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Why More Women Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing

Laser Hair Removal Over Waxing

A woman can spend over $23000 over her life on temporary hair removal measures such as shaving and waxing. That’s a lot of dollars, considering you can once in a while forget to shave. But there’s a better option, which is also cheaper, which is laser hair removal. The light is concentrated on the follicle and kills the hair by stopping the follicle from working. Laser hair removal doesn’t only make financial sense but also saves time. But what are the other reasons why more women are choosing it over waxing?

Hair Removal and How it’s Done

As stated before, laser hair removal is a procedure that eradicates body hair by stopping the follicle from working. A laser hair removal machine prevents the follicle from working, that kills hair, and it doesn’t grow again. Most women need one or two treatments to stop the hair from growing. For others, however, they have to undergo up to eight treatments or more. Laser hair removal can be done on all unwanted hair on the body from legs, underarms, and the bikini line.

Why Are Most Women Choosing Laser Hair Removal?

Other than not having to worry about hair growing in unwanted areas of the body, there are several reasons why you’d choose laser hair removal rather than waxing. Below are a few that stand out

Do Away with Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is the bumps on the skin that are itchy and appear after shaving or waxing. At times, ingrown hair can be infected, which may require antibiotic treatment. Also, since they are pretty visible, they can be embarrassing and leave you insecure. When you perform laser hair removal treatment, new hair doesn’t grow, and hence, no ingrown hair in the future.

Saves Time

Infections and embarrassment aside, you save a lot of time. An average woman can spend around four months of their life on body hair removal. Besides making several hair appointments to wax, with just 30-60 minutes, a quick trip to a laser clinic Sydney does away with unwanted hair for good.

Can be Down When the Hair is Short

You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to perform laser hair removal as you would with waxing. Laser treatment can be done when the hair is still short and effective. When you start the treatment, that’s when you say goodbye to hair growth.

Financially Reasonable

One of the main reasons why you’d choose laser over waxing is that it saves you money. With the laser, you pay around 150 per session, which costs 900 for the entire treatment. As you have seen above, this is a massive bargain as opposed to waxing.

Better Skin

One of the most common complaints of waxing is dry skin and irritation. After laser hair removal, your skin may be slightly red, but it goes down after an hour or so. But you don’t have to worry about your skin long-term as you’ll have smooth skin.

Laser Is The Way

Waxing has been in use with good results before, but today laser hair removal is proving a better option. You’ll have fewer worries about skin irritation; you also get to save time and money with laser treatment. If you are trying to decide whether to wax or get laser treatment, we have proved here in this article that laser hair treatment is the way to go. 

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