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What You Need To Know About A Career In Cosmetology

Career in Cosmetology

Do you know how much the beauty industry brings in? According to Statista, by the end of 2021, the revenue could be over $511,401 million.  Personal care is the biggest contributor at $226,959. 

2018 statistics show that skincare and hair care cosmetics are dominating. They take up 39% and 21% of the global market respectively.

If there is a lucrative career path, cosmetology would top the list. But, there is a lot to know about getting into the profession. 

Cosmetology: What Does It Entail?

Cosmetology has its origin in the Greek word kosmētikos. It simply means skilled in adornment. In the modern world, it covers many factors like hair makeup and skincare products. Others are permanent makeup, laser hair removal, and so much more.

Career opportunities are plentiful in the field of cosmetology. You have options like barbers, hairstylists, skincare consultants, and estheticians. 

What You Need To Do To Get Into the Field

 To become a practicing cosmetologist. You must have the relevant certification. You will need to complete a specific number of hours in training.  It could range from 260 to 1500 hours. After this, you must take a written practical examination as well.

Many students struggle with the final part. The good news is that there are resources that can help with the preparation. Such include free board-licensed cosmetology practice tests that are available online. They cover a wide range of topics depending on your area of specialization.

Some of the tests use multiple-choice formats that are easy to use. Results are instantaneous, allowing you to concentrate on areas that need their attention. Further, such sites have blogs that provide excellent career advice.   

Do take note of the requirements in your area.  Different states and countries have unique requirements specific to them. 

Training opportunities are available in beauty schools, colleges, or vocational institutions. You can also go the apprenticeship way. You will have to look for an employer who provides such facilities for learners.

The training will typically range from one to one and a half years. If you are pursuing an associate degree, you will need two years to complete the training. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Cosmetologist

The roles and responsibilities will depend on your specialization. Take the example of hair care.  Some of the things you will be doing include shampooing and cutting hair. You may also be in charge of coloring, straightening, or styling.

And yes, you have to know about hair, skin, and scalp conditions. In case of any issues, you may need to recommend treatment as well.  

But that is not all, you also play the role of advisor. If a client asks a question like “How do I take care of wavy hair?” You will need to provide information on things like the right conditioner or shampoo to use. You will also recommend styles, colors, and proper management of such hair texture. 

If you are focusing on skincare, start by knowing the different types. By looking at clients’ skin you can provide a proper evaluation.

Knowing about skin conditions, treatments and protective measures is critical. Some of the things you will do include facials, waxing, microblading, and tweezing. 

If you go into nail care, some roles include manicure, pedicure, and cuticle treatments.  

Important Skills to Have

Anyone with interest and a willingness to learn can get into cosmetology. But above these, some interpersonal skills will set you apart. They include:

  • It helps to have creativity.  You should be able to pick interesting ideas and trends to come up with a new look for your clients.
  • You must be a good communicator. That means you listen with an aim of understanding. Internalize what the client wants without imposing your ideas on them.
  • Patience is critical. You have seen your share of drama when you go to the salon.  A client may have expectations that you will not be able to deliver, some will not like the work you do, and can become quite abrasive. You should be able to handle such with grace. The rule of thumb is never to lose your cool no matter how angry the client is.
  • You must have stamina because you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet.
  • Flexibility is also crucial. Do not be too rigid in how you handle clients. You need to be able to tweak, customize or recommend different styles and options. Also, be ready to work long and sometimes odd hours.
  • Curiosity to learn the latest trends and development. Beauty products are hitting the market at a rate that would make your head spin. The internet has opened up a world of information for clients. There should never be a situation where the customer is more up to date than you. 

Potential Earnings

Going into cosmetology provides a career that is satisfying both mentally and financially. Are you interested in how much you can earn? Well, In the US, the average salary is $33,836 per year.

According to Glassdoor, the most lucrative is an esthetician who can take home$ 36,025. In second place are hairdressers who go home with $34,658. Cosmetologists earn $29,466, and hairstylists are in fourth place at $27,741. 

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