our sole objective has been to support artists from all genres and backgrounds to continue fulfilling their dream. Thus, Flutin Live is the key to realizing all your aspirations.

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Discover Intuitive Features That Can Help You Climb The Ladder In No Time!

Live streaming can truly turn the tables for you if you know how to make the most of it. However, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities with Flutin Live. All you have to do is link your social media channels, prepare a good performance and start streaming. That’s it! Here’s a quick glance at some of the advanced features that you will get to leverage on Flutin Live:

  • Multi-streaming – Have you ever heard about streaming on more than one platform at the same time? You will get to not only see but also do it with Flutin Live. Remember how we asked you to connect your social media channels with Flutin Live? This is why. You’ll be able to stream on Flutin Live as well as on YouTube, Facebook, etc. simultaneously.
  • Easy Monetization – Flutin Live offers you numerous easy ways to monetize your live performances and support your art. Hassle-free money making options like virtual gifts by your audience, ticket sales, and so on will help you earn enough to keep going.
  • Greater Engagement – Flutin Live offers numerous interesting ways to interact with your audience and keep them coming back for more. You can host special interactive sessions, live chat with them via the chat option, play the songs requested by your fans, and many more.
  • The Sweet Deal – Do you know the most exciting thing, especially for emerging artists? You get to set up your profile and start streaming at no cost! Yes, read that as many times as you want but it is totally true.

Waste no more time. Embark on your dream journey today and embrace your passion with arms wide open. Flutin Live is nowhere to let talented people reach out to the world!

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Why Use Rabbit VPN for Mac?



Why Use Rabbit Vpn for Mac

VPN is one of the known things today for internet users. In recent times, the number of VPN users is increasing gradually. It works like an intermittent service between the user and the user’s host site. By using a free VPN service like Rabbit VPN, you can keep your web activities secure from prying eyes.

Once you get the rabbit VPN download done on your device, you can explore the internet anonymously. Here you will find 30+ free and fast servers with unlimited bandwidth to break geo-constraints and enjoy fast web browsing. Also, you can use all public Wi-Fi without worrying about several online security threats.

Why Use Rabbit VPN?

Though you will find many free VPN services, why should you use Rabbit VPN for your device? Well, the reason is no other free VPN will give you such a facility as Rabbit VPN. This VPN server is packed with everything that a VPN user may need to surf on the internet.

This single click VPN Connecting system will let you get access to all restricted content worldwide. Rabbit VPN uses a bank-level encryption process so that you can unblock geo-blocked websites with unlimited bandwidth.

When internet traffic is encrypted, then you can also enjoy public Wi-Fi safely. With the zero log system of Rabbit VPN, your online activities will be totally safe and protected.

Download Rabbit VPN

How to Download Rabbit VPN on Your Device?

As you know, Rabbit VPN is a mobile app, so anyone can easily download it on their mobile phone. But because of this app’s popularity, most people also want to use it on their computer platform. So we will show you the downloading process of both of them. Check below to find out the downloading process of Rabbit VPN for Mobile and computer platforms.

How to Download Rabbit VPN for Phone?

Downloading any mobile app from Play and Apple Store is quite easy and straightforward. Well, for your conveyance, here we will show you the steps to download Rabbit VPN for your mobile phone. Check the below steps.

Step 1 –  At first, open the Google play store from your mobile phone.

Step 2 –  Then tap on the search bar and write Rabbit VPN.

Step 3 –  Select Rabbit VPN from the search result and click on the install button.

Step 4 – Now, simply follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.

Step 5 – Now go to the home screen of your phone. Click on the Rabbit VPN app icon and start surfing the internet anonymously.

How to Download Rabbit VPN for Pc or Mac?

Above, we have shown how to download Rabbit VPN for the mobile platform. You can easily set and use Rabbit VPN on your mobile phone. But how do you download mobile VPN software to your computer platform?

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Well, you have to use an emulator software to install Rabbit VPN on your PC or Mac. You can use emulators like NoxPlayer, BlueStacks, MEmu, Remix OS Player. We will pick the MEmu emulator to show how you can get therabbit vpn download done on PC or Mac. Check the below downloading and installation process.

Step 1 –   First, download & install the MEmu emulator from its official website.

Step 2 –   Then wait a little time to complete the installation process.

Step 3 –   Open the MEmu emulator and search for the play store.

Step 4 –   Launch the play store with your email id and password.

Step 5 –   Then write Rabbit VPN on the search bar and hit the enter button.

Step 6 –    Now select the desired app from the search result and install it.

Step 7 –  After completing the installation process, now you are ready to use Rabbit VPN on your PC or Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPN leads a big role in giving us security from different online threats and protects our privacy online. So when it’s about any VPN service, it’s common to have a lot of questions. Here we have included some questions and answers that are frequently asked by several users. Continue reading; it will help you to clear your thoughts about Rabbit VPN.

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Is Rabbit VPN Free for All?

Yes, Rabbit VPN is a free VPN service, and every user can enjoy all Rabbit VPN features for free. Its premium features are also free for every user.

Does Rabbit VPN Contain Any Access Limitation?

Once you have installed the Rabbit VPN on your device, you are now ready to explore the limitless internet world. It does not have any access limitation over any content.

What Encryption Does Rabbit VPN Have?

Rabbit VPN uses the bank-level encryption process to provide extreme security over your online activities. So no third party or hackers can get access to your online platform. 

Can I Unlock Pubg Through Rabbit VPN?

If Pubg is banned in your country, you can play it through Rabbit VPN. This VPN will help to break all geo-restriction and let you enjoy all blocked and unblocked content.

Is There a Rabbit VPN App for the Computer Platform?

No, currently, Rabbit VPN does not have any app for the computer platform. But by using emulator software, you can use it on your PC or Mac.

Final View

Above, we have shown you the right way to complete a rabbit vpn download on your mobile or computer. The popularity of rabbit VPN is growing day by day, and its effective functionality is the root reason behind it.

Rabbit VPN service will never let you feel any inconvenience, and it’ll serve as an end-to-end online security solution for you. Once you connect with the Rabbit VPN, your online privacy will be under the top security system. So start using Rabbit VPN for free and experience an exclusive level of VPN service.

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