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Ways CBD Can Help You Cope With Stress During Quarantine



What is Cannabidiol or CBD?

The past few months of every one of our lives have just been about stress and anxiety. From the very dawn of the year until now, the goods have been handful while the bad still remains counting. A virus merely a few nanometers in size became the devil. A disease within months was declared pandemic. The cheerful, happening lives turned dull overnight. Zealous hours that passed just too quickly lost their pace and we lost our interests. It was a hand snap and the streets lost their liveliness, kids their cheerfulness and adults, their calmness. Just a few mantras like ‘Social Distancing’, ‘Self-Isolation’, ‘Quarantine’, ‘Work-From-Home’, ‘Cleanliness’, and ‘Hygiene’ became life-saving boons.

The most absurd and boring lifestyle from our nightmares became reality in a blink. With its’ great adapting abilities, mankind over the course of months started to live this new normal quite well. But as they say, “all that glitters is not always gold”, the reality remains distinct inside out. Life has never been as stressful and anxious as now. Be it employers, parents, kids, or grannies, each one of us face some kind of stress and tension today. We may although not realize it now, but there’s definitely some in our subconscious selves. Cannabidiol aka CBD has proved out to be a real gem in curing these stresses and anxieties. Here is a piece for you that lets you know all the great ways that CBD can help you cope with stress.

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What is Cannabidiol or CBD?

Before heading straight to the cures and procedures, let’s first take a brief glance as to what CBD actually is. CBD is actually one of the over hundred cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis. Directly extracted from Marijuana or hemp plant leaves and flowers, CBD is the 100% non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Sprung into healthcare trends, CBD is that one natural element that has the potential to cure some seriously insane ailments. It’s just about putting in more to research and study the same.

Stress and Quarantine

The words entitled above seem to go hand in hand these days. From the looks of it, the lockdown period seems to take a toll over lives. The endless saga of WFH, online studies, no parks, or social gatherings have affected our lives ways more than we anticipated them to do. And the most ironic part is that it’s not just the commoners who have suffered. In one way or the other, everyone has been suffering. Despite our great potential of adapting and living amidst the new normal, the uncertainty of the foreseeable future has been really stressful. Here are the few ways that CBD can aid your anxiousness and stress during this quarantine period.

  • CBD: an excellent aid to sleepless nights

The disturbed routines and domestic chaos of lockdown have caused so many sleepless nights to us. There have been just too many new things that we adapt to. The negativities from the depressing news have been equally depressing. These issues have spiked up to an extent where meditation and regular sheep counting are helpless. A small intake of Organic CBD products into the daily diet is really helpful in this situation. Just minutes after consumption, one could feel the soothing effect of it.
P.S.: CBD does not get you high. It’s THC that does so, a totally different cannabinoid.

  • Instant solution to not-so-good-skin

The super self-conscious people have been really troubled during this phase of stay-at-home. Not being able to visit spas, salons and masseur kept them worrying over their not-so-good-skin. CBD infused with the daily dose of your moisturizer is a perfect solution to all your skin related worries. Cause’ it cures not just cracked heels or dry skin but also nourishes them to the core.

  • A small dose of CBD to vanish all your Fatigue

Getting jolly hours with our families used to be our much-awaited dream with no rest, just fun. Quarantine turned this dream a living reality. Pulling long days with a perfect balance between kids, families, and WFH, we are all quite tired when the day ends. CBD roll-on, creams, and gels are the need of the hour. Massaging them on the affected areas like feet, lower backs, and neck is just as helpful. It really helps quickly.

  • No more heavy-head mornings

The troublesome days and sleepless nights presently often affect your bright mornings. Instead of appearing fresh, you look all sleepy-head. Even your favorite tasks seem boring as hell. CBD infused in moisturizer frozen overnight can actually help you here. A li’l gel after cleanser and it’s done. You are all fresh for the new day.

  • Revitalizing your daily dose of immunity

With an insane disease out on the streets, it’s quite logical to work upon your health and immunity. You just need to add a few drops of CBD oil or hemp in your daily diet and it works like magic. You may not know but, CBD and are like really healthy natural food. A regular dose of the needed amount is all you need to keep your immunity replenished.

  • Not just stress, CBD cures it’s side effects too

It sounds crazy, right? But that’s how it is. There follows a long list of side-effects of stress and anxiety. And to much surprise, a compound extracted from a plant that has been overlooked for centuries now is helpful. CBD can help avoid side effects like dizziness, insomnia, nausea, migraines, loss of appetite, mood swings, and irritability. Reaping benefits from CBD is all we can do in the so-called “stay-at-home” period. The soothing effect of CBD consumption on our brain does wonders as a stress buster.

There is a big fraction amidst the worldwide population that has been using CBD products to their aids. However, we would rather suggest you not to use CBD on a regular basis without adequate knowledge. You can also consult your physician to prescribe you some.

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Dental Implants are the Best Choice for Tooth Replacement



Dental Implant

When you have missing teeth, you should fill the spaces. Modern bridges and dentures can be tricky, but they’re not convenient for everybody. Due to pain, soreness, poor shape of the teeth, or other causes, you will require a different dental treatment alternative.

Dental implants are the perfect option for restoring damaged teeth since they do not damage the other teeth as conventional bridges do. For the conventional bridges, the teeth next to space are ground down to attach the false tooth. Dental implants can be the right option for removing damaged teeth instead of bridges and dental work or when ordinary bridges and dentures do not function.

Implants even secure the jawbone—anything bridges and dental work can’t do. At Parliament hill dental, you can rely on skilled Ottawa dentists to match your dental implants, providing a lasting, esthetical appealing solution for missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a special dental repair treatment that mimics your whole dental system. Your dentist implants “root” titanium into the jawbone that protects the crown afterward (artificial tooth). A dental implant looks and behaves like a real tooth and may last a lifetime if properly cared for.

During your implant treatment, our dental expert will give you hygienic orders.

Because of their benefits, dental implants are the safest dental repair choice for most patients. The most important advantage of dental implants is the robust protection they offer for your permanent teeth—performed by allowing the jawbone to heal securely around the implant. This procedure can take many months.

Why choose dental implants: Top Five Reasons

1. Enhancing the quality of life 

Dentures just don’t work in there. Most of the people who have dentures are rarely pleased with them. They’re challenging to suit appropriately, and they sometimes slip around or press. A majority of folks have to use the glue every day to keep it in place. Dentures are complicated and difficult and very difficult to adjust to when you’re adjusted to natural teeth. Implants preserve bone stability, and dignity, maintaining bone levels as they should be.

If a tooth is removed, the bone in that area can deteriorate over time. By holding the implant in place, you can retain the bone, which is important for the adjacent teeth and help prevent facial failure.

If you can understand when bones or teeth are missing, it becomes difficult to talk spontaneously and chew foods normally. Implants preclude this from ever becoming a matter of interest.

2. Long-Lasting

Many restorations and even dentures are not designed for long-lasting. Dentures will need to be changed or removed when the bone is diminished. The Bridge can last for 5-10 years, but the implant will last for a long time. If implants’ effectiveness is close to 98 percent, that’s as close as you can come to a medical promise. Implants have been around for longer than any people ever realize, and the 30-year rate of survival has become over 90%.

3. Preserves other teeth

As mentioned earlier, implant positioning preserves bone integrity and density and has a shallow effect on the outer teeth. This can’t be said for bridges or limited dentures. The Bridge needs two or more teeth to cover the missing gap, possibly requiring excessive drilling of the teeth.

If something happens to either natural tooth following the operation, the whole Bridge will typically have to be replaced. A partial denture uses the remaining teeth for protection or anchoring, which can exacerbate gingival problems in your gums and put excessive stress on your natural teeth.

4. Natural appearance

If performed right, the implant cannot be separated from the other teeth. It may look like a crown, but many individuals don’t even know it. It seems just as natural to others, and most importantly, it sounds natural to you. When a crown is put, and the implant is full, you’re not even going to think that it’s different from the other teeth.

5. No Decay

Since the implants are titanium, they’re immune to deterioration! It ensures that after an implant is put, if well cared for, you will never have to think about the need for further medication.

Implants can also have peri-implantitis (implant variant of periodontal disease), so it is necessary to retain outstanding home care practices and routines. If you have a water flosser, this is not a matter of concern.


If you’re looking for the right way to replace lost teeth, contact us or book an appointment online to arrange a consultation. Our Ottawa dentists lead you through the teeth whitening procedure and help you determine if implants are the best option for you.

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Online Age Verification for Healthcare Industry



Online Age Verification for Healthcare Industry

We all know how important it is to protect the children from the cruelties of the world. Their young personalities can be prone to many dangers and this is why their protection is the responsibility of the businesses and governments along with their parents. Online age verification can assist many industries in ensuring the minor protection program. In this blog, we will talk about the significance of online age verification in the healthcare sector.

The Fraud in the Healthcare Industry 

In these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare sector has to worry about the frauds along with the virus. While their focus remains on eliminating the virus, the fraudsters are completely taking advantage of this situation. Data Breach is most common in the medical industry. According to the research, 30% of the data breaches regarding the healthcare sector have been recorded in the past year. It is said that the medical identity on the dark web is worth more than the banking identity. Getting medical treatment is extremely expensive and requires a lot of paperwork that not everyone is willing to go through. This is why fraudsters steal the identity of an individual to get treated under their names.

Healthcare Fraud and the Need for Age Verification

Another rising concern that the healthcare sector is facing is the misuse of the minor’s medical identity. The data privacy of the minors is the major priority of the regulators and if breached can cause a lot of trouble with the law. The hospitals or related industries can face lawsuits and what not if they are discovered with mishandling the data of the minors or not having a proper system to ensure the security of the data. HIPAA and NHS have laid out strong regulations related to data security that every firm related to the medical industry must comply with. 

Here are few frauds that require strong minor protection measures

  • Child Identity theft

It is easier for fraudsters to target the identity of the children than an adult as children are easier to manipulate. Once the identity of the minor is stolen, the fraudsters can get themselves or their children treated under their name while the real victim’s parents are being charged for the treatment. Sometimes, when the victim is treated under the name of the minor, the medical history of the minor is contaminated. For example, there is a case of child abuse or even alcohol detection in the blood of the criminal who got treated under a child’s identity, the parents of the real victim can get in trouble with the law since it would be assumed by the law enforcement authorities and childcare support that they are not fit to raise the children. This sort of misunderstanding can cause a series of lawsuits for the health care sector. 

  • Prescription Drugs

Minors can get hold of the prescriptions of illegal or harmful drugs if proper age verification is not carried out. Research suggests that most people develop drugs at an early age of 17. Minor can steal the identity of their parents to buy illegal drugs. If an online age verification solution is applied, their ID document will be verified and their identity will not be verified. 

What is the Online Age Verification Solution 

The online age verification process is the solution to digitally verify the identity of an individual along with their age so they don’t access the age-exclusive products. The medical industry can use the digital age scanner to ensure not only the protection of minors but also streamline their operations. Legit patients will not have to go through the trouble of getting verified at the time of emergency as this AI-powered solution will be able to verify the identity and the age of the patients within seconds. The manual process will no longer be required and the medical industry can save a lot of resources while applying this digital solution.

The Patient’s age can be verified through 

  • Face Verification
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Document Verification 
  • Consent Verification
  • Video KYC

Since the procedure is AI-based, it is more accurate than the manual process at the same time providing data security.

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How to Improve Joint Health in 4 Simple Ways



How to Improve Joint Health in 4 Simple Ways

Are you looking to improve your joint health but aren’t quite sure how to do it?

In the US alone, around 23 percent of the population suffers from arthritis. Of the 54 million-plus Americans who suffer from arthritis, one in four reports suffering from severe joint pain.

Luckily, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your joint health. Check out this guide to learn how to improve joint health.

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Excess weight can put undue stress on your joints, so maintaining a healthy weight is very important. To maintain a healthy weight, focus on eating a diet rich in whole foods.

Your diet should consist of plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, and whole grains. You should also aim to exercise for about 150 minutes per week. If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight, speak to your doctor or a dietician about setting up a weight loss plan.

2. Build Your Strength

The stronger your muscles are, the stronger your joints are. One of the best ways to build muscle strength is through lifting. We recommend incorporating at least three strength training sessions per week into your workout routine.

You can also swim, do pilates, or do yoga to build muscle strength if you don’t like lifting weights.

3. Practice Good Posture

Poor posture can put undue stress on your joints, and it can make you more prone to injury. Plus, poor posture can lead to chronic pain, weight gain, and a number of other health issues. Here are some tips to help you practice better posture:

  • Stand up straight and tall
  • Pull your stomach in and pull your shoulders back
  • Keep your head level and allow your arms to hang naturally at your side
  • Put the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet
  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart

Also, if you work a desk job, make sure your desk, chair, and keyboard are all ergonomically-designed to promote good posture. If you find that you’re very sore at the end of the day or you need to sit uncomfortably to do your job, it may be time to invest in new office furniture.

4. Take the Right Supplements

Certain supplements can help you improve your joint health. When purchasing joint supplements, look for these key ingredients:

  • Collagen: Collagen helps cartilage maintain its integrity
  • Glucosamine: Like collagen, glucosamine helps to build stronger cartilage
  • S-adenosyl-L-methionine: SAMe can help relieve symptoms of joint pain

You may also want to take a turmeric supplement or add more turmeric to your diet, as turmeric can help ease inflammation associated with joint pain.

How to Improve Joint Health: Are You Ready to Improve Your Joints?

Now that you know how to improve joint health, it’s time to get started. With these tips, your joints will be in the best shape of their lives!

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more tips on improving your health.

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