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9 Wrinkle Myths You Need To Stop Believing

9 Wrinkle Myths You Need to Stop Believing
  • There are plenty of places to find help about getting rid of wrinkles. After all, this is a multi-million-rand business and growing by the day. 
  • Sometimes, you find real truthful answers and recommendations about how to deal with the common signs of aging. But many times, if it is not a professional company, then people just want to sell a product no matter whether you have problem skin or not, or whether it might be bad for your skin. 
  • Some people pass down ‘beauty secrets’ or myths like they are top professionals, telling you about the top-rated anti-wrinkle creamthey have. 
  • Don’t be hoodwinked into buying stuff before you know that it comes from top skin experts. Rodan and Fields, for example – see the Rodan and Fields reviewpostings from buyers. They are passionate about giving people real confidence in their products. Here, we debunk the below-mentioned myths about skincare that many people ask about. 

How Are Wrinkles Formed?

Ultraviolet radiation is the biggest reason why wrinkles form and which speeds up the wrinkling and aging process. Being exposed to UV light, the skin’s connective tissue composed of elastin fibers and collagen[1] starts to break down.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from the sun and man-made sources, such as tanning beds and welding torches.

9 Common Myths 

MYTH: People with oily skin don’t need to apply moisturizer as their skin is oily enough

Wrong! If you do have oily skin, you still need to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer[2]. Just ensure it’s an oil-free one. Then it won’t clog your skin and make it feel even greasier. When good products aren’t used even for oily skin, sometimes the skin starts to produce more oil to try and compensate for moisture that is not there.

MYTH: Drink plenty of water because it moisturizes your skin. Then you won’t need a moisturizer

This is a myth that many people believe. If you are a drinker of plenty of water, it might seem that way to you, but it doesn’t really add moisture to your skin.

What it does, though, is to remove toxins from your body, then your entire body usually starts to feel better and starts functioning better, even your skin.

Drinking water might clear your skin from the inside toxins that are creating acne, for instance, but you will still need to add a good moisturizer for extra glow.

MYTH: If you want smooth skin, exfoliate it every day

Some skin care specialists and dermatologists will not recommend that you exfoliate your skin at all – they feel it is too harsh for the skin.

Some say that daily exfoliating can actually slow down cell turnover and remove the natural oils from your skin, causing more breakouts.

If you have to exfoliate, it is recommended you don’t do it more than twice a week. And rather exfoliate your skin longer, but not harder!

MYTH: Diet does not matter for skin health

That myth might be true for the very young, whose skin is plump and beautiful usually up to their teenage years.

It will contribute to acne, oily or dry skin, premature wrinkles, and rashes on the skin. If you don’t get in plenty of minerals and vitamins through a correct diet, you are more than likely to witness the common signs of aging at an early age.

MYTH: Facial exercise helps to make wrinkles go away

Stretching your facial muscles is not going to get rid of wrinkles – neither are you likely to see a natural glow from doing facial exercises.

If the real truth were known, you are going to need a lot more than just facial exercise to work out your wrinkles.

MYTH: Spend lots of money on top wrinkle creams because they are the only ones that work

The real fact is that wrinkles are inevitable, expensive products or not. The wrinkle products you buy need not break the bank.

If you have been spending a fortune buying skin creams, overtreating, and overspending, rather consider medical-grade products first that are typically more effective, safer, and less expensive than a lot of these very expensive beauty supply stores.

MYTH: When in the sun, only then is sunscreen needed

Also, wrong. When you are out in the sun, you might feel your skin burning. That’s a reminder to reapply sunscreen.

But when the clouds are out, it is still essential to wear sunscreen[3] as well, protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays that are there even in cloudy weather.

Some of the best products are those that protect your skin from blue light, pollution, and infrared light, all of which contribute to aging and wrinkles.

MYTH: Using organic and natural products are better for your skin

“When choosing between a natural or organic product and one that’s not, it’s helpful to think about what is important to you.” That’s what Kelly C. Nelson, dermatologist, says.

If you want a product that is preservative-free or fragrance-free, then a natural product might be your best bet. Natural doesn’t always mean better though, nor are they always safer, and also not always likely to provide better results or be free from allergies.

MYTH: If you see an improvement in your skin, you can stop using an anti-wrinkle product

The truth of the matter is you shouldn’t ditch your products if the product is working for you. You need to maintain the work they have already done for you.

A lot of skincare products have Tretinoin which is the generic form of Retin-A. See the Rodan and Fields review postings from consumers to see how they find this anti-aging cream.

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The Bottom Line

There are plenty of external factors that cause the skin to age fast – UV radiation, pollution, stress, lack of proper nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle habits, not using sunscreen, and many more. There is no magical cure for getting wrinkles. 

But there are treatments that can help to soften creases and lines such as retinoids. This has proven to be the most effective way of treating wrinkles. Don’t be taken in by all the myths about wrinkles. 

We all age, it’s a natural part of aging, and wrinkles will be there, good products or not. Your best bet to prevent them is to look after your skin with a genuine top-rated anti-wrinkle cream, plenty of healthy food, being happy and relaxed – then see how soft the wrinkles become. 

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