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Carl Judie Wiki, Biography, Career, Wife, Net Worth, and More

Carl Judie Biography| Carl Judie| Carl Judie age| Carl Judie career

Carl Judie is one of the lesser-known American actors of recent times. He is best known for his phenomenal performances in the Dhar Mann series and Joshua Daniel’s short movie, ‘A True Menstrual Story’. Mr. Carl Judie passed away on February 14 in 2021 following several health complications due to COVID-19. The same was revealed by his only child, Brianna Walker. 

While he was still alive, Carl was an American social media star and an entertainer besides a movie and theatre actor. He may have started acting pretty late, but he grew up to be a recognized artist in no time. Before entering the entertainment industry in his early fifties, Judie had served in the Military. 

Know more about the spectacular actor Carl Judie in this Lemony Blog post. In this piece, we have discussed everything you need to know about Carl Judie’s Wiki, Biography, Career, Wife, Net Worth, and More. 

Who is Carl Judie?

Lt. Mr. Carl Judie was an American actor and theatre artist. He was also a former military officer. He was born and brought up in Texas, the United States of America. His date of birth is July 1957. At the age of 63, Carl Judie left us grieving due to COVID-19. 

While Judie had been working as a theatre artist since the early 2010s, he rose to fame after working on a youth inspirational series called Dhar Mann in 2018. Carl Judie has been a part of more than 50 episodes in the series. After featuring in Joshua Daniel’s short movie, A True Menstrual Show in 2020, Judie transformed into a popular artist. 

Keep reading to discover Carl Judie’s biography, his wife, family, career, net worth, etc.

Personal Profile | Carl Judie

Official Name – Carl Judie

Nickname – Carl

Known For – Actor, Theatre artist, and social media celebrity

Date of Birth – July 12, 1957

Age – 63 years and 7 months

Place of Birth – Lubbock, Texas, the United States of America 

Date of Death – February 14, 2021 

Current Residence – Lubbock, Texas, the United States of America

Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Gender – Male

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Multiracial

Religion – Christian 

Profession – Actor, Theatre Artist, Former Military Officer

Net Worth – $2-4Million (Estimated)

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches or 178 cm 

Weight – 70 Kgs (Estimated)

Eye Color – Black

Hair Color – Black

Social Media Presence – Inactive due to death

Parents – Father: Rosco Judie; Mother: Dessia Lee

Siblings – 7 siblings (names not known)

Marital Status – Married

Partner – Sharon

Children – Brianna Walker

Carl Judie Biography 

Carl Judie Biography 

Carl Judie was born to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Judie in Lubbock, Texas, the United States of America. He was born on July 12, 1957. He is an American citizen by birth. His zodiac sign is cancer. Hailing from a multiracial background, Carl Judie follows Christianity. He is one of the eight children his parents had.

No information about his family or siblings is available to the masses. Reports suggest that Carl had been pretty persistent in keeping his personal life under the covers. He did not reveal any personal details about himself either. The majority of his social media posts revolved either around his professional life or the social causes he worked on.

              Yes, you read it just right!

              Carl Judie was a philanthropist. He was also an entrepreneur. 

 The upcoming section of this lemony Blog post discusses Carl Judie’s early life and family backdrop. So, stay tuned.

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Why is Carl Judie Popular?

American actor and social media celebrity, Carl Judie is primarily famous for his mind-boggling performance in the short movie, A True Menstrual Show. He is also recognized for his acting skills in the youth-inspiring series, Dhar Mann. 

The Dhar Mann series has 258 episodes. Judie had been a part of more than 50 episodes. Judie’s most appreciated performances were from the episodes, His Wife is in a Come, He Sings to Her Every day and Rich Girl Demands a Limousine. 

Early Life and Family Background

As mentioned above, actor Carl Judie was born and brought up in Lubbock, Texas, the United States of America. His father’s name was Rosco Judie. Dessia Lee was Carl Judie’s mother. Carl was from a middle-class family of Rosco Judie and his beloved wife. He was one of the 8 children Rosco Judie and his wife parented. 

Having been born in a middle-class background, Judie had a very ordinary childhood in a big family. In an interview, Carl Judie once revealed that his father, Rosco was a strict parent. He was a preacher of discipline. Judie said that he would receive a beating on the days when he did not listen to his father. 

Before pursuing his passion for acting, Carl Judie was a military officer. As a result, he kept his personal and family information private. The names of his siblings are not known. We, however, have some details about his family after marriage. 

His wife, Sharon Judie is a playwright. Judie’s daughter, Brianna Walker is an actor. 

Take a look at Carl Judie’s educational qualifications in the next section. 

Educational Qualifications

Dhar Mann fame Carl Judie visited the Estacado High School in Lubbock to complete his schooling. Thereafter, he might have visited a private college in Texas to complete his graduation. 

Carl Judie did not reveal much about his educational backdrop. 

Considering that Judie was a former military officer and he had served in the military for more than 2 decades, we assume that he was a highly educated individual. He was exceptionally intellectual too.  

How Did Carl Judie Die?

COVID-19 has been a monstrous disease that claimed the lives of millions. One such person was your very favorite, Carl Judie. Judie passed away on valentine’s day last year. His date of death is February 14, 2021.

His daughter, Brianna Walker informed his fans about Carl’s death via Instagram. She took to the social media platform to share news about her father’s untimely demise. Brianna regarded Carl Judie as her sunshine. Her social media post read –

“I’m completely heartbroken. RIP @carl8493 Carl “Dad Granddad” Judie. 

Later, Walker revealed that Judie has died of health complications due to COVID-19. Not long before his death, Judie was diagnosed as COVID positive. The virus disease damaged his respiratory system which eventually caused his death. 

Physical Appearance

A True Menstrual Story star Carl Judie was a rather perfect tall, dark and handsome man. Even at the age of 63, he was just as appealing. Take a look at his physical appearance – 

  • Height – Carl Judie or just Carl had a decent height. He was 5 feet and 8 inches tall. His height in centimeters was 178 cm.
  • Weight – Dhar Mann actor, Judie weighed somewhere around 70Kgs. He weighed around 150lbs in pounds. 
  • Eye Color – Carl had pitch black eyes.  
  • Hair Color – He has black hair. 
  • Body Type – At the age of 63, Carl Judie has an average physique. He did not work out.  
  • Skin Tone – The multiracial star, Judie was dark-skinned. One of his parents might have been of African descent.
  • Tattoos and Piercing – Carl Judie did not have any tattoos or piercings.

Personal Life | Wife, and Children

As you read above, Carl was a married man when he died. Sharon Judie is his wedded partner. Sharon is an award-winning playwright. She has penned some extremely popular plays. 

Judie and Sharon have parented their daughter, Brianna Walker together. Brianna is a single child. Following in her father’s footsteps, Brianna is a professional actor. Keep reading to discover more about Carl Judie’s dating history. 

Before marrying Sharon, the playwright, Carl was married to Juanita Y. There are rumors that Brianna is the daughter of Juanita and Carl and not Sharon and Carl. 

However, in reality, Carl and his ex-wife Juanita had separated long before Walker was born.  

Actor Judie was a private man. He was always persistent in keeping his personal and professional life separate. As a result, not much is known about his personal life. 

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Judie started acting at the age of 55 in 2013. His entrance into the entertainment world was nothing but a coincidence. Judie debuted as an actor in a play written by his wife, Sharon.

Carl spent about 6 years working as a theatre artist. 

In 2018, he upped his acting career by working in Dhar Mann. Dhar Mann is a short video series demonstrating real-life circumstances. Each episode is based on an inspirational lesion. Judie has been featured in more than 50 episodes of Dhar Mann. 

In 2020, Carl Judie portrayed the role of a grandfather in Joshua Daniel’s A True Menstrual Show. In just 2 years, Carl Judie was a celebrated actor. All of his projects are a masterpiece indeed.   

Life Before Acting

Carl Judie started acting when he was in his early-fifties. Before pursuing acting, Carl had served in the military. He was a former military officer. He had served in the military for about 2 decades. 

Judie was also an entrepreneur. 

How did Judie Enter Acting?

In an interview, Carl narrated the story of how he commenced acting. He revealed that he started acting after he retired from the military. He joined the theatre in 2013.

He said that he was once accompanying his wife in one of her plays. When the lead character dropped out for some unrevealed reason, Judie volunteered to replace him. He said that he had always been passionate about acting. 

Everyone in the theatre appreciated his acting and encouraged him to continue being a theatre artist. After finding comfort in the role plays, he continued acting. 

Lifestyle, Net Worth and Salary

The exact net worth of Carl Judie is not known. Several online media outlets speculate his probable net worth (at the time of his death) to be somewhere around $2-4Million. 

His salary as an actor is not known either. 

Coming from a middle-class family, Carl Judie had a decent lifestyle. He was a private person. He did not believe in socializing his personal information. 

Rumors and Controversies

Judie Carl may have been a veteran theatre artist. But he had a rather brief acting career in the entertainment industry. 

During this short span, Judie was never a part of any rumor or controversy. 

Social Media Presence 

American actor Carl Judie was also a social media celebrity. He has a strong following on Twitter and Instagram. 

After his death, Judie’s social media profiles have been left unattended. 

Lesser-Known Facts | Carl Judie

Read some lesser-known interesting facts about Carl Judie –

  • Carl Judie had a joyous personality. He loved making others laugh.
  • Judie had a great equation with his co-actors.
  • Judie died while battling COVID-19.
  • He was a former military servant.
  • Carl Judie had married twice. 
  • Sharon Judie is Carl’s second wife. 

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Frequently Asked Question | Carl Judie

Who is Carl Judie?

Late Mr. carl Judie was an American actor and theatre artist. He can be seen in the short movie, A True Menstrual Show, and the video series, Dhar Mann. Judie had been a former military officer before becoming an actor.

How old is Carl Judie? 

63 years and 7 months old.

Carl Judie died on February 14 in 2021. At the time of his death, he was 63 years old. 

How did he die?

Actor Carl Judie passed away due to several health complications. His daughter, Brianna Walker stated that the complications arose due to COVID-19. 

How much is Carl Judie’s Net Worth?

While the exact net worth of Carl Judie is still under review, several online portals suggest that the actor had a whopping net worth of more than $2-4Million. 

Does Carl Judie have a wife?


Carl Judie was a happily married man. He was married to Sharon Judie.

Sharon is a playwright.

Who is Brianna Walker?

Brianna Walker is the biological daughter of the Lt. American actor, Carl Judie.

When was Carl Judie Born?

Actor and theatre artist, Carl Judie was born on July 12, 1957. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, USA.

Why is Carl Judie Famous?

Carl Judie is famous for his phenomenal acting in Joshua Daniel’s short movie, A True Menstrual Show. He is also recognized for his appearance in Dhar Mann. 

Dhar Mann is a youth-inspiring video series. Judie has been a part of more than 50 episodes in the series. 

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