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Tabitha Swatosh Biography: An introduction

Tabitha Swatosh Biography

Tabitha Swatosh is a renowned social media personality who has made headlines with her content on TikTok and YouTube. She is a young American who has carved out a niche as a content creator in TikTok. The popular videos have earned her accolades from people from all walks of life. She is also a popular model with many feathers in her cap. She is a beauty pageant winner as well and is a heartthrob of millions.

Tabitha Swatosh’s Age

Many people are asking this very common question- ‘How old is Tabitha Swatosh?’. To put an end to all such queries here are some pertinent facts about her age. The very good-looking She is 22 years of age and was born on 25th August 2000. She was born in Joplin, Missouri in the United States of America. The Virgo beauty pageant winner has a brother named Blake. A picture with her younger brother was seen by her fans on May 2017 as she posted the Instagram photo. She is not very vocal about her family and not much is known about her parents. 

Educational life of Tabitha Swatosh

Much like her family details, no insights are shared by Tabitha Swatosh regarding her educational life. It is assumed by most of his fans that she is 22 and it could be possible that she has a bachelor’s degree from college. People also speculate that she has discontinued or has opted for a sabbatical from her studies and shifted her entire focus to her career. 

Social Media Presence of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh is very active on all popular social media handles. She is very much active in tweeting after joining Twitter on May 2020. Moreover, She boasts of a fan following of more than 2.2k on Twitter and her Twitter handle is @tabithaswatosh1. Their Instagram handle of Tabitha is @tabithaswatosh. However, this account is missing right now. 

Tabitha Swatosh is a regular content creator on YouTube and her YouTube channel was created on 9th April 2020. Her YouTube channel is self-titled and has a humongous 1.75 million subscribers. Moreover, Tabitha’s YouTube channel has a massive 2M subscribers. Her TikTok account @tabitha swatosh and Tabitha herself also have a massive fan following for her content on this platform as well. Her TikTok account has 12.1 million followers and still counting. She received 541.8 million likes by July 2022. Fans can text message the model on the number +1 417-217-7303. 

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The Relationship Status of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh's boyfriend

Tabitha Swatosh is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Matt Ryan. Both of them started dating in 2020 and the romantic involvement took a sweet turn when she took to Instagram and posted a photo of the couple on 17th August 2020. The adorable picture of the couple while in a car sent the internet into chaos. Zac Green took the black and white photograph and it created enough frenzy among fans. However, she kept mum about the name of the lover and only tagged the face of Matt which is hardly visible. 

Tabitha Swatosh and Matt Ryan kept the relationship a secret from the public and media glare. But it was only until 21st August 2020 that she revealed the identity of her boyfriend. An adorable photo of the couple was also shared by Matt Ryan on the same day as he took to his Instagram handle to display his love for Tabitha. In the picture, the couple was seen walking beside each other on a bright sunny day. A loving caption was attached by Ryan where he says that She is the right person for her and she is God-sent as well. Both the couple is madly in love with each other and are giving serious couple goals as they put each other first before anything. 

The Net Worth of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh has amassed a net worth of USD 1 billion going by the latest figures in 2022. Her primary source of income is modeling and she does brand endorsements as well with quite a few high-end brands in her kitty. She also has partnerships with a whole host of income-generating activities. 

The Professional life of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh is a model by profession and is a well-known social media personality as well. Moreover, she is also the winner of many beauty pageant contests and is a reputed content creator. She has a self-titled account on TikTok that has got an incredible number of followers. Tabitha’s fan following can be attributed to the posts she made that have a unique mix of green screen performances, music clips, and story times. Her posts have fans of more than 5 million and still counting. 

She has won beauty pageant contests like Fair Queen 2018 which is the most recent. Moreover, She was the proud winner of the title for Missouri Teen 2018 and Miss Merry Christmas 2017. She also stole the show by using the number ‘FML’ by Arizona Zervas in her TikTok footage that came out in 2020. 

Tabitha also has a YouTube channel that is self-titled and it was created by her on 9th April 2020. Her YouTube channel has more than 799.9k views and the number of subscribers on the channel has reached 220k. Four videos are uploaded by Tabitha Swatosh on her YouTube channel by the middle of August 2020. 

FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO is the name of her very first video. The 5-minute long video by Tabitha Swatosh was uploaded by her on 15th June 2020. The video has more than 199k views by August 2020 and her next video was shared by her on the YouTube channel on 8th July 2020. The second video titled VLOG-1has crossed 140k views. Later, She shared another video on 27th July 2020 titled MY WHAT?? FELL OUT IN FRONT OF THE PRESIDENT?? This video was equally popular and garnered huge popularity with 392.5k views. She is unstoppable and is here with her latest video on the YouTube channel with the title ‘How to get a boyfriend 101’. The video was shared by her on 8th August 2020 and has crossed well over 69.5k views. 

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Body Measurements of Tabitha Swatosh

Body Measurements of Tabitha Swatosh

Tabitha Swatosh is 5 feet 4 inches tall with a body weight of 58 kg. She looks exquisite in her dark brown hair and her green eyes are enough to entice her fans.  

However, not much is known about other important details of her body measurements like dress and shoe size along with the measurements of her chest, waist, and hip.                 

FAQs about Tabitha Swatosh

1. What is the age of Tabitha Swatosh?

Tabitha Swatosh is 22 years of age and was born on 25th August 2000 in Joplin, Missouri in the United States of America.

2. How many siblings does Tabitha Swatosh have?

She has a younger brother and his name is Blake. 

3. Who is Tabitha Swatosh’s boyfriend?

Matt Ryan is the name of the boyfriend of Tabitha. Both of them are in a serious relationship that was initially hidden from public glare. 

4. What are the platforms on which Tabitha Swatosh is a popular content creator?

Tabitha is a very popular content creator on TikTok and YouTube. 

5. What is the real height of Tabitha Swatosh?

Tabitha Swatosh stands tall at 5 feet 4 inches and has a gorgeous hourglass figure.

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