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How Can Be Happy in Quarantine – Protect Your Mental Health

How Can Be Happy in Quarantine – Protect Your Mental Health

As we all are following guidelines to be safe from the Corona Virus! And one of the first things is to stay at home. I know it’s a big deal to stay in the same place and it’s not a 3-month tour and all things will be fun. It is your own home 😅, where you are from birth.
It’s funny but it could be serious if you will not focus on your mental health.

Here I have mentioned something to do during Quarantine!

It’s needed for each and every one and you must follow it!

First thing I would recommend to do Workout twice in a day (Morning & Evening) – When we were working in the office and somewhere so that time we were doing at least one-time Workout/ Yoga or any physical activity, but we all are full-time in the home so we should do twice in a day like – Meditation, Dancing, Squat, Push-ups and more exercise you can find on the internet.


Second is you can learn new things as you wanted to do for a long time like cooking, dancing, home chores, etc. Everything is required for life. It means you can acquire new skills.

Third Most Important is – Spend quality time with your family like your brother, sister, mother, father, etc. Because spend time never come so use it wisely. I really love with my family whenever I get time I always prepare for an outing with family (Not doing at this Quarantine time😆)

Fourth is you can watch short films and any new films if you have missed them😉. Watch with family/ friends with some amazing foods. Mostly my family loves to watch sad films but I like to watch and action and real story base films.

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So it’s all are for you and more you can do you know it well How can you manage your time at this Quarantine time. I would say stay at home be happy, secure, healthy, and safe.

Also, Don’t forget to suggest your own ideas here in the comment section, I would like to see it.

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