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How to Calculate Your Body Temperature Using iPhone Smart Thermometer

iPhone Smart Thermometer

Keep A Check On Your Body Temperature Using The iPhone!

Can we check our body temperature using smart applications from our smartphones?

That’s the question we have to ask ourselves. It sounds weird, right?

But that’s how it could work

With a severe pandemic, Covid-19, out on the streets, it makes sense to worry about your regular temperature. How about a circumstance where you are stuck in some isolated place feeling super sick? You have no access to super-markets or local druggists. To treat yourself with first aid before visiting a medical practitioner, you need to know your temperature. How would you do it?

Here is a quick guide to help you out. Nobody out there moves out without a smartphone in hand. That’s where the solution is. Presently there are several advanced mobile applications available in the play store. All you need to do is to install one of these highly-rated applications. You can then calculate your body temperature in an instant. Not just calculating, you can actually make a record of your body temperature on a regular basis. This piece from Lemony Blog would help you out take care of your health. Scroll until the end to know how to measure your body temperature through mobile phones.

Calculate Body Temperature Using Mobile Application

Some Applications like ThermoPeanut, Flo, and Thermal will calculate your body temperature.

Here Is The Ways To Check Your Body Temperature

  • Install any of the body temperature measuring apps on your phone. You can measure not just yours but also your friends and colleagues.
  • Sign in/sign up with your information required.
  • You can then follow the instructions given by the application
  • And then boom! You have your current temperature popped up on your mobile screen.

Digital devices like Kinsa smart thermometer and TempTraq use wired and wireless technology like headphone jack and Bluetooth, respectively. You can connect these to the iPhone or other smartphone and check your temperature.

Calculate Body temperature

How Do iPhones Calculate Your Temperature?

Your iPhones and smartphones are equipped with highly advanced temperature sensors. These can be used as your traditional thermometers when accompanied by a good thermometer application. There are portable devices available that you can connect to your iPhone’s headphone jack and use as a thermometer. When used, these applications can pop the temperature on your screen readily.  All of the iPhone models have temperature sensors in them. These can aid you to measure the heat that your body produces.

Now you might be wondering, when did smartphone companies start inserting temperature sensors in their products. Well, you don’t need to think too much about it. It’s the same sensor that calculates the battery temperature of the phone that we use here. 

What Other Digital Devices/Gadgets Can Calculate Body Temperature?

You read that a regular device as common as the iPhone can measure your body temperature. You must have the for sure wondered whether any of your other devices/gadgets can do so too.

Well, the answer to your question is yes. There are many other digital devices that can work as a thermometer to calculate your body temperature.

Alike your iPhone and other smartphones, your iPad and tablets can also help you calculate your temperature. The procedure is the same as the one you use with iPhones. We have provided below a shortlist of prominent smart thermometer applications at the end of the write-up. You can check them out and know what suits your needs the best.

What Is Average Body Temperature?

Okay! Now that we are talking about measuring body temperatures, it’s viable to discuss normal magnitude. Yes, that’s right.  To be able to distinguish between a fever temperature and a normal one, you need to about the range.

The normal temperature has a range of several degrees in it. You must have noticed infants and little kids often have a slightly higher temperature than that yours. Senior citizens and older people have a minutely lower temperature. Why is this so?

It’s because the normal temperature varies with the age group.

  • The young kids and infants have an average temperature ranging between 36.6oC to 37.2OC (97.9oF to 99oF)
  • This range amongst adults varies from 36.1oC to 37.2OC (97oF to 99oF)
  • Among older adults, the normal body temperature is usually below 36.2oC (98.6oF)

Minimum Fever Temperature

For a minor fever, you can manage yourself at home through common medications. This is when your temperature remains below 102oF. However, there may be a need for you to visit the emergency room when it exceeds this 102oF mark. Taking in paracetamols might help you with moderate fever but not with a high fever.

When visiting a physician with a high fever, you may need to present your fever profile from the past few days. You can use your iPhones here and record them from time to time.

Why Digital/Smart Thermometers Are Better Than Traditional Thermometers?

Body Temperature Using iPhone

Traditional mercury thermometers are now a thing of the past. Nowhere would you find those today? Firstly because they aren’t so easily portable and then their glass bodies make them easy to break. Every time you would need a boiler and a tumbler to sanitize them. Once broken, mercury is too risky to handle while digital thermometers are just great.

You can use them without worrying to break into pieces. They are readily available and easily portable. And the best part is, even your kids can use them.

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Besides digital thermometers, there are smart thermometers available. You can install and use them on your iPhones. And then there is also an option of connecting the external smart thermometers with your mobile phones too.

Prominent Temperature Measuring Apps So Far

You can measure your body temperature through an app. Then you can also create a profile of your previous temperatures on your phone. Some of the most common mobile applications that can work as thermometers are as follows:

  • iThermonitor
  • Finger Body Temperature
  • ThermoPeanut
  • ThermPal
  • Flo
  • Smart Thermometer
  • Smart temp
  • ICelcius
  • Thermo
  • Fever Tracker

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