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10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

It is a normal human tendency to enjoy exploring new places and visiting new lands. Travel videos combine mankind’s love for exploring new places with its newfound passion for the digital world. Hundreds of travel enthusiasts create how-to videos where they talk about all that goes into their successful travel adventures. Such travel videos are incredibly popular as they allow the audience to explore new places without having to set out of the house.

The widespread popularity of the initial travel videos has encouraged millions of content creators to experiment with this genre. Today, there is intense competition, and unless you create stellar travel videos, your content will get lost in a sea of content. To help you in your journey, here are ten practical tips for travel video making.

Do Your Homework

Like every other skill, travel filmmaking is also learned best from experience. However, you do not need to wait and make mistakes yourself to learn this skill. Begin your video-making journey by studying the videos of popular travel channels. Watch their initial videos to understand how they have evolved over the years and the changes incorporated in later videos.

Pay attention to the finer production details such as the lighting, camera angles, transitions, font colors, etc. Read through the comments sections of such videos to identify content gaps. That way, you will have a better picture of the kind of videos that you should create.

Prepare Your Camera

If you are new to making travel videos, you must understand that there is no need for you to procure the most expensive camera right away. However, try to take a systemic approach to the filming and adjust the camera setting before you set out on the trip.

That way, you can experiment with settings and choose the best one as your default mode. When you do not amend the camera setting, it gives you consistent footage that requires minimal color correction.

Decide On How Much to Shoot

While it is a fact that having extra footage helps in the editing, you cannot afford to overshoot. Overshooting will cause you to miss out on experiences, and you will regret it later.

Understand that you can create quality travel content only when you live your experience. The best way to strike a balance is to dedicate a certain time of the day to free video editor filming and ensuring that you explore the place the rest of the time. Ideally, early mornings and late evenings have the best lightings and are perfect for video filming.

Tell A Story with Your Video

The chaos and uncertainty that are associated with traveling should not reflect in your video. Not all sections of your audience may enjoy the lack of order. That is why you need to plan your content in such a way that it tells a story. You can either choose to plan a story and then look for the appropriate travel footage.

Alternatively, you can always have your camera ready and film anything that you find interesting. Later, you sit down with all the available footage and come up with a story that joins the relevant parts.

Do Not Be a Narcissist

Understand that the purpose of a travel video is to talk about a place, the food, and the sceneries. Avoid a narcissistic approach where the video becomes all about you and the wonderful life that you are leading. Travel enthusiasts have a negative opinion about such videos.

To improve the reach of your videos, try to create videos where you show the architecture, your interactions with natives, or ones where you talk about the history of the land. Avoid videos where you show off your hotel room or the parties that you had in the city.

Take Diverse Shots

While shooting your films, try to pan up, down, left, and right. You can consider taking shots from a moving vehicle, experiment with worm eyes view, try time-lapse, or show spinning shots. That way, during the editing stage, you will figure out what works the best for your video.

When diverse video shots are weaved into a story, it helps to keep the viewer engrossed throughout the video. Over time, you can identify some specific shots to incorporate in all your travel videos. These will give a brand identity to your YouTube channel.

Add Motion to Your Video

A major challenge of creating travel videos Is the fact that it is difficult to capture the excitement of architecture as there is no motion. You can find your way around it by creating motion with your camera movement. For example, time-lapse will do a great job in bringing a static landscape to life. Experiment your way with the different camera movements to identify the ones to incorporate in your travel videos.

Film Locals

Humans love company, and videos with close shots of the locals are successful in evoking an emotional response in the viewer. Focus on the eyes as those convey millions of thoughts. You may either choose to film shots or focus on one person at a time.

During your travels, look for opportunities to interact with the locals. If possible, request them for a short video. When used with appropriate subtitles, such clips will improve the aesthetic appeal of your travel video and add to its authenticity.

Choose Your Video Editing Tool

While creating a travel video, you need to realize that the editing is just as important as the filming. If you want to take a quick approach to video creation, make sure that you choose a tool with an intuitive interface. Depending on your budget, you can go for a free tool or choose to opt for paid services.

With tools like InVideo, you have the luxury of choosing either option. While editing, pay special attention to the color correction and make sure that it is consistent throughout the video. If you are worrying that your skills aren’t good enough, you can order professional video editing services to ensure that your footage gets enhanced quickly and efficiently.

Connect Your Story Meaningfully

If you want to stand out in the competitive world of video, you need to focus on editing and link your clips in a meaningful way. These days, the average viewer has a dwindling attention span, and long travel videos have lost their appeal. That is why you must pay special attention to ensure that only the best clips make it to your video.

The journey of video creation and editing is just as interesting as your travel adventures. As you chalk out ways of combining the two, here’s wishing you a successful journey ahead.

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