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Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2023: Check Out His Growth, Earnings, Career & More

Shahzada Dawood's Net Worth

After the devastating news of the implosion of the Titanic submersible in the Atlantic Ocean that broke on the internet, people have been concerned about the well-being of Shahzada Dawood’s family. He was among those five people who were present in the submersible. As per the reports, Shahzada Dawood’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 360 million. 

Dawood is counted among the richest men in Pakistan and was appointed vice chairman of the Dawood Hercules Corporation in 1996. He along with his 19-year-old son, Suleman Dawood went to see the Titanic wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, as soon as they went deep into the water, the submarine went missing along with three other people present in the submarine. Today, we are here to talk about Shahzada Dawood’s net worth, earnings, career, biography, and more. Let’s get started! 

Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Shahzada Dawood’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 360 million. According to various resources, Dawood is the most popular Pakistani and British business tycoon. The major part of his income comes from his Dawood Group, which is a well-established empire with varied interests such as shipping, real estate, and construction. He inherited the empire from his father, Haji Mohammed Dawood, the author of the Dawood Group. 

Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth Growth

Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2023USD 360 million
Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2022USD 340 million
Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2021USD 320 million
Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2020USD 300 million
Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth 2019USD 280 million


Shahzada Dawood is the richest man in Pakistan who built his empire through different sources of earnings. In addition to being a successful businessman, Dawood is also a social activist and philanthropist. 

Dawood’s main source of earnings is his family business, which he inherited from his father. His business deals with chemicals, textiles, and real estate. And as he was the youngest member of the Dawood Family Group, he expanded the business to its fullest. 

Dawood believes in supporting innovative ventures by investing in emerging technologies like blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. He also has a charitable organization DIL Trust Foundation works on providing healthcare facilities and education to the underprivileged communities of Pakistan.


With a significant value of wealth, Shahzada Dawood has accumulated several assets throughout his career. Among his notable assets include a luxurious house. As he owns an outstanding property located in the poshest neighborhood in Karachi, Pakistan. His luxurious mansion includes several bedrooms, a stunning outdoor pool, and multiple entertainment areas. 

In addition to his house, Dawood owns a great collection of cars comprising several high-end cars and motorcycles. Whether it’s a luxury sports car or a custom-made bike, Dawood owns an impressive collection.

Latest News About Shahzada Dawood

Shahzada Dawood’s Biography 

Full Name: Shahzada Dawood

Born On: 12 February 1975

Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan

Age: 49 Years

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Weight: 69 Kg (152 lbs)

Eye Colour: Dark

Nationality: Pakistani & British 

Education: University of Karachi and Harvard University  

Religion: Muslim

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male 

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Marital Status: Married 

Parents: Hussain Dawood (father) and Kulsum Dawood (mother)

Wife: Christine Dawood 

Children: Suleman Dawood and Alina Dawood

Profession: Businessman and Philanthropist

Net Worth: USD 360 million

Shahzada Dawood was born on February 12th, 1975 in Karachi, Pakistan. He belongs to the richest family in Pakistan as his grandfather, Ahmed Dawood was a self-made industrialist who founded the Dawood Group in 1950. His father, Hussain Dawood was the chairman of Ergo Corporation and Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited. Dawood’s mother, Kulsum Dawood was a homemaker and a philanthropist. 

He went to the University of Karachi and then to Harvard Business School where he graduated in business administration in 1982. 

According to the report made by the BBC, Shahzada Dawood is married to Christine Dawood and the couple lives together in South West London along with their children Alina and Sulaiman. 


Counted among the richest men in the world, Shahzada Dawood is the director of Dawood Hercules Corporation and the vice chairman of the Ergo Corporation. 

Apart from being a business tycoon, Shahzada is also a philanthropist and has served as a trustee for The Dawood charity (TDF). It focuses on social change by demonstrating engaging environments for informal as well as formal education. It also manages The Hussain Dawood Pledge which is a private donation that combated COVID 19 in Pakistan. 

Moreover, Shahzada is a board member for the SETI Institute and a member of Charles III which was founded by TDF’s global advisory board. He joined Dawood Group as a board member in 2003. In 2021, he was made the vice chairman of Engro. 

Shahzada Dawood is known as part model for the youths in Pakistan and an alleviation to others. In addition to this, Dawood has invested in growth prospects through various acquisitions and mergers in the publicly-traded corporations of fertilizers, textiles, foods and energy.


What is Shahzada Dawood’s Net Worth as of 2023?

As of 2023, Shahzada Dawood’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 360 million. 

How old is Shahzada Dawood’s son?

Shahzada Dawood’s son, Suleman Dawood is 19 years old. They both went missing in the Titanic Submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. 

What happened to Shahzada Dawood?

Shahzada Dawood went to see the wreckage of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean along with his son, Suleman Dawood. They both went missing and were reported dead by the Catastrophic Implosion of the submarine.

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