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Gemi Bordelon Biography – Know Her Age, Net Worth, Lifestyle

gemi bordelon Biography


Gemi Bordelon is a well-known businesswoman who is based out of Louisiana in America. She is also known to be the celebrity wife of a former football player from LSU Tigers, Ben Bordelon. Moreover, the young lady also boasts of being the chairperson and CEO of Bollinger Shipyard. Gemi Bordelon had the opportunity to be at the white house along with LSU football players as her family boasts of having a solid political connection. 

The Early Life And Biography Of Gemi Bordelon- What Is Gemi Bordelon’s Age?

Gemi Bordelon was born in Louisiana in the United States of America on the 1st of February in 1975. The 47-year-old American businesswoman has carved a niche for herself despite being a celebrity wife of a former football player. The Christian American of Caucasian ethnicity came to the fore after 18th January 2020 when her dance moves on the song ‘Get the Gat’ with LSU players went viral. The aquarian woman Gemi Bordelon came under the spotlight as she danced while entering the White House. Brooke Bordelon, her only daughter spoke to the media that she was her mother. Gemi Bordelon and her footballer husband Ben Bordelon have two sons as well. Gemi Bordelon is not very vocal about her personal life and not much is known about her parents.

Married Life of Gemi Bordelon

Married Life of Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon is happily married to her husband Ben Bolderon. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family members. Gemi Bordelon and her footballer husband keep a mum about the wedding date and keeps it a secret throughout keeping the curiosity around the marriage date awake. The couple is blessed with a daughter, Brooke Bordelon, and two sons. Gemi Bordelon is an intelligent lady and has always steered clear of all controversies regarding her relationship status. The celebrity businesswoman enjoys marital bliss and no controversies have yet surfaced about her marriage or relationship status before marriage. 

Professional Life of Gemi Bordelon

gemi bordelon personal life

Gemi Bordelon is a successful businesswoman who has stamped her presence and authority in the professional field with her dexterous approach. She has years of experience under her belt and has worked with different companies and industries over the years. Gemi Bordelon is the chairperson and CEO of Bollinger Shipyard based out of Lockport in Louisiana and has been an important member of the company since its inception in 2000. Since then, Gemi Bordelon has worked her way up to climb the corporate ladder and reach the acme of the company. 

Gemi Bordelon’s husband, Ben Bordelon is also the CEO and president of Bollinger Shipyard. Speaking about Ben Bolderon, the famous footballer from LSU Tigers was also part of the San Diego Chargers in his younger days and was an offensive tackle for the football team during the 1997 season. The seasoned campaigner from LSU tigers earned many laurels during his illustrious football career and own the All-Southeastern Honors as part of the second team to win the title in 1996.

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Lifestyle And Net Worth Of Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon, the illustrious businesswoman has a lavish lifestyle and earns big bucks from her work. Her extravagant and luxurious life is befitting as she has a staggering net worth of $750k US dollars. The jaw-dropping fortune sets Gemi Bordelon apart from other businesswomen as others look towards her in awe and admiration.

Social Media Presence Of Gemi Bordelon

Gemi Bordelon has a formidable presence in social media and is highly active on the social network of Instagram.  Gemi Bordelon’s Instagram handle has the account name @realgemibordelon. She has got a humongous fan following on the social network site with a strong 2.9k followers. Gemi Bordelon is also very popular on Facebook and is active on the social media handle with the name Gemi Germillion Bordelon. Gemi Bordelon’s social media presence is enviable and explains a lot of things about her growing popularity. 

Gemi Bordelon’s Jig On Lil Elt’s ‘get The Gat’-viral On Tiktok 

People on social media were sent into a tizzy as Gemi Bordelon broke into an impromptu jig on the song ‘Get the Gat’ with the football team of The Louisiana State University Tigers while visiting the White House. The internet was on fire as a TikTok video featured Gemi Bordelon as she was seen dancing with other members of the team on the popular Lil Elt song. The peppy number created an immense frenzy that saw Gemi Bordelon celebrate the victory of The Louisiana State University Tigers over the Clemson Tigers by a huge margin of 42-25. Gemi Bordelon was accompanied by the players from the team as she tapped her feet along with Joe Burrow. As soon as the video went viral, people were unable to identify the lady but were soon to realize that she is the wife of famous footballer Ben Bordelon. 

The TikTok video not only created headlines but surpassed the impact of the victory registered by the winning team- LSU on winning the National Championship. The overwhelming popularity of the viral video featuring Gemi Bordelon has overshadowed the achievement of the title won by The Louisiana State University Tigers after their thumping victory over rivals Clemson Tigers in the clash for the titles. The hook of the mesmerizing track ‘Get The Gat’ by Lil Elt has not only engrossed millions but the vibes have captured the imagination of both movie buffs and soccer fans. Gemi Bordelon has paved way for a scintillating performance that has brought fans from both worlds together. 

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Body Measurements of Gemi Bordelon 

Gemi Bordelon has an amazing personality and much of it is attributed to her impressive body measurements and priced instincts. She is a tall woman with a brilliant height of 5 ft 5 inches. Moreover,  her body weight is 57 kg which helps her to flaunt her stylish body with a dash of confidence. Gemi Bordelon’s exquisite blonde hair perfectly matches the brown color of her eyes. Gemi Bordelon has enticing body measurements with chest, waist and hip sizes are 36, 25, and 36 respectively. Moreover, her shoe size is 10 and her clean skin of her is enough proof that she is not fond of tattoos. Gemi Bordelon’s astonishing hourglass figure accentuates her model-like looks. The lady with the gorgeous and perfect body is sure to turn heads with the enticing vital statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gemi Bordelon

1. Gemi Bordelon is the CEO of Which Company

Gemi Bordelon is the Chairperson and CEO of Bollinger Shipyard.

2. Who Is The Husband Of Gemi Bordelon?

Ben Bordelon is the husband of Gemi Bordelon and is a former football player from LSU Tigers. 

3. On Which Song Did Gemi Bordelon Become Viral?

Gemi Bordelon became famous after her impromptu jig on Lil Elt’s song ‘Get the Gat’. Her dance moves on the song ‘Get the Gat’ with the football team of The Louisiana State University Tigers while visiting the White House became viral in no time at all. 

4. What Is The Net Worth Of Gemi Bordelon?

Gemi Bordelon has an earth-shattering net worth of $ 750K US dollars. 

5. Who Is The Daughter Of Gemi Bordelon?

Brooke Bolderon is the daughter of Gemi Bolderon and her husband Ben Bordelon.

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