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Dr. Karamo Chilombo Biography, Age, Net Worth 2022

dr. karamo chilombo Biography


Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a well-known singer who has earned accolades from people from all walks of life for his unique singing prowess. The American singer is also a trained medical specialist who is famously called Dr. Chill. He is also the proud father of famous singers Mila J and Jhene Akio of Jamaican nationality parents. Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a very enthusiastic person and exudes confidence in whatever he does. Many of his die-hard fans are swept away by this special quality of his and are more curious to know about Dr. Karamo Chilombo.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is not the typical doctor in the neighborhood and has certain defining qualities that set him apart from his fellow doctors. He is also known for his brilliant motivational posts that have a huge fan following on social media. Moreover, Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s fascinating music makes the fans go crazy. Furthermore, the unique dress code of Dr. Karamo Chilombo set the temperatures soaring with a touch of funk. The singer adds to the eclectic appeal with a strong affinity towards blue attire and Rasta colors as he pulls off the look with a dash of confidence. The quintessential Caribbean flair makes it certain for others to identify him as a Jamaican national.

The pediatrician Karamo Chilombo has established a name for himself in the field, as well as success and wealth. He has amassed a phenomenal net worth of $150,000 as of November 2023 thanks to his successful medical career.


  • Throughout his career, Chilombo has cared for babies, toddlers, and teenagers in a pediatrics department.
  • At the Community Hospital of Los Angeles, he works as a physician.
  • Dr. Chilombo is of African-American and German-Jewish ancestry, and his mother is of Spanish, Japanese, and Dominican descent.
  • In addition to sporting the latest trends and moving merchandise from start to finish, he’s a style icon.

Who is Dr. Karamo Chilombo?

Who is Dr. Karamo Chilombo

The incredible journey of Dr. Karamo Chilombo speaks volumes about the quality and class of the person. Fans do not want to give the singer a miss and find him on social media and TV regularly. Dr. Karamo Chilombo aka Dr. Chill O.G happens to be his stage name but his real name is Gregory Wycliff Barnes. ‘Chilombo’ was the name of the debut album of his daughter that was released in 2020. His daughter, Jhene Akio clarified to Billboard the reason she named her debut album after Dr. Karamo Chilombo. She felt that the meaning of the word that belongs to the African language resonates with the quality of his father and it means ‘monster or wild beast’.

How Old is Dr. Karamo Chilombo?- Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s Age

Dr. Karamo Chilombo was born on the 1st of December, 1944. The singer is 78 years old and greeted all of his fans on his birthday. He also spoke fondly about her daughters Kareena and Miyoko and felt special about how they wished for previous birthdays.

Early life and Ethnicity of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

dr. karamo chilombo Early Life

Dr. Karamo Chilombo hails from Bakersfield California. The singer from the United States of America is born to an African-American father. Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s father belongs of German Jewish descent and his father belongs of Japanese, Spanish and Dominican descent. Dr. Chill is very proud of African culture and makes it a point to speak about it. He is an important public figure who was part of the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of George Perry Floyd Jr. His song ‘The Sounds of Mother Africa’ was also got released recently.

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Educational Qualifications of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a very intelligent person and has a couple of medical degrees. These degrees from top-notch medical institutions in the United States of America speak volumes about the academic qualifications of the person. He first graduated in 1974 from the coveted University of California San Francisco School of Medicine. In 1978 Dr. Karamo Chilombo went on to fetch another graduate degree from the renowned Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine located in Cleveland Ohio. 

The Career of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is an American medical specialist and a licensed professional. He went on to receive the licensure and certifications in 1978. Presently he is employed at the prestigious Los Angeles Community Hospital located in Los Angeles. Moreover, Dr. Karamo Chilombo is closely associated with a major hospital called the Monterey Park Hospital.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a professional pediatrician and is a major cog in the wheel in the pediatric department of the hospitals he works in. He is known to evaluate children, infants, and adolescents and has been practicing for the last four decades.

Family Life of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is 78 years old and has two sons and four daughters. The oldest among six children is 41 years old and 34 is the age the youngest. The name of Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s six children is Miyoko (41 years), Mila J (39 Years), Jahi (38Years), Miyagi (Who would have been 36 Years), Kareena, and last but not least Jhene Akio (34 Years). Sadly, Miyagi Chilombo passed away because of cancer a decade ago in 2012.

Namiko Love Browner is his granddaughter born to his daughter Jhene Aiko and O’ Ryan who is the younger brother to Omarion. Her granddaughter will turn 14 this year.

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Dr. Karamo Chilombo-The Musician

dr. karamo chilombo musician

Dr. Karamo Chilombo who is known to be one of the parents of Jhene Akio is a well-known musician. The American medical specialist professional can easily send ripples with his stylized musical skills with a dash of confidence. He is also known as the ‘singing doctor’ among his fans. The top audio and music streaming and video sharing platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and YouTube are flooded with his numbers and he is no less popular than his two daughters who are singers as well. Dr. Chill is the stage name of Dr. Karamo Chilombo and has fans all across the country. Some of his popular numbers that have received rave reviews and tremendous popularity are ‘Wish Our Love’, ‘I Am Not Afraid, and ‘The Sounds of Mother Africa’. Dr. Karamo Chilombo also released popular numbers like ‘Oblivion’, ‘Surrender’, and ‘Psilocybin’ with his daughter Jhene Akio.

Married Life and Family of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Christiana Yamamoto was the wife of Dr. Karamo Chilombo. However, both parted ways in the year 2000 after two decades of married life. However, not much is known about the reason behind the divorce. Dr. Karamo Chilombo never married after the separation and he refrained from dating anyone either. Nothing has been heard or seen about Dr. Chill’s remarrying or dating anyone and his social media pages are sans any kind of such news.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a caring and doting parent and loves all his children. The supportive father is reflected in his deeds. He helps his daughters to promote their musical projects on his social media pages. Moreover, he stunned everyone with his cameo in the music videos made by his daughters. Furthermore, he urges his fans on social media pages to follow Mila J and Jhene Aiko with Jamaican nationality parents in a bid to make their musical ventures successful.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a proud father as four of his children belong to the entertainment industry. Jhene Aiko with Jamaican nationality parents and Mila J are famous singers and have numerous hit songs under their belt. Miyoko is a popular actress who starred in Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs released in 1991. It was produced by Carol Rosenstein and Bruce Gowers and directed by Ron Andreassen. Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s son Jahi is the founder and CEO of EBF INC/Records Luxury Ambassador. Moreover, he is a famous DJ and is seen hanging out with celebrities of the top draw like Snoop Dog. Furthermore, Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s daughter Kareena is from the navy.

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FAQs about Dr. Karamo Chilombo

How Many Children Does Dr. Karamo Chilombo Have?

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is the father of six children two sons and four daughters. Four of his children are associated with the entertainment industry and are famous for their talents. His daughters Jhene and Mila J are famous singers and Miyoko is an actress. Dr. Karamo Chilombo’s son Jahi is the proud owner of a recording studio and production house.

How Many Medical Degrees Does Dr. Karamo Chilombo Have?

Dr. Karamo Chilombo has two medical degrees from the University Of California San Francisco School Of Medicine and the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland Ohio. He graduated in the years 1974 and 1978 respectively and has been a practicing physician since then. 

What Is The Ethnicity Of Dr. Karamo Chilombo?

Dr. Karamo Chilombo ‘s father has German Jewish descent and was an African American. His mother was of Dominican descent with Japanese and Spanish routes.

Where Did Dr. Karamo Chilombo Grow Up As A Child?

Dr. Karamo Chilombo grew up in Bakersfield California in the United States of America. He later went on to fetch two medical degrees and became a licensed medical specialist and served as a pediatrician. 

How is Dr. Karamo Chilombo Popularly Called?

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a singer and American medical specialist. He is also popularly known as Dr. Chill. His real name is Gregory Wycliff Barnes.

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