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Mizkif’s Sister: Emily Rinaudo’s Bio & Lifestyle

Emily Rinaudo Biography| Emily Rinaudo| Emily Rinaudo age

Emily Rinaudo has lately been the name of their peers.  She did wonders for her modeling career with her gorgeous looks and curvaceous figure. This is a piece from Lemony Blog that is solely dedicated to Emily’s fans.

This Lemony Blog post discusses everything you need to know about your favorite Emily Rinaudo. Keep scrolling until the end to read Mizkif’s Sister: Emily Rinaudo’s Biography. RInaudo is a Twitch streamer. She is the sister of the famous Youtuber, Mizkif. This piece includes her biography, early life details, family, boyfriend, career, net worth, and a few more interesting facts.

Explore the biography of your favorite model and social media star Emily Rinaudo.

Who is Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo is a model, adult actor, and social media influencer. She is the younger sister of the Youtube and Twitch sensation, Mazkif. Just like Mazkif, Emily uses social media platforms to earn a living. While the sensuous actress Emily had already been ruling the hearts of millions with her risqué content on social media, she rose to even greater popularity after getting in trouble with Instagram. 

In no time, the social media celebrity was off social media. However, she moved to OnlyFans to share more revealing content. Take a look at Emily Rinaudo’s quick profile.

Personal Profile | Mazkif’s Sister Emily Rinaudo 

Official Name – Emily Rinaudo

Nickname – Emily

Known For – Adult Actress, Social Media Influencer, Mizkif’s Sister

Date of Birth – January 22, 1996

Age – 26 years old

Place of Birth – Chesapeake, Virginia, the United States of America  

Current Residence – Virginia

Zodiac Sign – Aquarius

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Caucasian (English descendant)

Religion – Not Known

Profession – Instagram Model, Adult Star

Net Worth – $500K (estimated)

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches

Weight – 132lbs

Eye Color – Blue

Hair Color – Brown

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Father: Michael Rinaudo; Mother: Not Known

Siblings – Mizkif (Matthew Rinaudo)

Marital Status – Unmarried

Partner – Connor Keating (Boyfriend)

Children – Not Known  

Emily Rinaudo Biography: A Sneak Peek

Emily Rinaudo is a young aspiring model from America. Besides being a model, she is also a social media influencer and an adult movie star. She is primarily renowned for her modeling in bikinis and lingerie. Emily gained quite good fame herself through her sensuous pictures. 

She was born on January 22, 1996, in the family of Michael Rinaudo in Chesapeake, VA. She was Michael Rinaudo’s and his wife’s second child. At a very young age, Emily discovered her thing before the camera. Over the years, she grooved and groomed herself to be a model.

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Emily’s early life details majorly include her childhood. There ain’t any other personal details available to the masses. Despite being so popular amongst her fans, Mizkif’s sister never shared any of her family details. She shared her childhood with her older brother Mizkif. She happened to discover her potential before the camera at a young age through a social media application called Instagram. The app today doesn’t need any introduction to the audience. Emily completed her high school from Currituck County High School, Barco, North Carolina. However, the information regarding her graduation isn’t available to the masses.

Emily Childhood & Early Life

Very little is known about Emily Rinaudo’s life before she became a social media influencer. Despite being so popular amongst her fans, Mizkif’s sister never shared anything about her family. She shared her childhood with her older brother Mizkif. The Rinaudo siblings were brought up in a cozy environment in the Rinaudo family. The duo shares a tight bond. Mizkif and his little sister are in Montclair, New Jersey, USA. Having spent her growing years in Montclair, Rinaudo and her family moved to North Carolina.

Her father is Michael Rinaudo. The name of Emily’s mother is not known. Rinaudo’s older sibling, Matthew Rinaudo (popular as Mizkif) is a social media celebrity. He is a Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. The 27 years old YouTuber has four Youtube channels with over a 1.15Million subscribers combined.

Emily Rinaudo- Mizkif's Sister

Educational Qualifications

Sensuous Emily is in her mid-twenties. So, we know that she has completed her education. 
Emily completed her high school at Currituck County High School, Barco, North Carolina. However, the information regarding her graduation isn’t available to the masses. Emily’s older brother, Mizkif has a degree in finance.

How Old is Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo was born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rinaudo in 1996 on January 22. The model and Onlyfans influencer turned 26 in January 2022. Her sibling, Mizkif or Matthew Rinaudo was born in 1995. As of 2022, he is 27 years old. 

Keep scrolling to discover Emily Rinaudo’s physical appearance.

Physical Appearance

The 26 years old social media influencer is a professional model. She is a freelancer. She models for various companies. That being said, it is evident that Emily maintains an appealing physique to stroll ahead in her career. Rinaudo is a successful adult movie actor. She is active on OnlyFans and other social media platforms except for Instagram. The model often shares revealing and sensuous content on her social media. 

Here’s the information about her physical appearance –

  • Height – Emily Rinaudo is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her height per centimeter is 178 cm.
  • Weight – The model and social media celebrity weigh around 132lbs. Her weight in Kg is 59 Kg (approx.)
  • Eye Color – Mizkif’s sister has breathtakingly gorgeous blue eyes.
  • Hair Color – She has a thick bunch of wavy brown hair.
  • Body Type – The adult actress has an hourglass life physique. She has a bold bust and a narrow waist.
  • Skin Tone – Hailing from a Caucasian family, Emily has white skin.
  • Tattoos and Piercing – Rinaudo has piercings in her ears. We have no information if she has tattoos or not.

Her Sibling – Mazkif

Who is Mazkif?

Matthew Rinaudo, popularly known as Mizkif, is a renowned American Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. The 27 years old social media influencer is also the owner and founding member of the gaming organization, One True King.

Mizkif is the older sibling of the adult actress, Emily Rinaudo. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rinaudo on February 24, 1995, in Montclair, New Jersey. The gamer visited the local high school, Currituck County High School located in Barco, North Carolina to complete his schooling. Thereafter, he attended Rutgers University for further studies. 

Mizkif has a Master’s degree in Finance. 

Talking about his career, we have found that Emily’s brother started streaming in 2016. He rose to fame after working as a cameraman for a fellow streamer, Ice Poseidon. At PAX East, Mizkif and one of his fellow streamers received a one-week ban from Twitch in 2019. The suspension was ruled for making absurd and inappropriate comments toward a female streamer. 

One of Matthew Rinaudo’s streams from March 202 gained him a lot of attention. The sleeping stream helped him earn $5.6K. In 2020, Rinaudo was the third most watched Twitch streamer. 

Emily Rinaudo: Rise to Fame

Rinaudo has been active as a model in the industry for over 4-years now. She is a freelancer and model for various companies. She started posting her selfies, pictures in bikinis, and lingerie in early 2017 on Instagram. Her beauteous looks and curvy figure gained her hundreds of thousand followers in no time. She loved exposing her curves in her pictures and often turned to the gym to sweat over it.

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She worked on many prominent projects including Maxim’s Finest. Maxim’s Finest was actually a competition organized by an International Men’s Magazine called Maxim. She qualified for the finals of the competition too. Emily also worked with an online community called Arsenic. Arsenic in general is all about collaborations amidst music, arts, and online models. Besides this, Mizkif’s sister also associated with projects with Emmy Bre. Emmy herself is a gorgeous model and a social media star like Emily.

Her Net Worth

Although there are not any specified figures available as to how much does Emily Rinaudo earns. Through online research, we came to the conclusion that she rules over the handsome net worth of over $300 thousand for sure. She accumulated this sum through her hard work and dedication. With her modeling career at is peeked, this fortune is undoubtedly bound o increase in the coming years.

Emily’s Boyfriend, Love life And Affairs

Emily Rinaudo has always been quiet on her personal matters. She hardly ever shared any facts about her personal life. Being a popular face amidst the crowd makes the audience curious about one’s love life. The same happens to Mizkif’s little sister. The 24-years old social media star was known to have an affair with Connor Keating. Keating is a BMX rider and a famous social media pal. For some unknown reasons the two did last together for long and parted ways.

Social Media Presence 

The social media influencer has been active on all the prominent social media platforms for quite some time. Frequently, one can see Emily sharing bold and exposing pictures and videos on her social media handles. 

Her Twitter handle has a whopping 153.6K followers. Her Tik Tok account has more than 2.5Million views. The model’s Instagram account had over 250 followers before it was disabled in 2018. Recently, her Instagram account was re-enabled after years of inactivity. Now she has 228K followers.

On Youtube, Emily has more than 190K subscribers. The adult model occasionally updates her Youtube channel.

Rumors And Controversies

One of the biggest controversies that Emily Rinaudo had been a part of was a video scandal that led to her inactivity on social media. The viral video did a lot of damage to her reputation. As a result, she became inactive on social media. 

Read more about Emily Rinaudo’s disappearance from social media in the following section.

Yet another controversy hit Emily when Instagram disabled her profile for risqué content. The platform did not allow her to create another account. Recently, her Instagram account was re-enabled after the completion of the ruling ban. 

Emily Rinaudo’s Disappearance From Social Media

Globally popular one day and disappeared the next day. Yes! That’s exactly how it happened. Emily Rinaudo has been a sensation among her followers on Instagram. She had over 250K followers on her profile too. Those were the peak days of her career. No one expected it to happen but one day out of nowhere, Emily’s Insta handle was disabled. She tried to create another profile in an attempt to recreate her popularity but failed. That was the end of her updates on Instagram.

Reason Behind The Sudden Disappearance

Spectators claim that the reason for her account disability was her too sensuous pictures that violated the policy of Social media. There were also claims that her inactive social media status was the result of the scandal she was involved in. There was a videotape circulating widely online which showed her getting involved in a scandal. There are assumptions that this tape did great damage to her social image. Rinaudo thus decided to put an end to her online endeavors. Ever since then Emily is hardly seen updating any of her social media accounts.

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Life Aftermath

Rinaudo was known to hit the gym before her inactivity from social media platforms. She was also famous for her love to enjoy luxurious lifestyles. Post the major scandal, Emily called her modeling career a quit and switched to something else. Leaving Instagram at bay, Emily remained available on other social media platforms however she rarely updated any of them. She occasionally updated her youtube channel with many videos. Her channel has over 190K subscribers.

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Frequently Asked Question | Emily Rinaudo

Who is Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo is a social media influencer, model, and adult actress. She is a Twitch and OnlyFans streamer. Rinaudo is also famous as the little sister of famous Youtuber, Mizkif. 

How old is Emily Rinaudo? 

Emily Rinaudo is 26 years and 6 months old in July 2022. She was born in January 1996. 

Where is Mizkif’s sister Emily now?

Mizkif’s (or Matthew Rinaudo’s) younger sibling, Emily Rinaudo is in Virginia, the United States of America. 

Who is Emily Rinaudo dating now?

Emily Rinaudo was reportedly seen dating Conner Keating. Keating is a BMX rider and social media influencer.

What does Emily Rinaudo do?

Emily Rinaudo does freelance modeling, social media modeling, and acting. She is an adult actress. The majority of her adult content can be accessed on OnlyFans via the paid subscription.

Why Did Rinaudo Disappear From Social Media?

Rinaudo has to disappear from social media for two reasons:

The first reason is that her Instagram account was disabled by Instagram for trespassing the post guidelines. She has posted some risqué and 18+ content that led to her ban on the platform. She could not create another account.

The second reason was her involvement in an adult scandal. The viral videotape led her to refrain from social media for a while. Presently, Emily is back on all the social media platforms. She is also active on OnlyFans and Twitch.

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