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Know All About Tatiana Zappardino: Tatiana Veteran USMC, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Etc.

Tatiana Veteran

Who doesn’t know Tatiana Zappardino?

Syfy’s Superstition famed Tatiana Zappardino is a renowned actress from Hollywood. Having credits in multiple television series, TV movies, and short films, Tatiana has earned quite some attention. But did you know that besides being an immensely talented actress, she is also a former USMC officer?

Yes, the same United States Marine Corps!

Nicknamed Tatiana Veteran USMC, Zappardino was the 2nd lieutenant of the United States Marine Corps. AT USMC, the American actress served as the Public Affairs Officer. Currently, Zappardino is an established actress, writer, director, producer, and Spokesperson at NEW DAY USA. She is pretty popular amongst the folks.

If you are curious about Tatiana Veteran USMC, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Etc, read this piece. Here’s what you need. This Lemony Blog piece presents a Know-All-About piece about Tatiana Zappardino. In the sections that follow, we have discussed everything about Tatiana Zappardino. We have brought into light information like Tatiana Veteran USMC, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Etc.

So, tune in and read until the end.

Who is Tatiana Zappardino?

Tatiana Zappardino is an American actress, writer, director, and producer. But that is not all. She is also the lead spokesperson of NewDay USA. Tatiana is the owner and co-founder of Fine China Comedy, Georgia. She was commissioned as the Public Affairs Officer in August 2011. In 2014, she was appointed as the 2nd lieutenant in USMC.

The actress is best known for her appearances in SyFy’s Superstition and Orthus. Zappardino also appeared in several movies including Swiped, Asking For It, and Swiped. Find out more about Tatiana Veteran USMC in the following blog.

Personal Profile | Tatiana Zappardino

Birth Name – Tatiana Lia Zappardino

Nickname – Titiana

Known For – USMC Veteran, Tilly in TV Series Superstition

Date of Birth – October 2, 1989

Age – 32y/o

Place of Birth – San Diego, California, United States

Residence – Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America 

Zodiac Sign – Libra

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Latino-European

Religion – Christian

Profession – Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, USMC Veteran (2nd Lieutenant)

Net Worth – $500K-$5Million (Estimated)

Height – 5 Feet and 7 Inches

Weight – 66Kgs

Eye Color – Brown

Hair Color – Hazel

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Not Known

Marital Status – Unmarried

Partner – Not Known

Children – Not Known

Tatiana Zappardino Bio/Wiki

Tatiana Zappardino Bio/Wiki

The American beauty Tatiana Zappardino was born on October 2, 1989, in San Diego, California. Alongside her family, she spent her childhood in San Diego. The lady grew up and completed her schooling in her hometown. She is currently residing in Atlanta.

The gorgeous Tatiana is of mixed ethnicity. She is a Latino-European. However, she is fluent in Spanish and Italian. Her linguistic nature often makes the netizens wonder if she is Italian. Born under the Libra sun sign, Tatiana Zappardino is as charming as balanced and beautiful. She has faith in Christianity. She is an American citizen. We shall take a look at her early life and educational backdrop in the later sections. 

Family Backdrop and Life Before Fame

Information about Tatiana’s parents and family is unknown to the public. She has been secretive on that front. Not even the names of her parents are revealed. We have no updates about her siblings either.

Now coming to her life before fame, there is so much worth knowing.

Tatiana Zappardino prominently came to attention after her acting ventures. She made her acting debut in 2015 in the movie Artists. Before it, she was an academically excellent student. As a result, she was commissioned by the USMC. Though highly intellectual, Miss Zappardino was not all about books. She was quite interested in arts and acting since her childhood. Her childhood dream was to enter the entertainment industry.

She enrolled herself for graduation with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Theater in 2007. She has double Master’s degrees to her credit. Detailed information about Tatiana Zappardino’s educational history is penned below.

Educational Background

Tatiana Zappardino is believed to have visited a local high school in San Diego, CA to pursue her schooling. The name of her school is not known publicly. As for her graduation, Zappardino visited Jacksonville University in Florida.

  • She did her grads in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. She was enrolled for the batch in 2007.
  • In 2010, Zappardino proceeded to the University of Limerick.
  • In 2013, Tatiana attended Kent State University for her Master’s Degree. She did her M.A. in Masters of Arts Degree in Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs.
  • The following year, she visited Liberty University. She studied a course on Legal Ethics at Liberty University.

How Old is Tatiana Zappardino?

How Old is Tatiana Zappardino?

Actress and former USMC officer Tatiana Zappardino was born in 1989. As of April 2022, she is 32 years and 6 months old.

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Physical Appearance

When they say beauty with a brain, they mean women just like Tatiana Zappardino. Zappardino is an extremely talented woman but she is also immensely attractive. Here’s what we know about her physical appearance.

Height – Actress Tatiana Zappardino stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall on her feet. Her height in centimeters and meters is 171cm or 1.71m.

Weight – With the slender figure that she possesses, Zappardino is estimated to weigh around 66Kgs.

Eye Color – Tatiana has attractive dark brown eyes.

Hair Color – A little too unique to be common, Zappardino has hazel-colored hair.

Skin Tone – The Latino is white-complexioned.

Physical Statistics – 34-24-35inches

Tatiana Zappardino Affairs, Love Life and More

Is Tatiana Zappardino Married?

Age is just a number for people who dream high. And with so much accomplished at such a young age, her fans often wonder if Tatiana Zappardino is married?

Well, here’s the answer.

Tatiana Zappardino is unmarried as of now. She is not seeing anyone either. There is no dating history of hers available to the masses. Lemony Blog shall update you whenever your favorite Zapaprdino decides to date.

Road to Stardom

Shortly after her graduation from Jacksonville University, Zappardino did multiple jobs. She worked at Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate in New York. She was a Barista there. At Players Theater, Tatiana worked as a Children’s Director Intern. She also worked as a Commercial Trade Show Host at the US Jesco International.

Tatiana Zappardino volunteered as the assistant director at Debbie’s Angels Production from 2013 to 2014. During this period, she was working as the Public Affairs Officer at the USMC. In 2014, she was promoted to the 2nd lieutenant in the armed forces. As a writer, she has made a decent name for herself. She is a director and producer too. Besides this, Tatiana is the co-founder of an all-female comedy sketch team based in Atlanta. They call it the Fine China Comedy.

She made her acting debut in 2015 things have progressed since then. She has numerous TV series and movies under her name. The following are some of her popular works on the big and small screen.

Television Series by Tatiana Zappardino

  • Hom*cide Hunter
  • Your Worst Nightmare
  • Superstition
  • The Consultant
  • Remnant 13
  • American Menage
  • MCIS: New Orleans
  • In Between

Movies by Tatiana Zappardino

  • Artists
  • Miss Insomnia
  • Momma Jenny and the Brooks Boys
  • The Second Hand
  • Orthus
  • The Long Way Home
  • Bevy
  • The Audition
  • Exiled from Eden
  • Swiped
  • Asking For It
  • Remembrance
  • Heart of Life
  • The Parting of Ways
  • Breaking Through
  • Billyford

Tatiana Zappardino Net Worth and Lifestyle

Actress Tatiana Zappardino rules over a decent fortune. The multi-talented Tatiana has her hands in multiple professions. She is a successful actress. And she is also a well-established writer, director, and producer. Not to mention again, she is a USMC veteran and the owner of Fine China Comedy. American beauty has explored several other professions too.

As of 2022, Tatiana Zappardino’s net worth is approx. $500K to $5Million. She makes a generous living via multiple professions. As a result, she lives a comfortable life with luxury and affluence.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence - Tatiana Zappardino

Orthus famed Tatiana Lia Zappardino is quite active on social media. Her Instagram account @tzappar has 1.2K posts with 2K followings. Her profile has 5.7K followers. According to her Insta bio, she is an actor, a writer, a coin collector, and an avid bird watcher.

On Twitter account @tzappardino, Zappardino has 1115 followers. She follows 60 people on the Blue Bird App. The co-founder of Fine China Comedy started her Youtube channel in 2020. It has 1.43K subscribers. Tatiana also has an Instagram account dedicated to her venture Fine China Comedy.

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Frequently Asked Question | Tatiana Zappardino

How old is Tatiana Zappardino? / How Old is Tatiana Veteran USMC?

Tatiana Zappardino is 32 years old.

Is Tatiana Zappardino Married?

No, Tatiana Zappardino is not married. She is pretty much single and seems to have no plans to settle down anytime soon.

Why is Tatiana Zappardino Famous?

Tatiana Zappardino is a famous actress. She came into prominence after her appearance in the Television Series Superstition and the movie Orthus. Tatiana has also appeared in several movies.

Is Tatiana Zappardino Italian?

Tatiana Zappardino is a Latino European. She has ancestors hailing from all over North America and Europe.

What Rank was Tatiana’s Veteran in USMC?

Tatiana Zappardino, also known as Tatiana Veteran in USMC, joined the armed forces as a Public Affairs Officer. However, 2-years later, she was a 2nd lieutenant.

Tatiana Zappardino’s deeds have gained a lot of fans, so many of them also make pins, stickers, commemorative coins, etc. of their favorite actress’ pictures or animated images. Especially some devoted fans, who are interested in her identity as a U.S. Marine Corps officer, will also make many customized items such as navy challenge coins and metal pins, and other items for their own collection or give to more people who like her. has custom merchandise for all your favorite characters, so you might as well check it out!

Who is the USAA Spokesperson?

Tatiana Zappardino is the spokesperson of USAA. She is also the lead speaker of NewDay USA. Other than this, Tatiana is an actress, writer, and co-founder of New China Comedy.

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